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[ Welcome to Lätt ]

[ Introduction ]

Hi, and welcome to Lätt. In this contest, you will be given quite a few prompts to choose from. Hopefully one will suit your fancy.

If you have any questions about this contest, please post them or PM them to me and I'll try to answer them.


First, though, a link to the Fish-Slapping Dance for your amusement.
[ X ]

Also, if you need a sample of my writing to prove I am literate and capable of running this contest, here is a link to my most well-liked story.

[ Table of Contents ]

Post 1 - Introduction and Table of Contents
Post 2 - Rules
Post 3 - Entry Fee, Prize, Donators, and Contestants
Post 4 - Prompts and Submitting
Post 5 - Frequenty Asked Questions
Post 6 - Link List
Post 7 - Reserved
[ General Rules ]

  1. Respect the other authors. Everyone here is on a different level of skill. Who cares if you think you're better than everyone else?

  2. No song-fiction unless your chosen prompt asks for it. (There should be six like this.)

  3. No fan-fiction. I don't know too many shows or books that you people write about, and that will make me not want to read your entry.

  4. PG-13 is preferred, but R is the max. If your story is R-rated, please either PM it to me or E-mail it to me. My E-mail address is ravensshadowz@aol.com.

  5. All entries should be posted here unless they are rated higher than PG-13. If there's sex or a major amount of violence in your story, please post a warning.

  6. If you choose to pay the entry fee but don't submit anything before the due date or choose not to participate, your entry fee will not be refunded unless you give me a very good reason of why your entry was late or you must withdraw. If you make this mistake and report me because I didn't repay you, be prepared for a "You were warned" from me.

  7. Along with rule #5: I will PM every contestant who hasn't submitted their entry fee and/or entry a week before the contest is over. Those who have given an entry fee but not an entry, as was mentioned before, will not recieve their gold back. Those who haven't paid but have given an entry will be ignored.

  8. If you don't include a title with your story, I will dub it "Untitled." Changes may be made to your entry up to the day it is due. I don't care if you completely change your entry or if you simply fix a spelling mistake, as long as it is done before the contest is over.

  9. This is not so much a rule about the submissions, just something I feel that I must say. I don't mind if you chat here. In fact, I welcome you to chat. But if it gets to a point where things are inappropriate or offensive, I'm stopping it. Watch what you say, too, because I tend to have spaz attacks if someone posts a spoiler or something like that.

  10. Please be aware that I do not read the entries until the contest is over. Don't ask me to read it and tell you if it's PG-13 or under or anything like that. If you have doubts, PM me anyway. Also, I'm not very good at reviews, so don't expect any type of review except for whether or not you places.

  11. Any entry fee sent to this account ( [ .days. ] ) will be taken as a donation to my quest. If you choose not to read the rules, then you can lose 300g. No exceptions. You will not have the chance to resend the trade to ATW.

[ Entry Rules ]

  1. I don't care if you've entered one of my contests before.

  2. I don't care if the story has been entered in another contest.

  3. Repeat: NO FANFICTION!

  4. Repeat: NO SONG-FICTION! Unless your chosen prompt asks for it.

  5. Please, please, when you send your entry, double space between paragraphs. It is too hard to read otherwise.

  6. Please fix any "?"s or codes that replace your quotation marks. It looks neater and is easier to read.

  7. Where it says "Genre" on the entry form, put the word "rzeznik." This is the code word. It doesn't have to be spelled exactly like that; it just has to be close. This is to ensure that you read these rules (but still read the last rule). It's not a matter of me disqualifying you if it's not there. It's to ensure that you read the rules, as I said before. If it comes down to someone who put the word in and someone who didn't, it'll be the person who did put it in.

  8. Your entry will not be accepted if you use chat speak, don't format it correctly (meaning a double space between paragraphs), or if you leave codes as mentioned in number eight. I will be strictly enforcing this. If you do this, you will recieve one warning to fix it. If it isn't fixed by the deadline, the story will not be read. I mean this; take it seriously. You will be taken off the contestant list and will have to pay the entry fee again to get back on it.
[ Entry Fee ]

All entry fees/donations to -~-a_thousand_words-~-. All entry fees sent to days_night will be cancelled. No exceptions.

