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First Place: Lanterna with the poem: *well the poem was untitled sweatdrop * prize 500

Second Place: Kawaii_Chibi_Neko with the peom: My Own World prize 300

And Third Place Goes to: Raven Amaerath Relithian or Drangonfly13 with the poem: *well this one is also untitled sweatdrop * prize 200

All poems were very awesome and wonderful. It was very hard to pick out winners. If i had the choice I would've made you all first place winners. But with my sisters help 'wakenblake88' we were able to come up with these three. Thank you all that entered this contest and I hope you all agreed with the ones we picked. If not please don't be mad. Those were the ones we felt were the best out of them all. Thanks again for entering. biggrin

Ok people! This is going to be none other then a poetry contest! WOW, I know. Lol. Well this is what's going to happen.

I need at the least 25 and at the most 35 people to sign up for it. If you want to enter please pm me. Then on the 20th everyone who entred will post their poem. If there are any problems with the date of the posting please let me know and I will change it.

The fee to enter is 10 gold.

If you are intersted in helping me judge then you can also pm me.

1st place winner gets 400 gold

2nd place winner gets 200 gold


3rd place winner gets 100 gold

Judging results will be posted 3 days after the posting of the poems.


1. Do not post your poem until you have paid me and until the day of the posting. Everyone who entered will get a pm the day before so you wont forget.

2. Poems are not to be of love. They may be about anything else but love. I feel that love is way to easy to write and I want to give everyone a challenge. *if thats all you write about is love you can pm me and I might change this rule.*

3. Poems must be over 6 lines but under 70.

4. Poems are not to be taken from some poetry book. They must be your own work and not some one elses!

And thats all for the rules. If someone has a problem with any of this please pm me and let me know what the problem is. Thanks surprised

1.sheik_demonkiller *paid* whee
2.Koukris *paid* whee
3.Lanterna *paid* whee
4. Death_Maiden *paid* whee
6. Tickleme_pink*paid* whee
7. Alanasweets1 *paid* whee
8. evanescence_rox *paid* whee
9. Naiya Kel *paid*
10. dragonfly13 *paid* whee
11. Arequ *has not only paid but has made a very nice donation. Thank you very much. biggrin * whee
12.Kawaii_Chibi_Neko*paid* whee

whee =posted
People one more thing. Make sure that I can pm you because already i have two people that i can't pm. sweatdrop And i really think that it's important that I am able to pm you. xd Ok thats all blaugh .
Hey people. Um, i need like 10 to 11 more people to keep the prize money up. If not then it has to go down. Here are a few more things that some people were asking me about and are aloud to be. Cursing is aloud. Manly anything is aloud you just have to fallow the rules and all is good. Oh, and if your poem is really dark then please enter it.

If i have enough people enter and i end up with enough gold for all the prizes and have at least a 100 left I might end up having a 4th place winner. So hey, there may be 4 places and that meens you probably will be able to win as long as it's your BEST work. Well thats all thanks.
How does one pay you? o-o; A trading post pass...?
How does one pay you? o-o; A trading post pass...?

That's what I'm wondering too! And can we submit multiple poems please? If so, do we pay multiple times?
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i'll join
I hope that you all figured everything out. I would like to add that donations are welcomed, but are not forced. If you want to you can send me a small gold donation. I know that Arequ did and I thank you very much for that. biggrin . So if you want to, you may if not you don't have to. Just letting you know. And if people do end up sending small donations prizes will go up so it's not like I'm keeping the gold for myself. Believe I'm not selfish like that. Lol. Well thats all. I hope more of you people sign up. I would love to read wonderful poetry! 3nodding
OK people! Today is the final day to get me the money for everything. Peoms will be posted tomorrow, and this contest shall be closed for jugding. So you see the prize money, and it might go up if i am able to figure out some way to get more money for my winners. Lol. So, if you want to be in it, you have until I say its closed. Which will be my next post in here. It will probably be when I say its time for people to start posting their poems. Which wont be until tomorrow. I will change the tittle of this whole topic thing or whatever so everyone knows. Ok well, thats all.

