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Welcome, darlings!
I've got a fab idea for a contest that I'd like to run by you. Got a minute? Good! There's some money it for you, too, if you'll sit down and write me something good. Interested? Well, read the rules and get the prompt and get going!

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You are dead. Yep, you heard me. Dead as a doornail. I don't care how you died. You're cold, lifeless, limp. DEAD. So, you're up in Heaven or wherever you think your soul goes. You're looking down at your family and friends. And there's one thing they've got to worry about:

Your funeral. Or wake. Or party. Or boating-down-the-river-scattering-ashes-fest. I don't care. What I want you to do is tell me about it.

Now, it doesn't exactly have to be you. You could invent a character and their family members and friends, or you can base it off yourself and your own family and friends. Either way it makes a story!

You can include details of the death in your story if it's relevant, but you are not required to. It's the funeral that will make the piece.

I just want you to create the death, the aftermath, the reactions etc. What music is played? What do people say about you? Does your family get along? Be creative and be sensitive. Make me connect with your characters and their loss or their celebration of life or their complete indifference. Make it real. Make it interesting. Make me feel something about you being dead.

Clear enough? Then let's get the rules down.


1. You know it needs to be original. No plagiarism is kind of obvious.
2. Minimum of 1000 words, but I'd prefer more. No max, but you probably won't have enough time to write me a novel. Quality over quantity, folks!
3. Please please please please please PLEASE please please. SPELLCHECK.
4. One submission per person.
5. You will fill out the below entry form on the thread, but please PM me your story.
6. All submissions will be short stories. No poems or songs or anything like that.
7. Follow the TOS. Another obvious rule.
8. There is no entry fee for this contest. Hooray!!
9. If you'd like to make a donation so we can amp up the prizes, be sure to PM/post and let me know it's for the contest!
10. Ask questions if you have them! I'm a very nice person. :3
11. I reserve the right to alter prize amounts due to lack of interest or low quality of entries. I'm hoping this won't be an issue.
12. Have fun! As fun as death can be, that is.


1st place – 30k
2nd place – 20k
3rd place – 10k

Honorable mention: 1,000

The deadline for this contest is Saturday, September 3rd at midnight. No late entries will be accepted.

Entry Form

Story Title:
Word Count:
Do you want to me to give constructive criticism? Y/N
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1. JustLittleOldMe7 -- "On"
2. It is not about me -- "I Love You"
3. Purple Dark Fairy - "Nothing to Gain"
4. sarafurter -- "Rain"
5. Daceria -- "Ghost Writer"
6. Reili Takamara -- "Oh God"
7. Avitas -- "Heartache By The Dollar"
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1st place: "On" by JustLittleOldMe7
2nd place: "Oh God" by Reili Takamara
3rd place: "Heartache by the Dollar" by Avitas

Honorable Mention: "Nothing to Gain" by Purple Dark Fairy
Consider myself joined, please. :3 Expect my entry soonish!
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I'm interested and will have my story up soon.

You can start off the story with how you died yes?

It will be good practice for me. I have a very evil idea. wahmbulance
Yes, feel free to include the death in there. Glad you're interested. ^^
This sounds pretty interesting. I may or may not be entering though..I probably will! smile
I have a question though- do we absolutely have to write about how the character died? Or can we just lightly reference it throughout the funeral? I mean like I want the story to be more about the character's reactions and the funeral itself, not their death.
I'll go specify this more in the rules...I'm less interested in the death and more interested in the funeral. Some people may feel the death is essential to proceeding with the rest of the story, in which case going for it is fine. But you do not even have to tell me the cause of death if you don't want to! I care mostly about the funeral. The rest is up to you.
I'm intrigued. I'll try and set some time aside...
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Hmm this is the type of contest I've been looking for. Can never find a good contest with this type of theme.
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I'd like to join - is it all right if I revive after the proceedings, or should I keep it realistic?
No rules on that. Go for it.
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I got on it right away! I saw the prompt and had to write!!! So... it's done!

Username: JustLittleOldMe7
Story Title: On
Word Count: 2868
Do you want to me to give constructive criticism? Y/N

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