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Oh, hi there.

I would like to announce the winners, and thank you all for your participation and hard work. It was really tough to choose the winners—many of you came very close, but decisions had to be made.

The prizes
1st – 1.5 MILLION gold = TAHRILLO
2nd – 500,000 gold = AGED CHERRY TWIZZLERS
3rd – 200,000 gold = SHYANIA

Runners-up (100,000 gold): Holy Wars in my Fistula, iiMusicAddict, Xxmelie877xX, XoX_aome_XoX

Bonus: 150,000g to the best editor I find amongst the entries = HOLY WARS IN MY FISTULA

Bonus: 150,000g to the best poem about betta fish = 2POUND

I judged predominantly on quality and vigour of the editing, and how the poem improved over time.

Oh my, what a shocking surprise to log in and find. Thank you so much, Fizzle!(!!!!) It's been a pleasure working with you throughout this contest...and just a great idea for a contest, in general. Ahh, this is so exciting! (*has never actually won anything before*)

Congratulations to everyone who entered! It was an honor to work together with everyone to improve our poems. I hope to still run into you guys around the OPL. smile

My pleasure. You all earned it. smile
ahh! thanks fizz! this really was a superb contest idea.

props to everyone who entered and edited, and also congrats tahrillo, you definitely deserved it 3nodding you edited that poem like a beast!
congrats tahrillo, shyania, and cherry twizzlers.

i like how holy wars is the best editor winner; she helped me out on my poem with an in-depth analysis of where she thought my poem could be headed the best. she also gets soooo little appreciation from poets getting her in-depth crits in the OP/L; it's nice to see her get a little rewarded in being one of the better critics pro-bono so props to you Holy.
Naturally this was all just a selfish ruse to get you to edit my poems in the OP/L more thoroughly.

Naturally this was all just a selfish ruse to get you to edit my poems in the OP/L more thoroughly.


evidently not

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