There will be no one making any coments to any of the poems when they are posted. If you have to make a comment then pm me with it. 3nodding
Id like to join, please pm me when you come online
THE POEMS ARE DUE TODAY PEOPLE! biggrin NO ONE ELSE MAY JOIN! If you would like to comment on a poem that you feel should/should not win then pm me, i do not want to give away any hints to who might win! 3nodding

My own world

When time was left,
I hoped to fly
Watching as my sigh's go by
Now looking back on what I have done,
And what I did wrong
A cold shatter
A hot platter
A burning of hell, in my soul
And what I do not know
As "It has begun"
My life in an upside world
Full of twirls
And how my mind was left to explore
I could care less anymore
Where I know I might die
And I continue to cry
In my own upside-down world...
It continues to clatter
My mind torn and tattered
I wonder if you knew
What I thought was true
Where my life is a lie
And I hope, you can fly
For, I am not worth the wait,
Of an awkward horrifying fate.
And this is all in my upside-down world.
Where I continue to look
For a white running Rabbit
Or a small little girl
Name the voice of Alice,
I still dont understand
The thoughts at hand
Or why I continue to look,
In that old, black book
And once again, I enter my world of magic.
What I must learn to confind,
In my small little head.
that my thoughts are almost, trying to be dead.
I sleep tonight,
Wondering tommorrow,
And I learn from a tune this is not sorrow.
My life is a set In a told acting,
And then I realize what to look
That my world, Is only a book
A book from a realm,
A book from a dream,
And so, to you,
Please rescue me.
I understand your loss,
And a forceful broken smile.
But I have been lost for quite a long while...
And so my dream, is left here.
In a sad forgotten drear,
And I enter this again, For my friend...
This my own upside-down world.

Lost in a world of hate
I look for my "one"
And its a long journey,
But, it's worth the wait
Tear after Tear
I am left,
I will wait,
I love you.... And you dont hear me.
Its quite simple, that im the one left
Can you define love?
As if its normal
Can you define normal,
Or, what is right..
Do you feel my pain?
Probably not, for I was left
Or is it, I was never taken.
I dont know
Im lost and confused in this world of hate
Im sorry, I was never right
But, I always have you
My light, whom I can look too
You bring me to smile, where most have to look.
My shining star in a black night
Can I, wish upon your star?
My own, is not as bright.
The legendary fight, and Where I kiss you good night.
I wont be there
For I was left in a world of hate
And Im confused, I am late
Like the White Rabbit in Wonderland
A labyrinth in the sky
And there I can fly
And while I still look for my "one"
This isnt quite fun
Ill soar and fly
Like an angel in the sky
And I wait for you......

Okay, well I guess I'm suppose to post it now.
Dance Team

We're the people you see,
Maybe holding a banner, or tumbling.
We're the ones,
Who keep the dance going on.
We're the ones who practice steps,
And learn to make up preps,
In the fear we might make a mistake.
We're not so well known outside of this,
But I'll assure you, we're not fake.

We're the ones who love to dance,
We're the ones who are on the Dance Team.
We're the people that will proform Jingle Bell Rock,
While the town Christmas tree is being lit.
We're the ones that love to dance.

You may see us in the paper,
(right on the front page!)
And you might see us on the stage.
You might hear our names read aloud,
And you see our marching crowd.

So what we're for a dance studio?
We do this 'cuz we love to dance.
So what we dance till our toes bleed?
We just do it 'cuz we love to.

Just watch our feet and legs,
Watch as they move,
Just in the perfect ways.

Look at our smiles,
They'll show you our love,
The love that's for dance,
And the love wee all share
The howling wind crys out in sorrow
The crystal tears of pain dripping off the cheeks like dew
Crimson blood spills down the arm
Of someone I once knew.

Distant eyes leads to the soul
of a being broken and tattered
Swirling mists cloud the eyes
as the soul is once again captured

Only a shimmer of hope remains
that the person who it onces was, is still alive
Beneath the shadows of the soul
hidden deep inside

It looks into the mirror
as the light of dawn approches
Recognition is casted into its eyes
and I see who I was once more


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