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Post 1: This post... THE MUST READ SECTION
Post 2: This month's theme (also must read)
Post 3: An entry (not mine)
Post 4: Past months and their winners
Post 5: My other contests (nearly always free) and other people's contests (ask about advertising)

OK, I know the rules look daunting... but really there are lots of gaps between the sections, and a lot of it is easy to look at, but PLEASE do read it! If you ask me an answered question, I might flip!!


Prizes first (because I know that's what you're here for xp )
1st place: 2500g
2nd place: 1500g
3rd place: 1000g

+ anything else if I decide to be extra generous! (see the next post for the month's prize money)

In the event of a tie, prize money will be split.

(The pot has gone up from 1K at the start, to 3K... and now 5k!!)

Each entry is marked out of 15 by each judge, and the totals are added up. Marks are knocked off for incorrect spelling, punctuation and grammar. Oh, and if it's boring too.
Another NB:
I reserve the rights not to give out a prize (or any prizes) if I do not think that there is an entry good enough to win the prize. This is unlikely to happen, and I really hope it doesn't happen... but still, if the problem arises, I have the right not to give out gold to unworthy pieces.
Yet another NB:
The most competitors for one month was 52! If I get 50 again one month, I'll up the prizes by 1K for that month. If it's over 60, I'll up it by 2K.
Less important NB:
It's nice to get a thank you, you know?

-read ALL rules (including FAQs)
-please stop PMing me questions that are answered in the rules!
-no word limit (just don't bore me- if it's long and interesting then it's OK but if it's long and uninteresting then I'll stop reading!)
-no specific genre- you can write a story, a poem, a song, a play... whatever! just make it fun and interesting and on the theme!
-if it's over PG-13, then put a warning at the beginning!!
-post it in the thread so everyone can read it if they want to- DO NOT PM ME IT!!! Why? Well, it pisses me off! Oh, and it means you haven't read the rules!
-do not ask if you're allowed to enter. Just do it! And certainly don't PM me asking! I don't have time to read useless PMs!
-one entry per person per month! (not per avi!!!!!! please be honest)
-post it in a single post, unless it's absolutely necessary to post in two (or three if you're pushing it!)
-stick to the theme
-use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, etc.- the worse it is, the less likely you are to win.
- be INVENTIVE, because I like it smile
-Free entry (therefore it wouldn't really hurt you to DONATE!... hint hint!)
- AT LEAST 3K in prizes (this might go up if I have enough gold) (NB: it HAS gone up since the beginning- I'm giving away 2K more since June)
-no text speak (eg: no txt spk like dis)
-if English is not your first language, please tell me biggrin

Go on... enter!!!

rock_babe biggrin

Top donators:
User Image User Image User Image User Image
(Left to right: Iano_Rujin, Kyrie Lynne, Suile, Chibi_Envy_Chan)
All donators are now in post 5.
(more donators would be loved to make this worthwhile for everyone!)

