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Welcome to the Ink Shed Bi-Monthly Contest, run by the glamorous, the awesome, the cobweb collecting Ink Shed Guild! As a note, the guild is now hidden for the sake of those who would like to be published one day. Due to the grey area the Internet presents as "previously publishing" a work, keeping the guild as closed off to non-members as we can seems to be the best, and safest, route for those whose goals are to be published.

This is a bi-monthly prompt contest where you may enter poetry or prose.

So please, read on if you're curious!

- Open and Accepting -

Please, keep in mind my laptop's settings are weird, so feel free to tell me if something isn't lining up the way it should.
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inkinkinki. Play nice. Sore losers won't be tolerated and disrespect will result in instant blacklist.
inkinkinkii. Follow Gaia's TOS and other general rules.
inkinkinkiii.There is no entry fee.
inkinkinkiv.Entrants are limited to one prose and one poetry submission per prompt.
inkinkinkv.Anyone can enter, although it's highly encouraged you become an Ink Shed member.

inkinkinkvi. Word count minimum for prose is 500 and maximum is 7000. There are no restrictions (yet) to poetry.
inkinkinkvii.Rules are subject to alteration and changes.
inkinkinkviii. Unless otherwise stated, no fanfiction.
inkinkinkix. Feel free to ask questions, but please don't quote any of the introductory posts here. Thank you.
inkinkinkx. You may enter poetry and prose that was written or entered in another contest, as long as it fits with the prompt.
inkinkinkxi. To enter your works, PM Eruden Ki your entry; please and thank you! =)
inkinkinkxii. If you want to pretty up your entry, that's fine, but please don't use a really bright color that makes it hard to read. Thank you! 8/18/2010

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    The prompt is Creation. Spin this however you want, make it about: pregnancy, creation of a new species (by magic or science; heck, even an origin story for an alien species!), creation of a new world, creation of a religion or even the creation of personality changes in a person. Take it literally, or make it metaphorical. I am not picky. =)

    Begins: July 5th, 2011. Deadline: September 6, 2011.

        The prompt is Post-Apocalyptic. For Prose: Whether thanks to zombies, vampires, war, or flying purple people eaters, fly with it. Happy, sad, humorous, thought-provoking, whatever you can get to work, do it. For Poetry: However you're inspired by the prompt. If I'm confused, I'll just ask you to clarify how the prompt was used, but I doubt this'll happen.

          Begins: May 29, 2011. Deadline: July 5, 2011.
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      Post-Apocalyptic Prizes
        First: 50k
        Second: 35k
        Third: 15k

        Duality Winners
        First: Admiral Airtwit
        Second: 2pound
        Third: Erinnerung

        Ink Winners
        First: 2Pound
        Second: Admiral Airtwit
        Third (tie): Eternal Rebellion & i-love-inuyasha-and-kyo

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      Spelling/Grammar - 10pts
      Originality - 30pts
      inkinkinkCreativity! Do you hold up old stereotypes, or do you send them crashing to the ground? Do you bore us to tears with cliche and typical wording, or do you wow us with imagery and descriptions we've never dreamed of?
      Style - 10pts
      inkinkinkDo your characters come to life in your prose or are they two-dimensional? Is the situation or are reactions in your story somehow believable, even with fantasy incorporated? Does your poetry have some sort of flow or rhythm or does it sputter everywhere like a suffocating fish?
        Total: 50
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inkinkinkEruden Ki:
    Basically, I own the guild and I want more activity in it. I'm awesome. Seriously. Okay, that's opinion. Moving on, I'm a twenty-one-year-old writer (who is also pregnant!), dabbling in anything and everything from prose to poetry and non-fiction to fantasy and sci-fi. When asked, I can give you a line-by-line critique of poetry and/or a Red "Pen" special for any prose. ;3 Personally, I really don't know what you'd want to know about me, though. So, we'll leave it at that!

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inki. Eternal Rebellion - Hollow - Poetry
inkinkii. axisofsymmetry - Men Don’t Cry - Prose
inkinkinkiii. 2pound - Judgement Day - Poetry
inkinkinkinkiv. Belle_Eloise - Dice - Prose
inkinkinkinkinkv. Chigotsa - Everything Is. - Prose
inkinkinkinkinkinkinkinkinkinkx. ...
User Image You've earned a spot on the Ink Shed's honor roll! You can do this by donating, winning thrice in a row, or some other outstanding action!

Admiral Airtwit - donated 30k for the contest!
2pound - donated 10k for the contest!
You Got Godmail - Donated 15k for duality!
Eternal Rebellion - Donated 10k for Post-Apocalyptic!

User ImageTsk tsk, you've made it onto the infamous Nay list! Getting here means you're banned from participation in the Ink Shed contest and probably banned as a member from the guild (or vice versa). Those with poor sportsmanship, tendencies toward plagiarism, and other unpleasantness get tossed here.
Avoid this at all costs, dears.

HisNameIsNoMore and other aliases - banned from guild itself for extreme disrespect and borderline harassment.
YOUASK/Biotchy - Plagiarism.
This is some sexy posting. xp
How do we enter/what's the prompt?
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  • Forum Sophomore 300
Is the prompt this week Ink? (I'm pretty sure I'm reading that right...?)

Also, kickass contest. HI CIEL! Ello, Eruden, nice to meetcha.
*Bops in.* Heyo fellows.
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Dangerous Prophet

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you people are stalkers....>< the last poem i wrote was TITLED Ink... >> ima watching you...
in any case id be pleased to join...
but...can i snipe? or is that disrespectful...?
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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

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At risk of sounding redundant... what's the prompt?
The Prompt is Ink.

Sorry, I wasn't in the last few days. Busy busy.

@ axisofsymmetry: You just enter by posting your entry. The prompt is Ink.

@ The Love Mutt: You read it correctly!

@Mahayr: Oi!

@ Kiyene: Dx We're not stalkers! We're just a guild of writers who sometimes get kinda...well, snippy. As for sniping, uhm, what do you mean? O_o Sarcastic comments are fine, but if someone gets hurt by it or something, just apologize and move on. XD

@ Exprezo: Tis ink. XD
It bled onto the page
Dark and cold
Black as night
Says so much
Without a sound
It’s dripping down
Creating beauty
With each stroke

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