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Hello writers! I'm Indica, and this is my very first writing contest that I have hosted. I have participated in many many contests like this, and I decided to try my hand at starting one of my own! So let's do this. biggrin

I have also made myself a nice little nest egg. But I don't have any items that I have my eye on, so why not give it away in a writing contest? Perfectly reasonable.

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pwease read these!!

!. Be nice when chatting. I can't stand rude people. sad
@. Please post all entries on here, por favor. If you PM me your entry, it won't be eligible.
#. Make sure you write at least 1,000 words, minimum. There's no maximum. But if you have a 48-page story, just let me know in advance. sweatdrop
$. Google docs/ deviant art links are perfectly valid.
%. Feel free to ask any questions, I probably forgot to mention some stuff.


1st place: 50k
2nd place: 25k
3rd place: 15k
Honorable Mention: 5k (Will be more than one, depending on how many entrants there are.)

Deadline is February 20th!
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story theme

I want you to write me a screwed up story! Well, I want it to be well written, of course; what I'm getting at is that I want you to write a story with really twisted characters or just a messed up setting. Violence, gore, psychological problems, dark themes--all of these are good examples. biggrin
Just make sure that it's 1,000 words (minimum) and that you post it on here. Make sure that you post this (filled out) with your story, too. I know, aren't I needy? whee

[b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Name of Story:[/b]
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There can be any number of entrants, but please enter only one story per person. smile
1. Pollyur (awaiting entry)
2. Thecrazymusicgirl (The Moon is Pale)
3. LadyDiannaSyrus (The Amazing Tightrope Walker)
4. Mid-Afternoon Madness (Murders in Detroit)
5. DruidTigeress (awaiting entry)
6. The Solarised Night (Marionettes of Despair)
7. BloodPaw_13 (The Visitor That Needs No Invitation)
8. Stormpenguin (awaiting entry)
9. Vatilla (My Eyes Flickered Open)
10. Vicky Nicky B (Stalker in the Locker)
11. EuphoricUnderworld (Sick)
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Okay everyone! Here's how I'm going to judge all of your entries. 3nodding
{Originality: x / 35}
{Flow: x / 25}
{Word Choice: x / 20}
{Fits With Theme: x / 10}
{Writing Style: x / 10}
I'll read all of your entries when the contest closes, and I'll release all scores and the winners on February 25th. Don't miss it! eek
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bump mrgreen
Tempting.. very tempting..
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Versatile Mage

In the words of Oscar Wilde, 'I can resist everything but temptation'. And sweet goodness is this tempting. I want to enter...in fact, I will. But, I'd just like to know this: are same-sex relationships ok? It might not be a part of my story, much less a big part, but I haven't planned anything yet. So, will it? (I won't be offended if it's not, lol).

Anyway, I look forward to entering!
Username: Thecrazymusicgirl
Word Count:6455
Name of story:The Moon Is Pale
He didn’t know what to write on those blank pieces of paper.
Every night, seems to be a challenge in the darkness. Every night is dark, but not every night is sinful. Yet, there was one night where he couldn’t come up with a story.
That night, was tonight.

“I hate writing.” He complained to himself. “Writing has no purpose.”
He placed the pen down on the table, and stood up. Before leaving the room, he took one last look at the papers on the desk. They were blank, empty, and were waiting to be filled with words. Wonderful words, which can take someone on a journey. “Well, I have no time to write anyway.” He said to himself, making an excuse. “I have to do other things. Things that is more important.”

He went downstairs, taking each step slowly, pondering. He couldn’t get his mind off of a story topic. He knew deeply inside, he loved to write. He knew deeply inside, every story has a purpose and wings to fly. But something still held him back. He put his right hand directly across from his face, staring at it. Scars and scars covered his hand, and they’ll never fade away.

Chapter One: Music Is a Soul

My home is such a lonely place.
There is no one here, but me alone. There is nothing good about being alone, nothing at all. The only thing that keeps me company is the magical beautiful world outside and my stories, lying all around me.
I love to write, ever since I was little. Writing was something that was a true talent of mine. Story ideas just pop into my head, and whenever they do, I immediately write them down on paper. But there is no one to read my stories, no one to even feel my ideas. I live all alone, ever since I was five. All alone in a small place, with a fictional world out beyond the walls of my house.
The window is my favorite place to be at. I only have one window, one view of outside. And every time I look through that window, whether daytime or night, I can see a new story, a beautiful one. I sometimes see planets, which is rare. They float around my house, leaving behind magical topics for me. I sometimes see a shining light, just glowing. Sometimes, when I am lucky, I can see a path. The path is straight, with stars floating around. I’ve always wanted to go outside and walk that path, seeing where it will lead me. But I’m too scared, too scared to not be able to find my way back. I never leave my house.
Another beautiful thing is the music. I would hear piano playing, or violins singing songs. They all fit in the wonderful view outside my window, making everything seem so magical. It IS magical, for does not happen to anyone else, but me.

One day I looked outside, and it was snowing. Trees were everywhere, and again, I saw that pathway. It wasn’t straight today, but curvy. I listened closely to the music, feeling so peaceful. But this always made me lonely, because the music is always sad. It would never be happy, because the music matches my feelings. They show my emotions out loud, out loud to know one but me. But to me, music is a soul. A soul of itself, that expresses true feelings whenever it wants, however it wants. That’s what makes my life beautiful, even in the loneliest hours.
On that same day, I peeked out the door, and went outside. This was my first time ever, in many years, stepping outside. It felt cold, but it didn’t stop me. I wanted to feel the snow for the first time, to sense the winter air. But I didn’t step too far from my home, knowing it could be dangerous. I hesitantly reached out to the snow, not knowing how it was going to feel. I suddenly grabbed onto the snow on the ground, and immediately my body felt frozen. The snow was the coldest thing I ever touch, yet the softest. I quickly let go, taking steps back.
I went into my house and closed the door, locking it. I didn’t know why I locked it, for no one comes anyway. But I was suddenly scared, but why? Was it because I found out the snow was cold? Or was it because…
I couldn’t figure out my fear. I could hear music playing inside my head, playing a sad melody. I sighed, and then looked out the window. The snow was still falling from the sky, covering layers and layers on the ground. The music won’t stop playing.
Suddenly, tears came into my eyes. This, was my first time going outside, just for a little bit. Yet, I can’t even spend a minute outside without fear. I placed my head to my face, and slowly cried. The music continued on, louder and louder, as if it was comforting me. Snow was still falling.

Two Weeks Later…
I have a piano in my tiny house. It’s a grand piano, but very old. It’s a beautiful instrument, and the only instrument I have in my house. I play piano on days when I feel sad, just to cheer myself up. I wouldn’t say I’m good at playing piano, but I’m too alone. There is no one around to judge me. I am on my own free will to do as I please.
When I play piano, I tend to make up my own songs. Writing them down, the music seems to fit my soul every time. There isn’t a song I made to play that wasn’t the right melody for my heart. My heart is patience with the notes, and my soul is patient with the music. There are times when I am stuck, but that doesn’t stop me. I will play anything over and over, just to get the hang of it. Playing piano is something that seems to fit my every feeling, angry or sad. Happy or glad.

Two weeks have passed every since I’ve gone outside. I’m still a bit frightened, even sometimes frightened to look out the window to see what view is today. But after I finished playing a piano song, I realize I had waited too long to look out my window. I stood up and walked slowly to the window, wondering what exciting view is there for me today. As I looked out, I began to feel sorrow. It was a beautiful spring view in the morning, with a swing set in the middle of the view. I could hear music playing in the back of my head, but this music was different.
It didn’t’ match my feelings.
What I’m feeling right now is peace and sorrow, but the music seems to fit a night scene. The piano playing, the tragic melody. It all seems so calm, yet dismaying my thoughts. I quickly looked behind me, but there of course, was no one there. There was nothing, but my furniture and my piano. Everything was still, except for the exciting music playing in my head. I looked out the window again, so tempted to go outside and play on the swing set. I am a child, after all. I haven’t played for so long. I looked closely at the swing set, realizing it there were two swings instead of one. That means if I went outside to play, there wouldn’t be anyone else next to me. I felt sorrow growing deeper and deeper into my heart, as I sighed. I closed the curtains by the window, to cover up the beautiful gentle view. The music was still going on, for I have no control over it. It plays its own melody.
I suddenly felt fear. The music was getting creepier and creepier. Was it a warning in my soul? Telling me danger is coming?
I looked around once more, but there was nothing there. Maybe…it was the outside world…
I went back to my window, and open the curtains. What I saw brought me into shock.
It was night, it was dark.
Nothing but crows flying around, and a house…
A house…was across from mine.

Am I not alone?

Chapter 2: She’s My Darkness

I quickly turned away from the window, shocked and confused.
I had never in my life seen another house, another soul around me.
Could this be a dream? No, I don’t get dreams. I’m all alone, inside a magical world. There are no dreams. But what is this I’m sensing?
I was scared all over, confused and puzzled. The music played louder and louder, I could hear someone singing.
A girl, singing.
She’s singing so beautifully, in a terrifying tune. Who is she? Where is she coming from?
…Who is she?