Here is the link to the trade window.

The entry fee is 300g.

[ Prizes ]

First place : 9k
Second place: 4k
Third place: 2k

If I receive more than that amount in entry fees and donations, the prize will up accordingly.

I have encountered a problem. For those who havne't recently visited the thread, I have raised the prizes. Also, I have gathered more gold than the prizes alot to. So I offered the option of creating an honorable mention or dispersing the gold among the other prizes.

The honorable mention thing is probably what is going to happen. As of this PM, and as soon as our most recent contestant confirms his trade, the honorable mention will be 1.3k. I don't want the honorable mention to be that close to the third place prize.

So here is what I'm proposing:

First Place: 9,000g
Second Place: 4,000g
Third Place: 2,000g

Honorable Mention: 600g
Honorable Mention: 600g

That would make the prizes total 16.2k. As for the leftover gold and any more I may recieve from entry fees, would you guys be terribly upset if I kept it? If you really wanted, I could put you all on my donators list in my quest. sweatdrop

But it is up to you. I can keep dividing the gold I collect, or we can use my proposal. This is entirely up to you. Please post with your opinion on the matter.

Please reply on the thread.

[ Donators ]

WW&CCF - 10k! eek
sango-chan17 - 1000g heart

**Any donations will be added to the prize.

[ Due Date ]

The due date is July 30th. Entries sent after this will not be counted, and the gold will not be returned.

[ Contestants and Entries ]

  1. sango-chan17 - rofl - PMed
  2. WriterGirl57 - rofl - Flying
  3. Lorenidae - rofl - Red Rose
  4. Lorelle - rofl The Glass Elephant
  5. I t i - rofl - Your Sweetest Lie
  6. Chi Ten - rofl - The Beginning of the End
  7. Zana-chan - rofl - Falling From Grace
  8. Ellyrianna - rofl - Fire and Water
  9. Nekura-chan - rofl - Untitled
  10. Jasmine Snape - rofl - To Those I Love Deeply
  11. Kurane Kumiko rofl - The Maid's Wish
  12. CerasiCederwin - rofl - Fall For Me
  13. 19LadyMichelle - rofl - Loss of Faith
  14. Storm_Alchemist - rofl - The Dragon's Fight
  15. ~Golden Flame angel~ - rofl - Fallen
  16. MissSnark - rofl - No Reason Why
  17. [Alphabravo] - rofl - Beyond the Empty Sky
  18. vincent_1126 - rofl - Untitled
whee = Paid, not submitted
xp = Submitted, not paid
rofl = Paid and submitted

*If you either paid or submitted an entry and are not on this list, please inform me immediately so that I can add you. If you were mistakenly put on the list, inform me, too. Thank you.
[ Prompts ]

*All are 500-10,000 words long. Exceptions may be made, depending on the word count, but if the story is over 11,000 words, an extra 100g will have to be paid. One prompt must be used, but more can be combined with it.

*Also, a lot of the prompts may seem easy to cliche, which may make some of you not want to enter. But I don't mind cliches. It's how well you write it and how interesting the story is that matters.

[ Open Prompt ]

O1 - This is an open prompt, wich means anything goes. If you choose this prompt, the ones below this are void to your entry. Because this contest was originally meant for the prompts below this one, and because a story based on a prompt is harder to write than an original story, the entry fee for a story of this prompt will be 500g. If you decide to change or find yourself unintentionally using one of the prompts below, PM me telling me so and I will refund you 200g to meet the regular entry fee. The same goes if you'd like to change your entry to this prompt: PM me saying so and send a trade for another 200g.

[ Theme Prompts ]

T1 - Wings - Not metaphoric; they must be a permanent part of the person, or become a permant part of the person, or have been literally lost

T2 - Hidden - Not as in hide-and-seek hidden, but actually physically hidden from real danger or hiding inside one's mind as protection

T3 - Secrets - Not the type of petty secrets friends keep for each other, but life-changing secrets

T4 - "Don't fear, don't fail, don't fall." - Use it however way you wish.