FAQs (if not frequently asked, then they were still asked!)
Would I be allow to enter lyrics?
Sure, if the rest of the rules still apply... for example the theme of the month!
Can I enter next month's one but not this one?
Absolutely! You can pick and choose which ones you want to enter!
Can I put a link to my story, rather than posting it?
sure, no problem (but I would rather you post it)
Can I submit a story that I entered in a different competition?
Yup, but only if you didn't win anything with the story, 'cos then it's a bit unfair on the other contestants!
If I write another entry, can I submit it?
Nope, just the one please! If you want, you can write two and replace the first one if you think the second is better. But you have to TELL ME that you've replaced it! So edit the first one and/or PM me. Thanks.
Can I write a short story, poem or long story?
Write anything you want- it's a writing contest, so as long as YOU WRITE then it's OK!
Does it have to be a short story or can you write a part form a story that you are already writing??
Feel free to submit a part from your story... as long as it fits with all the other rules! Just make sure we understand what is going on- if it's from the middle or end of your story then we won't know the characters, etc... so you could always give a brief summary of the earlier chapters too, if you wish!
Is it okay if it's ironic? If I post it and it's not what you want will you tell me?
Irony is fine... very clever in fact! As long as it's about the theme, and all other rules apply then it's fine! biggrin Also, if anyone posts something that I'm not looking for then I'll PM them... but I'm pretty flexible and am sure I won't mind!
How do we enter the contest?
Sorry for not stating this clearer, newbies! Write a piece of prose or poetry, or any genre... then 'post reply' in this thread, and post it!
If I win a prize one month, can I still enter next month?
Of course! I'm looking for the best entry each month... and if it's you, then you'll get the prize! Obviously if you're the only person who ever wins, I'd start giving a second 1st prize xp
If I entered the competition and wanted to change my entry because i just wrote a better one, would it be ok with you if i just edited my post?
Yes, just PM me to tell me that you have, and make sure it is BEFORE the competition is closed.
For the theme of love triangle, Is it okay if I do multiple love triangles in one story? Like sort of like a love diamond maybe?
Sounds good... this applies to ANY theme: be INVENTIVE!
Do I just post it and you add me, or do I have to let you know that I'm entering?
Go ahead and post smile
I was wondering if I could help you judge.
I've had too much hassle with other judges, so I'm sorry but it's just me.
Do they need to be character of our on creation, or is fanfiction allowed?
Fanfiction is fine... just please state that it is, and which characters belong to who/what.
Does the character have to be human?
Nope... any animal/creature/race/breed you want! Be inventive xp
I am wondering if we could post our stories section by section.
I'd rather you posted all of your entry in the same post. If it's far too long, the posts must be one after another.
Is my entry allowed to have rude words, death, suicide, violence, etc. in it?
Yup, just PLEASE put a warning at the beginning saying what it entails so that if anyone DOESN'T want to read it, they don't have to!
Is slash OK?
Simple answer- yes.
Is it acceptable to post different parts of a long story if it fits the theme?
As long as it makes sense, then it's fine!
Can I enter, please?
YES! You don't have to ask!
I want to enter!
neutral What did I just say?
Please, please, pretty please may I enter?
scream SERIOUSLY people... you don't have to ask, so please STOP doing it!

Go on... enter!!!

If you have any questions/complaints, please post it in the thread. If you MUST, then PM me. And don't ask what I've answered!

Um I think that's it! Right so I submit the topic, then I will judge a month lafter... it will say what date that is where the topic is!

Oh, and...

30th September: I'm fed up with having judges other than me. They never PM on time... so as of now, it's just me again!
6th June (6/6/6 oooh spooky!!): Prize money has been upped again! Oh I'm so nice, aren't I?! hehe :p
30th September: I just calculated the total amount of gold given out so far in this competition! It's 18.3K!!!! eek That's 10.7K of my gold, and 7.6K of donations! Let's keep it up!! heart Thanks to all donators!
September's theme is birthdays!

Why?! Because it's my birthday month biggrin Write about birthdays eg: what they mean to you, a good one, a bad one, something interesting... WHATEVER!!!

Remember: Be inventive!

Competition started: 01.10.06 (1st October 2006)
Competition ends: 31.10.06 (31st October 2006)

1st place: 2500g
2nd place: 1500g
Misc: 1000g

elvish_archer_grl963 xp Page 161
MusicalsRLUv xp Page 161
Ma`at xp Page 162
Hanakami xp Page 163
Lady Seregwen xp Page 163
konayuki-chan xp Page 164
Miss Kara xp Page 164
gloria_wong_91 xp Page 164
Misteriosa1369 xp Page 166
Aysel Heart xp Page 166*
goddess_knight xp Page 166
Daisuke Hirotaki xp Page 166
Yimuro xp Page 167
Chuggur xp Page 168

*a link to entry

None sad
(well i'm going to try this one but i can't make a hundre percent sure that its going to be anygood.... XD)