I listened closely, my heart racing a thump. I could feel strange sensations, rising up my spine. This was scaring me, and I knew why. Never in my life, have I encountered someone else. Another soul, another human. Yet here I am now, listening to a song sung by a real person, not too far away. This frightens me. I took steps back, not letting my eyes go of the window. The house was still there, shining brightly in the hollow darkness. The darkness matched her song perfectly, as if it was meant for her.
Should I go check? No, I’m too scared. The music and singing both seems so depressing, and it is dark out. I couldn’t even go out in the daytime to touch snow. I feel like a prisoner locked in this beautiful magical world inside my tiny house forever. She’s still singing, a house across from me. Her voice soared; I can hear it clearly from here even though the houses aren’t close together. The words she’s singing I don’t seem to understand, as if it was a different language. “She’s beautiful.” I hear myself say, and then my eyes glared in shock. I just said something, something that I don’t even know of. Why did I say that? How did it come out?
I could hear violin playing in the background. Is the girl also playing a violin?
Does the girl notice my house? Is she singing for me?
If she is, how does she know me?

Suddenly, she stopped singing. The music changed, and the beat of it raced like my heartbeat. I looked out the window, and gasped. “Oh…my…” I couldn’t speak after that.
The girl was standing right in front of my window.

“Falling from the trees, were leaves from long ago.
Falling from the sky, were angels sent below.
You’re the angel, who’s lost his very home.
Without any hope, and without any love.”

It was hard to see her clearly, since it was dark outside. But I saw her clearly enough. I froze at my spot, not knowing how to approach her. What I really fear though, were her words. Those words she sang…I understood her…but why was she singing that to me? Why is she here?

The music was finally calming down. I can hear piano softly playing, and suddenly, there was a knock on my door.
I looked over to the window, and realize the girl wasn’t there anymore. She was probably by my door now, asking to come in. I was still frozen, but the music was calming my fearful heart. I slowly took a step towards the door, and the creepy music came back again.
I feel like the closer I am to this girl, the more darkness my heart and soul becomes. And more fear strikes into my mind.
Is she safe?

I closed my eyes, then slowly walked towards to the door again. Ignoring all that I’m hearing, all that I’m feeling. The only goal right now, is to get to the door.
I finally made it to the front of the door. I hesitantly reached out for the knob. Squeezing my eyes shut, I opened the door, then opened my eyes.
She was standing there.

I never felt so frightened.

“You…” she looked at me, her eyes were wide. I just stood there, hearing a faint soft melody playing behind us. The world out there was still dark.
Suddenly, it began to rain. Softly at first, but then it began to pour. I looked at the girl, still standing outside in the rain. “Come in.” I whisper, realizing I was speaking. My fear was gone, but how? Was it because I can see that this girl isn’t so dangerous after all?
She slowly walked in, looking around my house. Her hair was long, dark red. Her eyes were also red, and so were her outfit. She was wearing a red dress, with a white vest over it. She was beautiful, and I could feel my fears and horrors flying away, one by one, slowly. “I came.” She spoke. “To see you.” Looking up into my eyes, she smiled at me. I stepped back. “Who are you?” I asked quietly, still taking the fact I’m meeting someone for the first time in my life. “Oh, but who are you? I can tell you don’t know anything about yourself.” She went over to the dining room, and sat down on one of the chairs. I sat across from her, pondering what she just said to me.
I don’t’ know anything about myself? That is true. But how does she know such things?
“But I know all about you.” she was still smiling. I tightened my hands into a fist, feeling nervous and confused. “Who are you?” I asked once more.

“I’m your…darkness. My name is Darkness.”

Chapter 3: My Fears Came True

She came here…to be my darkness….
“I’ll explain later.” She stood up, not taking her eyes off of me. “I need to know something from you.” she said to me, her smile gone. I stood up as well, looking at her in the eyes. Her eyes are so radiant, so wonderful. “What is it?” I asked.
“I need to know your name.”
I glared at her, feeling my anger rising up all of a sudden. She sensed it though, and held her hand up to stop me. “I need to know. It’s not a hard question. Control yourself.”
“I don’t know what my name is.” I said, turning my face away. I didn’t want to look at her, or she’ll see the truth.
“You do know, and I need to know it.”
“Why? I don’t’ know you.”

She then heaved a sigh. Her beauty was glowing, and her skin was as pale as ever. I stared at her, waiting for an answer. But she didn’t say a word. She was looking straight at me though, her eyes with a faint flickering light. I can tell she was emotional, emotional about this. “I need your name.” she said faintly. I almost couldn’t hear her.
“Just tell me why.” I said, and suddenly, she stepped closer to me. Her body was right in front of me, and her eyes were looking directly at me. “Why? Let’s see…
It’s because…”
She couldn’t say it, and I can tell. She closed her mouth, and stepped back. “Fine, you don’t’ have to tell me now.” She said, turning away. “I’ll find out soon anyways.” I nodded, agreeing to what she said. I was never going to tell her, whether she stays with me or not. I didn’t know anyone, and I don’t trust anyone. My fear and loneliness was too great. She suddenly reached out her hand, and grabbed mines. “We have to go.” She said. I was confused. “Go where?” I asked.
“You have to leave this house. It’s not healthy for you. We have to go on a journey, which will find us both happiness and hope forever.”

I let go of her hand, turning away. “I do not know what you’re talking about. I don’t trust you.” I said, not letting her see my face. She sighed. “You can’t stay here. You’ll die. The world out there is dangerous. You have to seek happiness, you have to come with me.” I turned to her. “I still don’t know who you really are.” I said. “I was sent to go on this journey with you.” she replied back. “Just bring whatever you need and follow me. It’s going to be magical.”
“Sent to go on a journey with me? Why would I die if I stayed here?” She smiled. “Call me Darkness, remember? My name…it’ll make me feel like someone if you say my name.”
“What did you mean when you say you were my darkness?” I asked, remembering what she had told me earlier.
Suddenly, the lights in my house went out. The whole house was completely dark. I could feel my heart beating in fear. Somehow though, I can still see Darkness. “I am your fear. That is what I mean by being your darkness.” She said calmly, and I could feel her grasping onto my hand once more. I couldn’t pull away. “When I sing, you strike a simple fear into your heart. When the lights go out and it is nighttime outside, I know you have fear. You don’t know what you’ll see outside until you look. And when you look, you feel anxious. This is all I know about you.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This girl knows everything about me. She was the one I feared this whole time? “So you’re the night and the dark and the snow?” I asked. “Yes, I’m everything you feared. Going on the journey with me will overcome your fear. In this journey, you’ll see images and worlds you’ve never seen before. It’s all beautiful.” She smiled, and with a snap, all of the lights were back on. I looked out the window, and a beautiful sunrise was beginning. The sky was pink, and the birds flew everywhere, making it look peaceful. I looked back at Darkness, wondering why she was darkness. She was so beautiful, as if she was a light glowing in the dark. “I’ll go on this journey with you.” I hear myself say. I realized what I just said, shaking my head.
“Really?” Darkness smiled brightly. She has such a beautiful smile.
“Yes. I’m always alone. I think this journey will help me.” I said. The reason why I wanted to go, was when Darkness said that I will see new worlds. I need to see new things, to write down as my stories.
My stories…I wonder if Darkness will read them one day.
Not now though. Now I must be ready to leave. “I’ll go gather a few things. How long will this journey take?” I asked. Darkness looked down on the floor. “I don’t know, honestly. I don’t’ even know if you can ever see your home again.” I shrugged. “It’s okay by me. I’m use to disappointments.” I went over and grabbed a book pack I always leave in my closet. I went over to my fridge and packed some food. But before I can grab something, Darkness held her hand to stop me. “You won’t need to eat or drink on this journey. The Gods in heaven will provide you strength. Remember I’m here too.” I wonder if that’s true, or she’s just trying to make me starve. But I listened, and closed the fridge. “What should I bring with me then?” Darkness’s eyes shone.
“Nothing, just yourself.”

