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Hello, you may call me Emerald.
Welcome to the iPod Writing Contest.

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Thank you for taking interest in this contest!
Basically this is how things work.
Every two weeks, I will shuffle my iPod. The title of the first song that appears will be the main idea in your piece of writing.
Get it?
And, so that I don’t limit your creativity too much, you are allowed to submit ANY type of writing. (Poetry, short stories, songs, you name it.)

Let me use an example.

Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday.
If this were to appear first when I shuffled my iPod, you would have to incorporate “Make Damn Sure” somehow into your writing.

Other than that, I am leaving it up to you to decide setting, plot, rhyming, non-rhyming, whatever.
Yet the title of the song should definitely be of some importance in your submission.

Disclaimer: Please do not send in cliched/stock pieces.
They will be RIPPED APART by the judges! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! wink

That's basically the idea of it. biggrin If you want to know more, please read on as this will all be described in detail below.

1::.The Rules.
2::.The Guidelines.
3::.The Prizes.
4::.The Judges
5::.The Entrants
6::.The Winners

If you have any questions, please post here or PM me about it, and either I or one of the regulars will get back to you as soon as possible!

Advertise Us & Others::.
under construction. o:

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1::.Please keep everything PG-13.
2::.Be kind to everyone here. That means no flaming or whatever --
And no getting all angry if you do not win.
3::.Try to be literate.
4::.No plagerism.
5::.No begging for gold or begging to win. As a judge, I will choose fairly. Promise. :]

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1::. There’s an entry fee of 100 gold. Let me assure you that I make NO profit in this; all of the gold goes towards the contest, and I will doante the rest.
2::. Submissions can be submitted either via PM or by posting here. It will get posted here anyway, though.
3::. Your submission can be anything from a poem, to a short story, to a song, to...whatever! I don't want to limit your creativity.
4::. The minimum word count is 400 words, the max is 30,000.
5::. Every otherMonday I will post a new song, so you basically have about two weeks to write your entries and submit your fees.
6::. Separate paragraphs so I can actually READ what I'm reading. Thanks.
7::. I judge by creativity, writing style, voice, ideas, organization, and overrall plot. However, the other judges may judge by other criteria.
8::. Finally, only 20 entrants PER contest. If you miss out....the next contest will be in about a week, so don't be sad.



Q:When does the Contest begin?
A: Every other Monday.

Q:Why aren't you accepting my fee?
A: I’m probably just not online, or our contest is filled up.

Q: Does the piece of writing I submit have to do anything with the song's actual meaning?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Why was my piece of writing not chosen to be a winner?
A: Well, it doesn't nessacarily mean you did poorly.
It just means that the judges felt that someone else did better.
You can always try again next contest! ^^

Q: What type of writing can I submit?
A: Anything.

Q:What do we have to write about this week?
A: The song titles shuffled on my IPod will ALWAYS be listed below, in the eighth post.
Scroll down.

Q:Is profanity allowed in the submissions?
A: It depends; a few here and there I won't mind, but I do not like excessive swaring.
If you are concerned about whether your submission is okay, PM it to me and I'll see.

If you have a question, please PM me or post here, and either I or the regulars will answer it ASAP.


OH. Almost forgot. Because of a suggestion from Mahayr, I'm changing this contest a little [for the better].

Now you guys will have 2 weeks to write! Starting this contest!
This means there will only be 2 Contests per month.

One reason I am doing this is one, it gives you guys more time, and two - it saves me gold. ^^ I will update this on the front page.
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Like I said before, all entry fees and donations go towards the prizes.
Please donate! You have no idea how much it helps.

First prize will win 6000 gold.
Second prize will win 4000 gold.
Honorable mention will get 700 gold and their work posted on the board and honored!
Yes, I realize that all entries will eventually be posted on the board. But the honorable mention's will be special-er 3nodding


~ First off, to all the donators! I thank you all for supporting this contest and helping me keep up with the prizes! heart ~
triplenegative -- 1o,oo1 gold!
Tofu Pannie -- 1o,ooo gold!
Da Flea -- 2,9oo gold!
Wind Angel Kori -- 2288 gold!
Keriea -- 1ooo gold!
gloria_wong_91 -- 9oo gold!
Wolven Poet -- 6oo gold!
watchingmidnight -- 5oo gold!
arkhangelsk -- 4oo gold!
Polan -- 4oo gold!
BittersweetSurrender -- 3oo gold!
[thingie] -- 2oo gold!
Chick of the Dee -- 2oo gold!
Baby_Cakes423 -- 1oo gold!

~ A big thank you to the WW&CCF for their grant of 10k! xD heart ~
~ Another big thank to you triplenegative, our biggest donator yet, taking the lead [by one gold] of 1o,oo1 gold! :]
Your shrine has arrived! o:
User Image
~ And, of course, more big thank yous to the judges, the contestants, the regulars, and the people who advertise this contest. Thanks much!