Part of
Double Destiny
By: UA

...Michael stopped the group, every one was a bit frightened already from the noises coming from around them.
Chris walked up to Michael and sighed." Dude look....you really staring to scare us...are you being paranoide again?" He asked Michael.
Michael didn't answer she just looked ahead.
Michael's Girlfriend Onya walked up next to him and softly shook him."Sweety...Whats wrong?" she asked him.
"Nothing..." He finely Answered. "Just stay close please.."
Chris Finely knew he was serious for once and sighed."where is it?" He asked.
"I can't tell..his aurora is everywhere..." michael said quietly.
Steve was a little bit away from the group, he didnt' want anything to do with Micchael, Onya or Chirs. All he wanted was to go home. "why don't you guys start moving before I do!" he yelled.

(please don't jusde this yet..i'm not done but i need to go.))
smile Past Winners smile

Total prize money given out: 69300g
Total prize money donated: 47555g

September Quote: "You may fail but you are not a failure; you may make a mistake, but you are not a mistake; you may lose, but you are not a loser." (Paul Gutteridge (a preacher))
Honourable Mention: x.Pink_Panther.x 500g
3rd: Mikario 1K
2nd: Lhanae 1.5K
1st: Otakkun 2.5K

August Quote: Two are better than one... if one falls down, his friend can help him up. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)
3rd: tenshikitsune 1K
2nd: Itazurana Shojo 1.5K
1st: lampshadehat 2.5K

July Quote: "His moustache, like the handlebars of a pushbike, reminded me of something..." (Joint effort: random word generator and me!)
3rd: Itazurana Shojo 1K
2nd: [Shattered-Cliche-Dreams] 1.5K
1st: SaiaiNoTsu 2.5K

June Theme: Vendetta
3rd: KahlanNightwing 1K
2nd: puff-6988 1.5K
1st: akatsuki_no_tenshi 2.5K

May Theme: A Strange Kind of Love
Misc biggrin ollanganger and untraceable_me 500g each
2nd: Iano_Rujin 1.5K
1st: GoldenRoya 2.5K

April Theme: All Alone
Misc: Spaz-Gurl 750g
2nd: Elten 1250g
1st: Suile, Smartie of the Soul and days_night 2K each

March Theme: Mission Impossible
2nd: Gaara_Sabakuno and CrimsonDesire 500g each
1st: Caustic Infedelities and Suile 1K each

February Theme: Time Travel
1st: captain_bang and Iano_Rujin 1250g each

January Theme: Universal Language
Misc: seacret_cie 500g
2nd: Foxiego 1.5K
1st: Elenyae 2K

December Theme: Lovable Antagonists
Misc: Sera15 500g
2nd: xLondonxxCallingx 1K
1st: Princesa Latina 1.5K

November Theme: Too Close for Comfort
Misc:KuroHanako 500g
2nd: Telltale_Heart 1K
1st: MrTheReverend 1.5K

October Theme: Lost
Misc: killhanna 500g
2nd: Smerrwazz 1K
1st: Laszlos Euphoria 1.5K

September Theme: Love Triangles
Misc: Jurori Songwind 500g
2nd: xSweetInsanityX 1K
1st: Kyrie Lynne 1.5K

August Theme: Fantasy
2nd: Roy486 1K
1st: Tsayka 2k

July Theme: Playing with emotions
2nd: Kyrie Lynne and Tenebras Baal 500g each
1st: Graype Froot 2K

June Theme: Write something based on a song quote.
Honourable mentions: Kyrie Lynne and Claire_07 200g each
2nd: soaringdragon226 1K
1st: RomanRogue_19 2K

May Theme: To write a story with a moose in it!
Honourable mentions: Gigarayzor and Miss_Feline_Tenticle 100g each
2nd: Darth_Khitab 250g
1st: [Dragon] 750g

March-end of April Theme: Heading Into Danger
2nd: Velour 250g
1st: Mewsakura 750g