Chapter 4: First Journey

Darkness held my hand as we walked out my house and into the real world. The sun already rose to its fullest, and the birds were still flying around, chirping. Darkness looked at me, watching me as I watched the birds. They looked so free, so fearless. Yet my worst fears, is right next to me holding my hand. Everything here makes sense, even if it makes no sense.
I gazed back at her, and she met my look. She turned away, a bit embarrassed. I shrugged, still walking with her slowly as we leave. I didn’t turn back to look at my house, because I know I don’t and wouldn’t miss it. I was always with a heart to set off to a new place, instead of being trapped in my house. Now’s my chance, to discover new worlds and wonders.
Suddenly, Darkness stopped walking. She looked at me; her eyes show a sadness of sorrow. I knew something must be wrong. “What is it?” I asked kindly. “Something tells me…” she paused, then continued. “Something tells me I won’t make it until the journey ends.” I looked over at her, wondering why she would think something like that. “You mean you’ll die before this journey ends?” she nodded. I wonder also how darkness spirits die, or if they can die. “Oh…why would you think such negative thoughts?”
“I’m your darkness. If you don’t’ have fear in your heart, I will die. I wouldn’t be in use anymore. This journey might change you.” She smiled her usual smile at me. I didn’t know what to say for that. I let go of her hand and stopped walking. “We’re getting nowhere.” I told her, realizing this. “Do we have a certain place to go?” Darkness stopped too. “We do have somewhere to go.” She said brightly, then reached and out held my hand again. “We have to find it together.” I shrugged, having no choice but to agree and go on. “Can you describe the place to me?” I asked.
“It’s going to encounter your fears. We’re going to a land of a snowy season. The river there, I heard it’s beautiful. Snow is everywhere. It’s a wonderful place.” I wasn’t about to tell her that I’m not afraid of snow, it’s just that I didn’t know it was that cold and dark. But she’s my darkness, as she had claimed. I’m probably scared of snow and don’t know it. “Have you been there?” I asked. “No, but I heard of it. I don’t know quite how to get there though. We’ll find out together.” She smiled at me.
“How old are you?” I asked her. She looked like she’s the same age as me. “I’m…not sure. Maybe…thirteen years?” She looked at me. “How about you?” she asked softly. “I don’t know, honestly.” I replied. “I don’t care about how old I am.”

“You’re thirteen too.” She said. “I know this because I’m someone who’s inside you. If I lived as your darkness ever since you were born, then we have the same age together. And the same birthday, same time.” She seemed excited about this. I shrugged, not really caring. We walked and walked through the early dawn morning. The sun was shining dimly, but it was a beautiful radiant sight. The grasses we step on seem to sway their direction every time we pass by, and the colorful sky made everything seem happier and brighter. Darkness didn’t seem to mind us not talking. She just smiled, and walked on as she held my hand. The melody of the music slowly rises with the sun, and I could hear piano playing in my head. It’s such a lovely song, I wonder if Darkness can hear it. “Do you hear that?” I asked in delight. “It’s so beautiful.” Darkness shook her head. “I am Darkness, I only sing and hear dark music that fears your soul. You have to search for your beauty spirit, which is hiding inside of you, and out there in the real world.” I looked at her, realizing how powerful those words were. “I see.” I replied quietly.
We walked on in silence.
Suddenly, Darkness opened her mouth, and began to sing. “What are you doing?” I asked her, but suddenly I let go of her hand. Her hand was icy cold.
Her eyes were wide, but she wouldn’t stop singing. I realized I recognize this song, the first song I heard her sing when she was in the house across from mine. “Darkness?” I asked. She didn’t reply. She just sung.
I felt fear all over at once. The song was creepy, and again I didn’t understand any words from it. Darkness’s hair flew, and her hands were in fists. She seems to be holding back, but has no control over herself. I went over closer to her, and touched her arm. She was freezing. I held back, not knowing what to do. “Darkness, answer me.” I cried, looking around. I was terrified, being alone with my worst fear in a place where I can’t even see my own home anymore. We were too far away, in our journey.
I really didn’t know what to do. Darkness didn’t move an inch, except her lips to sing. She sang the song over and over, the music playing along. Fear struck my heart, deeper and deeper. The more I am scared, the more I moved back from Darkness. She seemed dangerous, too dangerous for me. Yet, from what she told me, she was part of me. Was I scared of my own self? My own personality…my own conscious?
My own mind…my own fear…
Am I the one really controlling Darkness?
“Darkness, stop!” I shouted. Her eyes suddenly closed, and her lips stopped moving.
She stopped singing.
It was true. I controlled her in a way. But what triggered the singing in the first place? Was it because I feared her?
Or was it because…
“Darkness!” I shouted again. She slowly turned to me, tears in her eyes. “Don’t let go of my hand again.” she whispered. “Not unless I say you can.”
“Darkness, I don’t understand.”
“There’s something else I never told you. It’s important, but you’ll find out one day…” Darkness gently took my hand, and I could feel that her hand was now warm. “Just don’t let go of my hand until I say so.”
“Darkness, tell me now.”
“First tell me your name. Let’s exchange information.”
“I’m not telling you. You have to find out on your own about that.”
I looked over at her. She was wiping her tears away, and then she looked back at me. She smiled, and suddenly I felt like I could feel her happiness. “I’m happy we are in this journey together.” She said, and then we started walking again. The conversation was over.
We walked for hours, just straight. We both weren’t tired, and we both never took a break. We just walked in silence, holding each other’s hand. Sometimes Darkness will giggle, whenever she sees a cute animal pass by. Or smile, when the skies begin to change color. This magical world...seems to fascinate Darkness a lot. She seems like she’s never seen these things before.
I see them every day from my window. That’s probably the only thing I’ll miss from my home.
We traveled on, and I realized it was getting dark. Night is approaching, and my heart was in fear for that. I’ll be alone in the night with my darkness holding my hand. Her comfort was the same as my horror. I’m sure Darkness knows this as well. “I can read your mind when it’s in fear, you know.” She said quietly. “I know you’re in fear. But it’s okay, I can make sure nothing scares or bothers you. You’ll have a peaceful sleep.”
“I don’t really sleep at night.” I said. “I never sleep.”
“I see. You don’t get tired either, do you? We’ve been traveling for quite a while now.”
“Neither do you.”

“We still need a break.” Darkness looked around, and then pointed near west. “There’s a nice spot over there. We can sit there and enjoy our time.” I looked at her direction, and I can see a bench sitting in the middle of a playground. The swings were swinging, but no one was on it. It looked like a haunted playground, but I didn’t refuse. We both walked to the bench, and sat down. Darkness let go of my hand.
“Isn’t this nice?” she said, gazing up. I looked up too, and found nothing. The sky was dark, but there were no stars, no moon. “Why isn’t there any stars?” I asked, knowing that Darkness knows. “Because…you fear them.” She said. “I told you I don’t want anything to fear you tonight. I made sure they aren’t around.”
“You control the stars too? And how do you know I fear them? I myself didn’t even know that.” I was puzzled.
“You fear them. Trust me, you do. You don’t it because you hardly see them. You live inside your house, and never come out to gaze at the stars. That is considered fear, your fear of going out to see what’s really out there.”
“Oh.” That didn’t make too much sense to me, but I didn’t want to argue. “Darkness, you are hiding something from me. Tell me.” I said. Darkness shook her head quickly. “No, not now.”
“I’ll understand things better if you told me. I can feel it.” I responded. I really did feel this, this need to know what Darkness is hiding. It seemed important. “Now’s not the time.”
“But Darkness-“
“Stop it.” Darkness raised her hand to stop me. “I’m not telling you at the moment. You’ll know soon, when time is right.”
I didn’t think arguing with my own fear was a good idea, so I stopped. Maybe she’s right, I should figure it out on my own. Suddenly, Darkness stood up, her eyes were wide again. “What now?” I asked, standing up next to her. She looked at me, and smiled.
“This is your first world, in our first journey.”

Chapter 5: A Dangerous Girl
Slowly, the night began to turn to day. I never had seen nighttime to daytime so fast. Suddenly the sun was up, and birds again were chirping. The night was gone.
I rubbed my eyes, and looked straight. I gasped.

Snow was everywhere, and there is a snow mountain up ahead.
“Like it? It’s so pretty here.” Darkness happily ran around in the thick snow. She then lay down in the snow, and began to make snow angels. I just stared, not knowing that such a beautiful sight ever existed. What I’m seeing now is nothing compare to what I see through my window.
Darkness sat up, giggling. I could tell she was happy, but I myself wasn’t. I suddenly felt nothing but fear and loneliness. Darkness seemed to sense what I was going through, so she got up and went up to me, grinning. “It’s okay, I’m with you. Isn’t this place just beautiful? I hope it will change your fear about snow. Sure, it’s cold. But it’s soft and makes the mountains look so peaceful. You have to agree with that.” Darkness grabbed my hand. Her hand was cold.
Music began to play around us. I could hear the soft melody growing deeper and deeper into my soul, my heart, my mind. It was playing over and over, a song of peace and justice. The song matches the snow view perfectly. I sighed, realizing that this is wonderful after all. I gently reached down and picked up a handful of snow, which was ice cold. This time, I knew it was going to happen, so I didn’t panic. Darkness watched me, and then giggled. “Let’s have fun.”
Darkness picked up snow also, and then she examined it. “The snow is so pure…” her eyes grew wide. “Do you sense your fear? I can sense it, and it’s getting deep.” Darkness looked at me. I was confused. I wasn’t afraid much of the snow, or less, nothing. Why was she sensing my fears so deeply?
“Darkness, I’m not scared of anything.” I said calmly, knowing that she was hiding something again. Darkness saw right through me, her face turning red. “I think I made a mistake.” She said quietly, but I knew the truth.
“You won’t tell me, I see how it is.” I said, walking away from her. But she grabbed my hand, and I stopped walking.
Music was playing, but more softly and more in emotion. I know that Darkness is hiding something, something important. But why won’t she tell me? It seems like something I should really know.
I sighed, and then turned to face Darkness. Her eyes were shining, and her hand was freezing cold. It was colder than the snow. Suddenly, I knew why.
It was happening again.
Darkness’s hand opened, and the snow dripped to the ground. Her eyes were fully opened, and she began to freeze where she was. Darkness opened her mouth, and began to sing.
It’s happening again…the song…the horror…this is probably what Darkness meant. What she sensed was my fear, my fear of her song.
But this time, I could understand the words as Darkness sings. The words seem familiar…
“Falling from the trees, were leaves from long ago.
Falling from the sky, were angels sent below.
You’re the angel, who’s lost his very home.
Without any hope and without any love.”
“Darkness, snap out of it!” I shook her, but she just swung me away. Darkness’s eyes stopped opening wide, and she closed her mouth. But I knew that she was still suffering from something, inside. Something and she won’t tell me. “Darkness, are you okay?” I asked, a bit calmer. Darkness shook her head, then I notice tears in her eyes. I felt for her, she seems lonely at the moment.
“Darkness, look at me.” I wasn’t shy, and I felt like I wanted to help her. She turned her head to me, and I could see her tears falling. She couldn’t control herself with something, that’s for sure. “Darkness, whatever is going on, you must tell me. I can’t help you if you keep something like this from me.” Darkness suddenly grabbed my arm. “She’s here.” She whispered in my ear, and I could feel a shiver. “Who’s here?” I said, in a quaky voice.