User Image

I will be judging Contest 13. x3

User Image

ENTRANTS::. for Contest #13 [LAST CONTEST!!]
1::. Panthino the Moth biggrin
2::. Giant Mutant Coconuts biggrin
3::. calviness biggrin
4::. blizpeak smile
5::. arkhangelsk biggrin
6::. Pet The Baby! biggrin
7::. Lhanae biggrin
8::. Lykorish xp
9::. [Placid Pandemonium] biggrin
10::. PeriidotRaiinbow smile
11::. triplenegative biggrin
12::. Wolven Poet biggrin
13::. Keriea xp
14::. [thingie] biggrin
biggrin = submission recieved, fee paid
exclaim = submission recieved, fee NOT paid
smile = spot reserved, fee paid
xp = spot reserved, fee NOT paid
heart = critiqued. (just for me to keep track of who I've left to critique)

User Image

The Winners::.

Contest #1
1st Place: - Keriea
2nd Place: - Triplenegative
Honorable Mention: - It was a tie, I really couldn't choose!
Tofu Pannie && King Henry.
Read the Honorable Mentions?

Contest #2
1st Place: - xpunkR0CKprincess
2nd Place: - BittersweetSurrender
Honorable Mention: - Triplenegative.
Read the Honorable Mention?

Contest #3
1st Place: - gloria_wong_91
2nd Place: - bittersweet_3
Honorable Mention: - smurf_74_420
Read the Honorable Mention?

Contest #4
1st Place: - Ellyrianna
2nd Place: - [Alphabravo]
Honorable Mention: - smurf_74_420
Read the Honorable Mention?

Contest #5
1st Place: - Falda
2nd Place: - Panthino the Moth
Honorable Mention: - BittersweetSurrender
Read the Honorable Mention?

Contest #6
1st Place: - fairyXflames
2nd Place: - Triplenegative
Honorable Mention: - Wolven Poet
Read the Honorable Mention?

Contest #7
1st Place: - Da Flea
2nd Place: - Panthino the Moth
Honorable Mention: - nepie & BittersweetSurrender.

Contest #8
1st Place: - Lhanae
2nd Place: - Blizpeak
Honorable Mention: - triplenegative

Contest #9
1st Place: - Blizpeak
2nd Place: - Da Flea
Honorable Mention: - gloria_wong_91

Contest #10
1st Place: - GiantMutantCoconuts
2nd Place: - Blizpeak
Honorable Mention: - Punk Rock Princess11

Contest #11
1st Place: - gloria_wong_91
2nd Place: - Cherokee Tampons
Honorable Mention: - Da Flea
Thanks for entering! I loved the pieces, I must say that the topic inspired some good entries. Do enter again. :]

Contest #12
1st Place: - Kiria Delusional Kitty
2nd Place: - Da Flea
Honorable Mention: - Giant Mutant Coconuts

Contest #13 [LAST CONTEST!]
1st Place: - calviness
2nd Place: - wolven poet
3rd Place: - [thingie]
Honorable Mention1: - lhanae
Honorable Mention2: - Pet the Baby!
Honorable Mention3: - Giant Mutant Coconuts

Since it is the last contest I figured I'd have more placements.
Also the prizes awarded will be larger. I will post the exact amounts soon.*
Thank you to all who have entered the past few months, I enjoyed holding this contest and reading all these great entries. Again, thanks to all the entrants, donators, WW&CCF, the shufflers, and even the people who just stopped by! :] I am sad to see this contest go.

*Prizes Awarded -
1st - 10k.
2nd - 7k.
3rd - 5k.
Honorables - 2k each.
User Image

Contest #1:
EmeraldRaiin shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Attention, Attention by The Academy Is....

Contest #2:
EmeraldRaiin shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Elevation by U2.

Contest #3:
EmeraldRaiin shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Garbage.

Contest #4:
Wolven Poet (a little change x33) shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Criminal by Fiona Apple.

Contest #5:
EmeraldRaiin shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Too Late by No Doubt.

Contest #6:
Triplenegative [xDD] shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Come Fly With Me by Michael Buble.

Contest #7:
EmeraldRaiin shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
The Lights and Buzz by Jacks Mannequin.

Contest #8:
Munchykin_2011 shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Green Eyes by Coldplay.

Contest #9:
Nepie shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Whisper by Evanescence.

Contest #10:
Punk Rock Princess 11 shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
The World You Love by Jimmy Eat World.

Contest #11:
BittersweetSurrender shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Fields of Innocence by Evanescence.

Contest #12:
Lhanae shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Clockwatching by Jason Mraz.

Contest #13:
EmeraldRaiin shuffles her IPod, and the first song is...
Recycled Air by The Postal Service.

I totally subscirbed to this thread before you had even finished.

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First of all, this is a great idea. If I can push past my writer's block and come up with a good story, I may even enter. But who knows when that may happen? But kudos on the awesome idea.
@Triple Negative: Thanks, I was afraid no one would come ^o^
@Jordie K: Thanks, I was bored, this idea was sort of just an "accident" hehe. Sure, I'd love for you to enter, it doesn't have to be amazing or anything. ^^
Ahh thank you. I will add you to the donator's list.
Ahh thank you. I will add you to the donator's list.

I'd usually donate more, but I'm hosting my own contest now, so I'm keeping a tight reign over my own personal spending.

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