[ Song Fiction ]

The following songs are linked to their lyrics. If you have an E-mail account and some sort of media player (Windows Media, Music Match, iMesh, etc...), I can E-mail the entire song to you. Just post in this thread with your E-mail address and a sentence saying that you would like the song and I'll send it to you. My E-mail is ravensshadowz@aol.com.

When I say song-fiction, it means that the story may or may not contain the lyrics. You could just use one line from the lyrics if you wanted, just tell me which line it is.

S1 - Simon, by Lifehouse
S2 - Jumper, by Third Eye Blind
S3 - Breathe, by Greenwheel
S4 - Cry Little Sister, by the Sisters of Mercy
S5 - So Far Away, by Staind
S6 - Truth Is A Whisper, by the Goo Goo Dolls
S7 - Falls On Me, by Fuel
S8 - Lonely In Your Nightmare, by Duran Duran
S9 - What Do You Need? by the Goo Goo Dolls
S10 - View To A Kill, by Duran Duran
S11 - Savin Me, by Nickelback
S12 - Bullet Proof, by the Goo Goo Dolls

[ Icons and Quotes ]

I have a few icons and quotes that I find...Well, that I like for the feeling and reason behind them. I thought I'd give you a few to see if you can write with them. These may be used to go along with the above prompts, or they may be used alone. Just be sure to use the feeling behind the words and not just the words. You don't have to use the picture, either, although it would be a nice touch to use something like it in your story for the mood (excluding the second icon from this, as I don't see what the picture has to do with anything).

Their codes go I1-I16 across the rows.
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image
Q1 - "No truth at all."
Q2 - "Oh, God, not the truth."
Q3 - "Even angels fall."
Q4 - "Please don't play with me."
Q5 - "How does it feel to know I still want you?"
Q6 - "Remember how you made me crazy? Remember how I made you scream."
Q7 - "Don't turn away from me."

[ Submitting ]

When submitting your entry, please use the following form. If you don't know the URL, please view the mini tutorial that I made. If you are doing one of the icons or quotes, please fill in the number(s) of the icon(s) or quote(s) (they are numbered from left to right in the order in which they come). If you are not using an icon or quote, please leave the spot blank.

[b]Title of story:[/b]
[b]Word count:[/b]
[b]Prompt Code(s):[/b]

*I have made a step-by-step guide to how to find the URL. There shouldn't be any excuse for not having it anymore. Link here.

*Please, when posting the URL, just put the URL. I don't want the word "URL" linked to your post. Just put: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10700606&page=9#596458175. That's it. Everything. Nothing more, nothing less.

*If you are PMing or E-mailing the entry, don't worry about having to put a URL address

*Please, no matter how you are going to submit your entry, post a form in this thread. Beneath the form, where you would put your entry, put E-mailed or PMed or something like that. If you will just be posting your entry, ignore this asterix.
[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Does it have to be a full story? Or can it be an excerpt of something longer?

As long as it can stand on its own without me knowing anything other than what is in the story. That means that you can put extra information into the story (I wouldn't know anyway), but nothing like a brief description of a character's life as an add on. Basically, nothing that begins with "Before I tell the story" or anything like that.
[ Link List ]

Ask and you shall be put up. If you have a link list of your own, I'd appreciate my contest on it in exchange for yours on mine. These don't have to be contests here, either. Stories and stores would count, too.

User Image
[ Reserved ]
Oh, I didn't know you were going to have a contest. heart

I might expand upon 'Seeing Shadows'.

Edit: *First post dance*
Hehe. You want to exchange links?
Hehe. You want to exchange links?

Yup. heart
Six more prompts have been added.
Ltt means easy or gentle in Swedish, but it'd be awfully funny if it meant "fish" in some other language. XD Anyway, I really liked the fish-slap dance. X3
Yes, true. Are you going to enter? If you are, I'll put your name on the list.

I could change the name to "poisson." That means fish.
Whether or not I enter will depend upon whether I have the time. I really like your prompts, but I'm not certain I'll have something done in time. Unless I missed it, have you decided on an end date for the contest?

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