“Your enemy.”
“What?” It seems Darkness is confused. No one is around. “Darkness, no one’s here.” I said. I could feel myself frightened for Darkness, who seems to be really lost in her eyes. “I know what you’re thinking, and no I am not confused. She’s here, and she’s watching us.” Darkness glared into my eyes, and I could tell she was serious. “She’s here to haunt you. She’s glaring at you. You have to run.” I looked around, and see no girl or woman. Or even a creature. “Where?” I asked.

“You don’t know?” Darkness asked me, her voice growing softer and softer. “Eh…not really.” I said, still looking around the snowy place. Not a single person was in sight. “Darkness, stop acting so mysterious and just speak to me clearly.” I was getting irritated. “She’s coming to haunt you. You have to run, as far as you can, by yourself. I can’t come with you.” Darkness pushed me away from her, and slipped back and fell on the ice. The ice cracked, and I could feel my hand bleeding from the hard fall. I looked at my hand, then at Darkness. I gasped.
Her eyes were glowing red.

“Run while you can.” She said.

“Or I’ll kill you.”

Chapter 6: My Name

“Darkness?” I moved back, still sitting on the icy ground. She walked closer and closer, her eyes glowing redder and redder. “I’ll kill you if you don’t run.” She said, reaching her hand out to point at me. “The enemy I was talking about…
It’s me.”

I cannot erase that thought. My heart thumping, my mind racing.
Darkness…who are you truly? Are you a spirit, so wonders in muse?

I got up and stepped back, fear sweeping all over me. Darkness looked like a demon, her eyes glaring with red flames. Her beautiful hair was blowing in the wind, and her hand suddenly formed a sword. She was holding a sword.
Was she really going to kill me?
“Darkness, wake up!” I screamed, wondering if that’ll work. It didn’t, she just walked closer and closer to me.

“I know your name all along. You didn’t know that, and I never called you with it. But when I am a demon spirit, I know everything in your mind, including your name.” Darkness grinned at me. “Your name is so unique, isn’t it?”
“Darkness, I want to know your name too.” I said, feeling most horrified than ever. But what I said was brave, and that’s how I kind of feel. Brave. I know Darkness, even though we only been through the first journey. But I know her well enough to know that she wouldn’t do something so evil like kill me. Why kill me anyway? What is the reason? I had nothing to do with her at the same time.
“Come here.” She motioned me with her finger. “I’ll end your life fast.” I shook my head. “I know you’re my fear, but this time, I have nothing to do with you. I do not fear you.” This was true. For some reason, I felt brave and confident enough I can break through Darkness’s spirit. I know nothing about spirits, for I have been living in nothing but a magical world all this time. But I know well enough after being with Darkness.
“My heart is broken. My heart is broken.” Darkness suddenly repeated that phrase over and over. She glared at me, her eyes horrifying than ever. They were turning from red to purple, which frightened me for a bit. “Darkness, what are you saying?” I asked, reaching out to touch her. She wasn’t cold anymore, but burning. I held back, realizing that Darkness was burning up. “Darkness, talk to me.” I said, trying to support her. Maybe she can’t fight this without my help. It was me, after all, she wants to kill.
Darkness stopped, and then glared at me. “I want you to die.” She whispered, and suddenly I couldn’t move. I couldn’t budge. My arms and legs were frozen. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the cold or because of Darkness’s power. “There is something I should teach you.” Darkness said in a raspy voice. “There’s something out there normal humans face, and you should face as well.”
“What would that be?” I asked. I was glad that I could speak at least, even though I have no control of my body now.

“Telling me your name.”
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In the words of Oscar Wilde, 'I can resist everything but temptation'. And sweet goodness is this tempting. I want to enter...in fact, I will. But, I'd just like to know this: are same-sex relationships ok? It might not be a part of my story, much less a big part, but I haven't planned anything yet. So, will it? (I won't be offended if it's not, lol).

Anyway, I look forward to entering!

Same-sex relationships are totally fine. I'm not offending by anything, trust me. 3nodding I can't wait to read your entry!
Word Count:1112
Name of Story:The Amazing Tightrope Walker
I swayed back and forth, feeling the tightrope shake beneath my feet. The crowd below watched breathlessly and celebrated as I risked my life for their entertainment and never missed the mark. I began to sweat beneath thick layers makeup, my mascara running as if I’d just lost a lover. The big top above was covered in red and yellow stripes that extended all the way to the grassy floor below. Cheap nets were placed beneath me, meant to catch me if I fell, but it was understood that they wouldn‘t be able to catch a child, let alone me. It was as if I had a choice between being petrified on the rope, or being dead on the ground. That’s all this show has and will ever be for me. The people want to see what I choose. Will I embrace the comfort death? Will I jump so that I am no longer gawked at for being the freak on the rope? Or will I walk, throwing away all fear and all emotion? Will I continue to let the audience fade to in the background? Will I continue to exist purely for the entertainment of strangers? Will I continue to be their whore?
I look down at the ringleader, who confidently keeps his back turned from me, showing a false assurance that there is no chance that I will jump or that I will fall or that I will let my audience down. He does this to keep me in line, so that I know that if I fail, if I am not perfect, I can and will be replaced by the next show. He’d done it before, firing other tightrope walkers for their lack of skill or poise. But they weren’t like me, they weren’t like The Amazing Tightrope Walker.
As I continued to feed their gluttony for my danger, I thought about when I joined the circus. I was fifteen and I had run away from home, hoping to get away from my father’s drunken attacks and my mother’s attempts at prostituting me to the patrons of her bar. One night, after my father had given me a particularly brutal beating, I decided to leave. I ran through woods and fields for days until I came upon the traveling circus. I snuck up to one of the tents and found all of the performers playing a game of poker. The ringleader spotted me and invited me to join the game. He handed me the bottle of bourbon and dealt me a hand of cards. I looked at my hand and took a long swig of firewater and went all in. The rest of the table folded, except for the ringleader, who called. Sweat was dripping from my brow as I laid my cards on the table. I had a four aces. The ringleader smiled and put down his cards, a full house. That’s when he offered me the job. The first time he saw me on the tightrope, he beamed with the pride I assumed most father’s would have felt for their children’s accomplishments. That pride is why I walked the rope.
I made it to the end, my leotard feeling tighter than it ever had before. The ringleader glanced at me, only for a split second, letting me know that I succeeded, that I had not yet failed him. I was his masterpiece, his opening act. He rarely looked at me, but his words, his voice, were always filled with a lust and admiration that burned with a gem-like flame, a passion that tore away at all my dread and my feelings of being a slut. I knew that every time I walked that rope, that every time I put on my show. as he echoed through the big top, declaring his love behind his well chosen words, that I was the presence of my soul mate. He thought of me as much as I thought of him, I knew it. Even when I wasn’t walking the rope, he referenced me with his words, but he did so in such a subtle, elusive way that only I understood his desire. Behind every other act, his thoughts were of me and of him and of us. He dreamt of me and he yearned for me. He wanted so badly to hold me in his arms and I wanted so badly to be held.
I walked the rope again with a little more bravado. I strutted to the circus music, my body moving like a panther on the prowl, like a stripper on her stage, hunting for applause. As I reached the other side again, I threw my hands above my head, celebrating my talent and the attention I was receiving from the ringleader, as he mentally undressed me without even looking in my direction. He was obviously doing things to me that were illegal, because they were so graphic, so raunchy, so raw that they would make the devil himself blush. I flashed my smile, looking down on my adoring lover, the vile audience oblivious to our connection.
That’s when I noticed that the bearded lady was looking at him with a sick look of longing on her cow-like face. The slut! How dare she look at my lover like that. He belonged to me and only me. Then, he looked back at her. The lying b*****d! He was an adulterer! He was cheating on me, right in front of my own eyes! He was a cheater, a charlatan, and she was his whoring mistress! At that moment, grief struck me. I was so worthless, so pointless, such a waste of ******** space. I was the epitome of everything disgusting and worthy of victimizing. I was a woman who had let a man lure me in with his gaze and his words, like the snake in the garden of Eden. I was Eve. I had betrayed God, allowing myself to worship a false idol. I deserved nothing less than scorn and damnation.
With my intentions set on repenting, I slowly walked the tightrope. As I made it to the center of the rope, I turned to my sadistic audience and looked up. I felt as if God himself were looking down upon me from his kingdom with shame, telling me that even though I had made it across that rope so many times, that I had not failed my audience, I had failed him and I needed to atone for my atrocious sins. That’s when I jumped, plunging down to hell. Only hellfire could absolve The Amazing Tightrope Walker of her sins.
Username:Mid-Afternoon Madness
Word Count:7701
Name of Story: Murders in Detroit