March/April Theme: Defeating the cliche.
2nd: ladygekko 350g
1st: Aadela 900g

February/March Theme: Lost love.
Honourable mentions: princessjewelgirl, Mameoyashi, and N3verwhere 50g each
3rd: makedaset 100g
2nd: heroinkiss 200g
1st: alter-ego-tim 750g

January/February Theme: Write a horror story, and make me jump or make me scared when I read it!
Runners up: alter-ego-tim, Alanasweets1, neochibiprincess, GIJane and Teran100g each
1st: talleyrand750g
No matter how big or small, every donation means so much to me. Thank you all. heart

alter-ego-tim xd 3000g
Minsk biggrin 1200g
Kraeela biggrin 800g
Zeaga biggrin 1000g
Zoeidina biggrin 200g
LifesEndlessSo biggrin 700g
Kaiser Rein biggrin 500g
CageNightwind biggrin 316g
Kareys_Phoenix biggrin 90g
Masochistess biggrin 800g
Laszlos Euphor biggrin 231g
Amadeas biggrin 250g
Smerrwazz biggrin 333g
Laszlos Euphor biggrin 125g
Neene biggrin 250g
KuroHanako biggrin 250g
scoot0219 biggrin 400g
Elenyae biggrin 660g
SetsunaEternal biggrin 600g
Thrit biggrin 100g
Mori Hana biggrin 1000g
Ms. Conception biggrin 200g
Caustic Infedelities biggrin 2000g
Celestialisolde biggrin 1500g
silver_moon_beam biggrin 500g
kemikally_unbalanced biggrin 500g
Mori Hana biggrin 750g
Reese_Roper biggrin 2000g
Iano_Rujin xd 12500g
Chibi_Envy_Chan biggrin 4000g
Suile xd 3000g
Kyrie Lynne xd 4800g
lyworm xd 700g
Mahayr xd 2000g
giraffie xd 200g
Tygercat2 xd 100g

rock_babe's other contests:

--none at present--

rock_babe's past contests:
~~**425 word competition**~~ Huuuuge success xd xd xd
~~**392 Word competition**~~ Huge success xd xd
~~**Invent a WORD contest**~~ Big success xd
~~**Write a scene for a play/film contest**~~ Failure stare
~~**comedy competition**~~ Fairly successful smile
~~**RIDDLE WRITING CONTEST**~~ Big success xd

Other people's contests:
1. The Foundation Headquarters Main Thread for complete information - Contests, Staff, Mission, Goals, Charity, and more is H E R E

2. The Prose Contest Thread may be found H E R E.

3. The Current Poetry Contest Thread is H E R E.

4. The JustForFunandProfit Contest Thread may be found H E R E.

If you wish to advertise a contest (yours or someone else's) then please PM me. A donation to this competition would be appreciated, but not necessary.
You don't have to advertise a writing contest... but it is upto me which threads are advertised.
He stepped back from her grave, tears coursing over his paled cheeks. She was gone, his love, and there was nothing he could do about it. Crowds of onlookers moved aside as he walked back out of the graveyard. His emotions burnt like some sort of inner fire, fully fuelled even as he felt drained. He glanced back as he climbed into the Ford that had been hers for the 5 years they were together.
The tears had stopped as he focused on the drive back across town to where they had lived. Their home.

The rain started as he reached the crossroads not far from the road his house was in. He stumbled up the path from the drive bursting through the front door into the warm dry hall as the rain lashed the house. A single letter was on the stairs. Nobody had been home since the post was picked up this morning, and only his closest neighbours and relatives had keys. If they hadn?t lost them.

'Mr. Jack Ashton, and the deceased Mrs. Tanya Ashton'

was written in very neat font on the envelope, in green ink. The envelope wasn?t sealed, and as Jack carefully picked it up a small slip of paper fell out. It hit the floor and silence spread out. In waves. That engulfed everything. The tick of the clock faded to a blur of tock to nothing but a hiss, the rain noise dying as the light slowed to greys around. The front door slammed open, the 8 foot tall figure distorted the door around him, brick and plaster breaking silently in the dimming hall. Jack felt the chill of centuries slip past. This horror was timeless, but he couldn?t hear, his vision faded out, nothing was left.