Monday. Apr. 20. 4:15am

The slow, measured ticking of the cat clock that hung on the wall drove Tom crazy. He ,wasn't sure if it was the ticking or the fact that it's unbelievably bright black eyes were constantly fixed upon him. Sure, his lover, who lay sleeping beside him, looking like the angel Tom knew he could be if he ever really wanted to, could argue that the cat clock was looking at him, but Tom had the cat's number. He knew what was going on it's sick, kitty-cat, mechanical mind.

The realization that he had just thought of a cat clock as a being a living, thinking...thing...had him moving from bed, stretching before padding quietly towards the kitchen where the sweet, heavenly nectar of the gods awaited. It was ready, in all it's glory, in the top right hand cabinet beside the sink and Tom grabbed it, preparing it as quickly as he possibly could.

If Tom was being honest with himself, as he sometimes was, he would clearly inform himself that it was not a cat clock or even the coffee that had kept him anticipating the night. It was the time he had to work. Alone. His partner at work was good at his job, yes, and he loved falling asleep in his lover's arms and waking up there too, but the fact would always remain that he needed to work alone sometimes. He needed to be stress free.

He took his cup of the god's drink and made his way to the office area to go over the cases he had been recently awarded. There was a kidnapping, which looked to be wrapped up quickly if the mother was right in assuming that it was her ex-husband.. There was a disappearance that had been pushed aside for months and was just now being sent to him. Tom had little hope for it. The last one was a murder. Just one so far, thank god. He remembered still how bad the city had reacted just ten years ago, when a serial killer had been loose. This case had been kept fairly hush-hush as far as he knew. He didn't need to really watch or read the news when he practically lived it everyday, or heard about it from those who did it.

Brushing back his black hair, he settled on a bit of a sigh before opening the files. He had to get in some time before his lover woke up and was pissed at him for working at home again.
Time: unknown-

Sam sat in the bathroom, warm water on his hands, washing the mess off of them. He looked at the mirror and couldn't help but smile at himself, then looking to the right, seeing a woman laying on his floor. He grabbed a wash rag and washed off his face, making sure every spot was gone. He walked back out when he was done, changing his clothes and burning the ones he was wearing. He walked to the woman, crouching down and putting a number 2 on her chest.
"Gotta run, hun. I have... well, I don't really think they'll take to long to get here," he chuckled, picking up the phone and dialing 911.

"911, where's your emergency?"
"A woman was killed about ten minutes ago at 611 Huntings Drive," he answered, picking the red out of his nails.
"Alright, we will be sending an ambulance, don't leave."
"Oh, that's not possible."
"I'm sorry, sir, what did you say?"
"I'm saying I'm going to leave, because I killed her," he said, hanging up after and leaving the house. He smiled, walking down the street.

As Tom sat in his house, looking over the files, his phone started ringing. Tom frowned down at the file on the killer. He would have to wait for the autopsy report since those were strictly supposed to stay in office, but the profile the criminal psychologist had made on the killer was disheartening. It listed a number of qualities the killer would have now, among them the fact that the killer was possibly able to become a serial killer, since that first kill had been so well executed. There was almost no evidence of who the killer could be--no fingerprints, no hair follicles, no flakes of skin or anything like that. The criminal psychologist was the only way they even knew that the killer could be male, and that wasn't the most reliable form of evidence.
It was starting to look like this was going to be a very long case unless someone came forward with testimonies or concrete evidence.

The phone beside him rang obnoxiously and he quickly picked it up so his lover didn't wake.

"Detective Strands speaking," he murmured as he stood and grabbed his jacket from the coat rack, intent on taking the phone call outside. "Detective? There's been a 911 call and we need you at the scene. We believe the killer is the same as in a case you are working, since it's the same MO," the person explained quickly.

Sam hummed lightly as he walked down the street, smiling sinisterly when the cop cars went by. He flipped open his phone, calling someone back.
"Hello Mr. Long, I'm glad you called back."
"Ah, yes, I saw you called and wondered why?"
"Well, I just wanted to inform you that we have found a few people who could be able to take you in, if you still need help."
"I hate admitting, but I do. Have any fully agreed?"
"No, none have been notified as of yet, we needed to tell you first," the woman answered, then the rest of the call was a casual farewell. "********," he muttered, slipping his other arm into the sleeve as he balanced the phone precariously between his shoulder and ear. "I'll be right there. Just put the address in GPS of my car and tell them not to touch a damn thing, alright?" He quickly hung up and pocketed his phone, hurrying back to his room to pull some proper pants on and grab his gun and badge. He pressed a soft kiss to his lover's forehead when he was done, then rushed out.

His car was an inconspicuous little Sedan, made specifically to look like the most innocent car on the planet. On the insde, though, was a custom system with a GPS, radio and small dash computer that were installed in normal squad cars. He had paid for most of that with his own money, though the department had given him a bit of help with it. The money he had spent himself had been worth it though. When he needed to do undercover work, it was the perfect car for the job. Tom slid into the vehicle and started it up, booting up the GPS and selecting the address that had been sent, quickly heading there. If he recalled correctly, it was just five blocks from the scene of the first murder. That in itself was a particularly daring thing to do. People had been searching the whol city for hints of the murderer.. For the murderer to excute a crime just five blocks from the first? That was... Well, it was just ridiculous. Tom would bet his badge that it was probably a clean crime scene too--no evidence, nothing to properly work with to catch the killer. He could only hope that he was wrong and that the killer had made a mistake in this second murder. Sam jumped in his car, parked conveniently in someones drive-way. Once there, he put his bloody gloves in the trunk. He knew they wouldn't burn like the clothes did, so he didn't. He always wore two on each hand, as precaution. He picked up a list and crossed the womans name off. Her name started with B, the first mans with A. Next was Christian Adams, the owner of a chain of restaurants. He also lived just ten blocks down the road.

Sam put the list back, getting in his car and waiting as he saw a car go by. It was a nice little Sedan, looking innocent, but heading to the scene of a murder. Sam couldn't help but smile a little, pulling out and heading the other way.
"Stupid police..." When Tom pulled up to the scene, all he saw was chaos. The street was lined with police cars and Forensics vans, and the house itself was swarming with police. There was a whole line of police tape around house, tied to the trees in front of it and to the fence to give complete coverage. Neighbors of the victim were being interviewed by a few of his fellow police officers, but it looked as if his partner was already inside. He parked horizontally, cutting off entrance into the street since it seemed no one had done that yet, and quickly got out. It took him just a moment to duck under the police tape, flash his badge at the officer patrolling it, and move into the scene of the crime. He glanced at his partner, who was already there.

"Who's the victim?" he asked, taking out a small notepad to take his own notes on the crime. The man was tall, and rather buff looking. He seemed to spend a lot of time working out, and had very short, military cut blond hair.
"Brianne Harrison. She's the daughter of a wealthy family. She lives here with her husband, no kids. Tom, I swear to you, it is the same exact guy. No finger prints, a pile of ashes in the yard, a note in the desk drawer about her time and cause of death, the number... everything is the exact same. This was a perfect murder, and we are not finding this guy any time soon," he explained, looking at the man who was now standing beside him.
"What do you suppose we do?" Tom shook his head slightly as he looked at the once pretty woman. A woman with no children, just a husband, alone in a house in the early morning hours. She had clearly been an easy victim. So had the other one though. If he recalled, Andrew Higgens was a wealthy man who lived just with his wife. All of their kids were grown and had moved out already and his wife had been with some relatives in LA the night of the murder.

"Has anyone called the husband yet? I want him down at the station and questioned while we pack up the body. We need to look into if this woman had anything to do with the first victim. Both were wealthy or from wealthy families. I want checks on any country clubs or high end restaurants and I want them cross-referenced to see if they were killed for a similar motive. It might also give us an insight into the next victim." He took down the woman's name and crouched down to get a better look at the body.

"Paul, I want you to make sure the autopsy report turns out the same cause of death as what the note said. Go with them when they take the body, alright? Meet me in the office this afternoon and we'll go through the evidence together, as well as do the research on their families. I don't want to call this a serial killer yet, alright? And somebody make damn sure that none of this gets into the papers. The Department can't afford to have reporters hounding us or name the serial killer something like they have before. It'll just fuel the killer's fire." Paul nodded, waiting as the body was loaded once everything was done and they took whatever they needed. Once the body was taken, he went with, and called in a report with what Tom said they needed to have, also telling them to inform the husband.
"Oh, cant the press does not find out about this, alright?" he added emphasis on that, hoping there wouldn't be a problem.

Sam hummed lightly as he sat in his car, looking at the home of Christian Adams. He studied the house, checking to make sure e had a way in and out easily. Once done, he smiled and drove away, heading back to his home. The woman Paul spoke to responded in the affirmative, wished him luck on the case and hung up, hurrying to order everyone around. Tom himself made his way to the police station to begin his own work. He called his house at stoplight, leaving a message.

"I've got a case, love, so I might not be home until tonight.. Take care of yourself and call me if you need anything. Make sure you take the trash out and go shopping too, I think we're out of milk." The light turned green and he pressed the gas, moving forward. "I love you." He shut his phone with a soft snap and tossed it into the passenger seat as he continued to the station. Once Tom arrived, he was there for and hour or so until Paul showed up.
"They haven't finished, but they said the cause of death is definitely the same as the letter. So, have you found anything significant yet?" he asked, sitting across from the man at his own desk. He looked at the pictures and files of both victims so far, blinking in slight confusion.
"Hey... you know, this probably doesn't matter, and probably isn't even something to really look at, but... well, the first guys name started with an A, the second with a B," Tom shook his head. "Nothing significant yet. Their families didn't even know each other. They didn't go to any of the same restaurants or held any mutual company. They ran in totally different circuits." He tossed his notepad onto the desk with a sigh, rubbing his eyes. As Paul pointed out the coincidence in names, though, he straightened up.

"They what?" He quickly glanced over the files and saw he was right. "No.. No, this could be something." He picked up the phone and called their research department.

"I want a list of anyone with substantial wealth or from a wealthy family with a first name starting with C. Make sure it's the first name, not the last name, and email it to me when you're done." The man on the other line agreed, hanging up so he could work.
"You really think this isn't just a coincidence?" Paul asked, knowing it was a long shot. He looked over once more and that seemed to be the only relation, other than that they were wealthy.

Soon tom had the email. The list had many names on it, along with their income.
"So... are we going to warn them all?" Paul asked, a little worried about how many there were.
"Maybe... since the second murder was five blocks away, we could narrow it down to the number of names in that area?" "We have little to go on, Paul. Even if this is a coincidence, we have to run with it.." Tom pulled up the email once he got it, glancing over the names and incomes. There were quite a few, they wouldn't be able to run them all.

"Yes, let's go by location. Maybe do another five to fifteen block sweep.." He trailed off, calling them again to get the new, narrowed down list and hung up when they agreed.

"We'll warn the ones who show up on that list and put more patrol out for the next few weeks. It's been one week since the first murder, yes? Today was the second. We'll up the patrol for a week and tell them to either stay somewhere else or up their own security for the next month. If we can't find him within that time frame, we may not have a serial killer.. I hope we don't anyway." The email with the narrowed list arrived quickly, and now there was only 10 names. Paul nodded, looking over the list as well. He picked up his phone and began putting people at different locations.
"I'll take five and you take five?" he offered, standing and pulling on his jacket.
"I hate telling people they could die," he mumbled, grabbing his gun as well.

Sam finally returned home, pulling off his jacket and flopping on an old beat up couch. He whistled lightly, holding up his arm as a large Cockatoo came and landed on his arm. He hummed softly, listening to the bird sing back.
"In two weeks, I'll do C," he whispered as if the creature would understand.
"Yeah, that'll be fine." He stood as well, pulling on his own jacket and gathering his phone. He checked it briefly for any messages from his lover and when he didn't find any as of yet, entered in the names and locations and slipped it into his pocket. "Believe me, I do too.. And we can't even give them a good reason why." He sighed a bit, knowing that all the people would be confused and would ask him questions. He only hoped that they wouldn't tell anybody anything.
"If Shay calls, tell him to text me, alright?" he told one of the secretaries, who sometimes patched his lover through to his desk if he ever forgot to just call his cellphone. Tom turned back to Paul. "You take the first five, alright?"
Paul nodded, looking at the list.
"Sounds good. Meet back here?" he asked to make sure. Once they were out, he got in his own car and drove off to the first address: Christian Adams.

Back at Tom's home, the phone rang. When Shay answered, a woman was on the other line.
"Hello, is this the home of Thomson Strands?"
"Yeah, see you back here," Tom said, before leaving as well, driving quickly to the address of the first person on his list, Cynthia Lines.

Shay sighed a bit. People still didn't say "Thomason Strands and Shay Jeffrey" and they'd been living together for a few months shy of a year already. Still, he couldn't be too angry he supposed. "Ah.. Yes, this is. May I ask who's calling?"
"I'm Natalie Williams, and I would like to ask if he would be willing to participate in a new project. We are trying to get troubled individuals off the streets and help them to turn their lives around, and we believe Mr. Strands would be good for one of our participants. Would you pass on the message?" she informed kindly.

Sam got up, putting his bird back in her cage and feeding her, smiling lightly.
"We might be moving away soon, hun. You excited?" he asked, though he knew she wouldn't respond at all.
Shay's expression cleared of confusion and brightened. "Of course he would! He's at work right now, but he should be back this evening. Did you have anyone in particular that needed a home yet? If you do, I wouldn't mind them coming this evening to meet him. He could sign any paperwork and anything then as well." He knew that Tom wouldn't be too happy with him deciding immediately, but the program would be good for him. He dealt with sad cases so often, most especially the murder ones.. If he could help a person, Shay felt that it would maybe make him happier in day to day life, not so haunted.
The woman was a little shocked at the sudden answer.
"Well... yes, actually, we do have someone that could be there. He will stop by with his guardian, and Mr. Strands can sign the paperwork. Thank you for your kind contribution," she said. The talk continue for a few moment longer before ending.

Sam looked over when his cell rang.
"This is Daniel Long speaking." he answered.
"Hello Mr.Long. We believe we have found a home for you to stay in."
"Oh? Alright, what do I have to do?"
"Just wait home and your guardian will be there to pick you up and take you to the new home."
Shay hung up the phone, smiling and calling his lover to inform him. It rang for six or seven times before going to voice mail, so he decided to text him quickly.

Hey, u kno how I tlkd abt that thing? W/the ppl who need homes? U got accptd. Theyll b here tnite! <3 u.

Tom pulled his phone from his pocket as he drove to the last house on the list, reading over the message quickly. The first thing to hit was a slight irritation that his lover still refused to text properly and the next was a bit of anger.

You made the decision without me there? He texted back, frowning when all he got in return was a yes and a few "sorry"s. He came upon the house a moment later though and didn't have time to dwell on the thought. It's not like he could change something that had already happened, after all.

A couple hours or so went by before "Daniel" was greeted by a knock on the door from his guardian.
Paul went through the houses, explaining to the people what was going on. A few didn't believe him, but said they would be careful. He sighed, returning to the station to write a report for the day so he didn't have to do it later.

Sam had gotten his bags packed with what he would need, put his bird in the cage and smiled. He opened the creaky, almost broken down, door. He smiled kindly, grabbing his bags and walking out.
"So, who's the lucky people?"

Tom met some resistance as well, but eventually get them all to agree to upping security for at least the next two weeks, and went back to the station as well. He met Paul outside with a tired smile. "How'd it go?"

His guardian smiled and helped him with his bags. "Well, it's actually a detective and his partner. Detective Thomason Strands and Shay Jeffrey, if memory serves me. Detective Strands may not be there when we get there, but Mr. Jeffrey will be there to greet you and we can wait for Detective Strands to come and fill out the rest of the paperwork since he'll be your primary contact."
"Detective?" Sam asked. That wasn't expected, but nothing to be done now.
"Okay, neat," he said, taking his bird to the front seat with him.
"How long is the drive?" he asked curiously, buckling his seat belt.
"Yep. A rather decorated detective actually," the guardian said as he put Sam's bags in the back and then slid into the driver's seat. "It should take..Hm... Fifteen minutes or so?" He flashed a kind smile at him.

"Do you have any other questions about the family? I can tell you most of the details except what they'll actually be setting you up with and such. You'll have to talk to the Detective and Mr. Jeffrey about that."
"Oh, good, and yes, I do have a few questions: What kind of detective is he, and do they mind birds?" he asked curiously, sticking his finger in the cage and smiling when the bird tapped him with her beak.