A thin tunnel of light. Ahead. It grew to a shape. Jack moved. Slowly. Instinctively, trying to stay at the edge of the tunnel. But it was always in front of him. Moving to block his path. He kept walking, knowing it would be reached sooner or later. There was a silhouette, close to the bottom of the light, and he recognised the smile, allowing the tears to flow again. She stepped forward and the glint of something in her hand showed in the circle of light she stood in. He recognised the amulet, the small inscription in what he assumed was Greek around the edge. A voice like the entrance to hell and the gates of heaven colliding echoed out of his head, as his vision span and her tear-stained face contorted in pain, the amulet smoking, glowing, hurting her as the creature glided out of the black.


The cowl grinned, breathing the smell of ancient libraries, the dust of aeons out of the dark cape. It raised the scythe, allowing the light to slide along the blade. Snippets of conversation poured through the slice it cut in the air. Weird lights, a glimpse of someone, somewhere. It levelled the scythe and went to swing, but Jack had moved sideways, dodging the first sweep, his ears ringing and blinded by the word the other side of the slice through the universe. He lunged for the figure, and felt the robe crumple as he grappled the small frame inside. It toppled, and the scythe fell, searing a patch of white heat onto the floor.
Jack reached inside his pocket. He must have a lighter. Somewhere. He scrabbled and found it as the creature dragged itself back up, kicking him off hard in the ribs. Jack had tensed, and he felt the bony foot slam into his chest. He lunged past and waved the zippo into the cowl, his fist hitting something hard and cold. He immediately sensed the blood coursing from his knuckles, but the cowl had caught light.
The cowl unfolded. The cape unfolded. The wings unfolded. And blazed in the black. Tanya screamed and writhed, and Jack stumbled back on the scythe, falling onto the hande. The demon lunged, and Jacks life flashed, obscuring his vision. It was slow again, and there was no sound. He lifted the scythe from under him as the claws approached, and there was no sound. The blade bit into the creature, and there was no sound. Flames spilt from the wound, the 2 halves of the creature sliding apart as realities diverged either side of the sharpest blade ever. There was no sound. Everything went white. There was sound. Jack was pinned against the wall by the blast. His hall had been stripped bare by the blast, his ears rang, his back ached, his hand bled, still clutching the lighter. A stump of wood, with 2 loose rivets was in his other hand. He looked at the windows but there was no sign of the explosion. Just a greasy grey stillness that faded like the last frosts of spring as he watched.
He reached down to the paper that had fallen. In gothic script it said:

'Go to the graveyard. The amulet wins'

The house was left behind in a burn of rubber as the car burnt back across town, slamming to a halt outside the graveyard. The other mourners, having seen him leave not 15 minutes ago turned surprised as he sprinted through the crowd, throwing himself past the priest and onto the coffin. He tore the lid of to shocked silence. He stared down at the smile, the joyous laughter bubbling from her lips as his tears of happiness fell over her. The relatives moved forwards hearing the female voice, somewhat hoarse, but still there.
'jack!' Then the sound of steel on ice. The crowd screamed ran or fainted. A scythe blade pinned the two lovers together. Bulging from her chest, and sticking through his back. Blood flowed freely. The ropes snapped, 1 ton load ropes whipped away and the coffin slipped down the rollers, into the grave, the screams echoing off the earthen walls and between the headstones.
AAAAH!!! eek OMG! *claps* wow! whew!
redface xd hehe
lets bring up this post
come on! there must be more writers out there!
writey writey write HERE
come oNNNN...POST
hehe thanx tim! bump!
come on lets get this thread going! Steffy! im giving 600g a month for the prize...so 750 g as a prize each munth xd
YAAAAAAAAY thanx Tim biggrin and if you don't get the money one month, don't worry bout it! *hugs*

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