Paul called Tom on his cell quickly, before finishing his report.
"Are you done? Do you want me to type the report up for you?"
"I think he's a violent crime detective. It's all very hush-hush so far, but I know he's working on a case at the moment, according to what his partner said," the guardian smiled at him. "And they don't mind birds at all. Mr. Jeffrey said that they didn't have pets at the moment, but were welcome to it."

Tom answered when he saw who it was. "Yeah, I'm done. I think I need to head home though. Shay got it into his head to help someone "get on track" and I have to be there to sign the papers. Thanks for the help, buddy."
Sam nodded. He had a nagging feeling that this person could be a curse, but it might be helpful to keep an eye on him, just in case he was working on Sam's case.
"Fun," he mused lightly, looking out the window as they entered the neighborhood.

"No problem, see you tomorrow." Paul responded before hanging up, finishing the rest of his work quickly so he could go home.
"Haha, I suppose. Now, I think what Mr. Jeffrey does allows for a lot of time at home, so he'll probably be the one helping you get settled the most." The guardian informed as he began looking at the number on each house, looking for the one to pull into. A small sedan zoomed past them and turned into a driveway just up ahead.

Tom got out of his car and, looking to make sure no other cars were there yet, hurried up to the house. When he got in, Shay was setting out a small snack and some tea and water, humming softly.

"So, when were you going to tell me about this, hm?" Tom said, crossing his arms. Shay gave him a bit of a guilty look back, but didn't have time to say anything as the doorbell rang.

The guardian waited at the door, having pulled in just a moment after Tom when he realized that it was the house he was supposed to drop Sam off at.
Sam stood beside him with his bird cage and a duffle bag while the guardian held his suitcase, which was rather small. He didn't have many items that needed to go with, so he was pretty simple. When the door was opened, he smiled pleasantly at the man, greeting him and walking in when they were welcomed. He put the bird cage beside him on the couch, his bags on the side of the couch.
"I just want to say, thank you for opening your home to me, Mr. Strands and Mr. Jeffrey." he said calmly with a pleasant smile.
Shay had been the one to open the door, figuring that to greet the poor young man who would be in their car with a grump expression wouldn't be good. The guardian shook his hand and smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Jeffrey."

"Oh, thank you. It's nice to meet you as well." He lead both the young man and his guardian in, smiling at how polite he was. Tom stood with his arm crossed and a stern expression as Shay responded to the man. "Of course! We're happy to help. Please call me Shay though. What's your name?"
Sam held out his hand for Shay to shake.
"I'm Daniel Long, and this is Mari," he said, looking at his bird. The white female squawked at her name, her feathers ruffling slightly.
"So... I just want to ask if there's any rules I need to follow while I stay? I heard that you're a detective, Mr. Strands? Are there any off limit places for me?" he asked curiously, wanting to get as much information on the man. If he had off-limit places, that is likely where he kept case files, and would be the first place to check once Sam had a chance.
"I want to be as little of a burden as I can."
Shay shook his hand, smiling at him. "It's nice to meet you, Daniel. And hello there Mari, would you like a treat? I think I have some poppy seeds. Is it alright if she has poppy seeds?" He cooed at the bird, smiling.

Tom regarded "Daniel" with a sharp gaze. "I am a detective, yes. Stay out of anything that it isn't yours." Shay turned and glared at Tom a bit.

"Tom! Be nice for god's sakes... I'm sorry, he's really grumpy after a day at work. Just stay out of the office, alright?"
Sam smiled, nodding.
"Yes, she does. Thank you," he said, then looked a little taken back by how mean Tom was. He nodded at Shay's answer, smiling and deciding it was best to just talk with him.
"Thank you, I'll be sure to stay away... so, anything else I need to know, or you want to know about me?" he asked curiously, knowing he had the back story of his alias complete and would answer anything.
Shay shook his head a bit. "Not for now, no. We can get to know each other after we get all the paper work signed." He turned to the guardian and smiled.

"Of course, of course. Here ya go." The guardian pulled out the paperwork and handed it over. Shay, continuing to be the gracious host in light of his lover's bad attitude, gestured for them to sit at the table and have some of the snacks and tea if they wished while he went to go get a pen and the poppy seeds for Mari.
Sam got up and grabbed some of the snacks, smiling happily.
"Very good," he smiled, letting Mari out so she can eat the seeds out of her bowl, out of the small cage. He waited as the paperwork was finished, knowing the detective was very reluctant.
"So, where can I take my bags?" he asked once everything was done.
Shay was very pleased with the young man's good manners and tried repeatedly through the paperwork being filled out to try to drag Tom into conversation, but his lover was having none of that. He had practically slammed the papers into the guardian's arms and ushered him out of the house before going straight to his office.

"Ah.." Shay sighed softly before turning his attention to Sam. "Let me show you. I had the room all set up with a bed, a dresser and a desk. We had an extra computer too, so I just put it in there. We can use it when i help you with a resume and job applications and such." He lead Sam to a mid-sized room with a bed in one corner, a desk in the other, and and dresser and nightstand between them. A nice looking Mac was on the desk, all set up and turned on and everything.
"Wow... the two of you are very kind. Well... you are at least," he chuckled nervously, putting his bags down and sitting on the bed.
"You think he'll be in a better mood later?" he asked, scratching his neck nervously. Most of this was simply an act. He needed to do all he could for these people to trust him, even if it meant he had to practically roll over and let them rub his stomach like a dog.
"Oh, and... is he working on any exciting cases?" Sam asked curiously, acting like an excited spectator rather than someone trying to avoid jail time, at least until he got through the alphabet.
"Oh... Well. He's sometimes like that." Shay looked a bit ashamed of his lover's behavior. "I'm sorry about it though. I'm sure he'll warm up to you.. But he really is quite nice when that happens.." He remembered when he had first met Tom, it was the cynical charm and sarcasm that had drawn him, but in an actual relationship... Well, it started to get old.

"Cases.. Well, I'm not at liberty to say exactly, but he is working on a few," Shay said. "Maybe if you ask him, he'll share some of the information? Are you interested in police work?"
Sam nodded with a slight smile.
"Yes, I am. My father was an officer," half true. His father was a crooked cop, but a cop nonetheless. He got up to start putting his clothes away as they talked, also unfolding and hooking up his birds actual cage, putting her in the corner.
"So... do you have anything you want to know about me? Maybe we could get to know each other a little?"
Shay's eyes lit up. "That's great! I'm sure you'll be able to talk to Tom all about that. If you're comfortable with it, of course." He flashed a bright smile at the younger man, happy that he would have some connection with Tom to base a friendship off of. It was much easier to get Tom talking about work than anything else.

"Sure we can! When you're done setting up, we can go have some tea and talk, how does that sound? I'm sure we both have questions for each other. But don't worry, I won't get too personal." He winked and smiled good-naturedly.
Sam smiled kindly, finishing unpacking and put his suitcase under the bed.
"What kinds of tea do you have?" he asked as they walked out. He shut the door quietly, not wanting Mari to freak out from anything. He looked at the office door, sighing lightly.
"I do hope he wont hate me."

"Oh, all kinds.. Different mints, orange, chamomile, jasmine.." He listed off a few more random ones, having quite an extensive collection of teas as it was rather a hobby of his to collect ones from any new store he went or city he went, as every place seemed to have their own unique blends.

He frowned a bit at the door, sighing with him. "He doesn't hate you, Daniel. He's just... He's Tom. He can be rather closed off. But I promise if you get talking about police work, he'll love you." Shay smiled at him reassuringly before gently taking him by the arm to lead him into the kitchen.

"Now, what kind of tea do you want?"
Sam couldn't help a smile smile at how easy this man was falling for his lies. It was all so amusing.
"Oh, okay. The I'll be sure to talk about that when he's done," he said, walking into the kitchen and looking around. It was nice and clean, just as he had thought. He moved to sit at the table, thinking about the teas.
"Could I have Jasmine?" he asked, sounding hopeful.
"Also, when does he usually finish up in there?"
"Of course," Shay said, flashing a smile before he moved to the kitchen and made the tea. The apartment was fairly open so he could still see and speak to Sam as he worked on pouring two steaming cups of hot water and steeping the tea in them.

"Mm.." Shay thought a moment. Usually, if it was a case that was keeping him, he was in there until they went to bed, but with dinner being in two hours or so, he would probably come out sooner than that to have a smoke break. "Well.. Maybe half an hour? Until then, you don't mind talking to me, do you? I know I don't do anything nearly so exciting as police work, but I do have my charms."
"I don't mind talking with you at all, I was just curious," he responded kindly, drumming his fingers to a tune. He waited a few minutes, and when Shay came back, he thanked him.
"So, what do you do for work? I heard it allows you to be home a lot?" he asked curiously, tasting the tea. He smiled happily, and this wasn't fake. The tea was very good.
"Also, how long have you two been together?"

Shay settled across from him, happily sipping the mint tea he had chosen for himself. He set it down briefly so he could answer Sam's questions.

"Well.. I manage a few websites where I help people auction or sell some of their antiques and I sometimes go to auctions and purchase things myself to sell. I'm a bit of an amateur historian, if I do say so myself. I got my degree in History and I was going to also get my liscense to teach, but one week with children and... Well, I couldn't exactly handle it. None seemed very attentive when learning history, though I can't imagine why." He looked seriously perplexed as to why children disliked learning about events from a country's past or even about their own family history.

"Anyway, after that, I got into the business of antiques and I enjoyed it, so I decided to make my own websites and such. I make a fair profit off of it when I find something worth selling, but it helps that I also do odd jobs in my uncle's antique store and such, so I can contribute to the household as much as Tom does."

Shay had to think a moment about the next question. "Mm.. Well, we've lived together for a bit under a year.. and we were together a year before that, though we hardly saw each other as he was working on loads of cases and I was still deciding what I wanted to do with my life. But I'd say we've been together nearly two years.. He asked me to move in with him on the anniversary of the day we met." He sighed a bit happily as he thought to the day. Tom hadn't exactly asked, simply told him to move in with him, but it had been sweet nonetheless.
Sam nodded and listened. The guy wasn't rich, obviously, so that was good.
"That sounds kind of fun, actually. I happen to love history," he stated calmly, sipping more from his tea. He smiled when Shay explained the romantic way Tom asked him to move in.
"That's very... cute. I wish I had a partner like that, it sounds nice," he complimented, finally setting his drink down.
"So, do you have any questions?"

"Well, maybe I can get you some work with my uncle some time? He's the real history buff in the family, very smart about things. Plus, his shop is always full of cool things." Shay smiled at him.

"Yes.. Tom's.. He's wonderful. I'm sure you'll find someone just as wonderful someday." He was most definitely cut from the cloth of hopeless romantics, making a very odd counterpart to Tom's surly views on romance and love.

"Let me see.." Shay thought a moment about what he wanted to know. "Well.. How old are you? What do you like to do?"
"I would love to work with your uncle. It sounds fun!" Sam said, listening as Shay talked about Tom. For the questions, it didn't take long for him to answer.
"Well, I am 25, I like to spend some time online, go out at night for long walks... sing to Mari, and read," he said. He was a relatively simple person, but was also smart. He was very smart actually, since he managed to kill two people without a single lead for them to follow, so far as he knew.
"I'll call him tomorrow then and see if he won't swing by and meet you," Shay said, smiling.

"Oh good, you're my age! Tom is two years older, but I swear he acts like he's fifty..."

"Who acts like their fifty?" Tom had walked in just in time from the office to hear the tail end of the conversation, raising an eyebrow at his lover. He wasn't as annoyed now that he had some time to sit down and work on his case and such. It would be difficult, he thought, to really work with another person in the house, but he would just have to make sure that boundaries were very clear.

"Oh, no one.." Shay quipped, smiling conspiratorially at Sam. "Why don't you sit down and talk with Daniel here? His father was a cop and he's interested in police work, so I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about. I'm just going to go start dinner..." He stood and leant down to give Tom a quick kiss, murmuring a soft reminder for him to be nice before going into the kitchen to start. It was a good thing that he could keep an eye on them from there, in case Tom got too mean or prying.
Sam smiled shyly, chuckling at him. He sipped the rest of his tea, finishing it off and looking at Tom.
"He's really nice, you know." he said, scratching his cheek nervously. He rest his head in his hand on the table, looking at Tom for a moment.
"So, are you working on anything exciting?" he asked curiously, hoping the man was at least dumb enough to tell him at least a little.
"Yes," Tom agreed, glancing back at his lover with a fond look before his attention snaps back to Sam.

"I'm not under the liberty to tell you about any case that I work on, so tell me about yourself instead. How old are you? How long have you been living in poverty? Where are your parents? Do you have any siblings? If so, why are you not with them? In that order please." Tom leaned back in his chair and fixed him with a calculating stare as he awaited answers.
Sam felt his eye twitch slightly at how commanding the man seemed. He thought a minute, acting as if he was going over the questions in his mind.
"Well... I'm 25, I've been this way since my parents died, when I about... 16. That should answer your other question, no I do not have any siblings." he answered, as Daniel would answer. The turth was his father killed his mother, and he violently slaughtered the man in return. His sister had no idea of his existence, or of her real family at all and he wanted to keep it that way.
"What about you?"
"27. I've never lived in 'poverty'. My parents are dead. I have three sisters. Tell me about your parents." Tom never...demanded things, per se. He simply asked for them in an intimidating tone and people broke. He was hailed as one of the best interrogators--and was one of the only ones who never had to use dirty tricks to do so.
"Well... I would say I had very hallmark card parents. My mother stayed home, my father worked and they were both very kind people," he said, smiling lightly. He knew what Tom was trying to do, and it wouldn't work. Although, despite what he said being a lie, Tom wouldn't be able to tell. He wouldn't know that his mother was a whore, but her son loved her anyway, and his father was a crooked cop.
"So... sisters? What are they like?"
"Sounds fascinating. What did they both do?" Tom circumvented the question about his sisters. There was no doubt he loved them, but they were all very...different. One was a crazy, bible-thumping, 'God-shall-smite-thee' Christian who hated him and his lover. The other was the complete opposite, to the point where it was extremely scary just how supportive she was. The last was the youngest who just didn't care about much of anything and was a doctor, already married with kids. He rarely talked to any of them.
Sam noted that he avoided the topic of his sisters, but he didn't have any reason to continue with it.
"Well, as I already said, my mother stayed home, and my father was an officer, like you." he informed, resting his head on one hand.
"What about your parents? Did they do anything?" he asked curiously, drumming his fingers on his cheek.
"What was your father's name and where was he stationed?" Tom asked before considering Sam's question. "...My parents were both doctors at a planned parenthood clinic."
Sam was not expecting having to answer about his father. He looked away in mock shame, sighing.
"I... I don't remember," he responded, brushing his hair back.
"I don't exactly have the best memory..." he said, looking back up. He studied the mans face for any hints of his intentions, but cops were always hard to crack.
"So... can you tell me a little of what your working on? You work with murders, right? I heard there was a murder the other night. Is it true?"
Tom frowned at him, his suspicion rising, though he didn't press. "Is that so? Well, if you do remember, do tell me."

"As for the cases I work on, I cannot tell you anything. Who did you hear about a murder from?"
Sam smiled kindly, rocking in his seat.
"I'll be sure to tell you," he responded to the first, then to the second he thought quickly about his answer.
"It's a rumor floating around that neighborhood," he responded, skillful in the art of lying.
"Is it now?" Tom frowned slightly, wondering if perhaps they should have been more cautionary to the neighbors... But then, people gossip and were always getting in the way of investigations.

"Well, there is an investigation pending. When they release the information to reporters, I will tell you what I am able to if you're interested."
Sam managed to contain a smug smirk. Tom had just given him all he needed to know the man was working his case.
"Oh, that would be wonderful! Though, could I ask one more question about the case?" he asked, folding his hands, childishly begging the man.
"I reserve the right to not answer it," Tom said, leaning back slightly in his seat to eye Sam with a casual, but stern, questioning gaze. "But ask away."
Sam smiled happily.
"Um, it is about the case, but... do you guys have any suspects?" he asked, acting hopeful.
"I mean, you know... that would be really cool,"
"I would not know, I am not specifically assigned to the case. I am more of a...manager or babysitter for the younger recruits as they work," Tom lied, not even twitching. He had learn very well in his years as a cop that lying could get him out of most trouble and Daniel... Daniel seemed to him to be trouble, for all his "innocent curiosity".
"Oh, that's no fun! No action!" Sam claimed, knowing the man was lying. He chuckled, standing and picking up his cup, taking it to the sink and rinsing it out.
"Well, thank you for telling me all that. I really liked our conversation," he said politely, sitting back down and waving at Shay, a sign to tell him all was well.
"I suppose not," Tom said, shrugging slightly.

Shay smiled widely as they got along seemingly well. He had been prepared to step in, but since his lover wasn't being too big of a jackass, he thought it was going nicely. He finished up the last bits of dinner and started taking out some plots. "Alright boys, dinner is done."
Sam looked up at Shay, thanking him.
"This smells amazing, Shay!" he declared, waiting until the other two started eating before he did as well.

Thomas watched Sam, or Daniel as he knew it, making sure he wasn’t going to do anything. Seemed normal enough. After dinner, Sam helped Shay clean up.
“Thank you, again. This will really… help me out,” Sam said, smirking at the hidden meaning.
“You’re welcome, Daniel.”

(To be continued!)
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Hey. I'm interested in entering, and I have an idea, but I'm a little concerned. You say you want a really gory, messed up story (I'm totally fine with that!) but you say we can't enter by PM and Gaia is a PG-13 forum. Now honestly, I have no idea what counts as PG-13 anymore. Would I be able to post a story that includes gory descriptions of death and murder, without it being a problem? I don't want to violate the ToS.
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I'll make an exception if it's REALLY 'R' rated stuff. Then you may feel free to PM me. I can't wait to read your entry!

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