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Divine Lyrics



People express themselves in different ways, through songs, sports and other activities. Writing is just one of the many, though my personal favorite.

Divine Lyrics is a writing competition, where I, the judge, am basically looking for a writer to write a story from the inspiration of lyrics (songs). There is no entry fee, but Donations are greatly appreciated! to help with prizes and such.

Start Date: April 25
End Date: June 18th Midnight EXTENDED
Judging will be completed by: June 23 (Hopefully)
Entry Fee: None

What I'm Looking For

I want you to write a story that was inspired by your favorite song, or songs; and is somehow related to the story.

Writers, I want your best! Stretch your imagination to the limits, if you think your story sucks, then it sucks. Only the positive, hard working, and confident are going to win here!

It's a pretty simple prompt, so put that pen (or keyboard) to the test~
Rules & F.A.Q

Okay, these are quick and simple. You should all know the basics for writing contest, I'll add them anyway and others often, so READ them and keep updated.

  • Don't piss me off
  • Follow the Gaia TOS
  • Literacy people, I want serious writers.
  • No fanfiction
  • You may have up to three entries, however every entry after the first is 500g
  • I'm afraid they have to be PG 13 or less, others wise both you and I will be in trouble. gonk
  • Please post your stories IN THE THREAD
  • You may NOT use work from other contests.
  • Write your story according to the theme and how it inspires you.
  • Absolutely No PLAGERIZING or STEALING of ANY kind.
  • No spamming, harassing, ect.
  • I may add rules when I see fit.


Is there an entry fee?

No, but donations are greatly appreciated.
Additional entries cost 500g each

What's the word limit?

At least 4000 words, 3000 is my cutoff no exceptions.
Maximum of 30000 words if you have a story longer please pm me and we'll talk about it. I wouldn't mind reading it, however I need a little extra time to read it all.

I want to write a story with ( The Song) and this is how it inspires meā€¦Can I do it?

As long as it inspired the story and is somehow slightly related to the story.

Who are the judges?

I, Inuanimeguardianangel, am the only judge. Everyone will be informed if I add someone to help and that person will no be allowed in the contest.

Can it based on a true story or be a true story?

You bet, it doesn't have to be fiction.

May we use a previous entry from another contest?

Doesn't matter to me. If that's what you have then yes.

I will be the one to judge this contest unless I get more entries than I can handle. Here's the scorning sheet I will work with:

Spelling and Grammar: 15 pts
> Very basic. I'm okay with a few wrong spellings and grammar, I'm not expecting a master piece so don't worry to much about it, but please at lest try and spell your words out and use correct punctuation.

Style: 15 pts
> This part is all up to you and how much you are willing to dedicate yourself to the story. Basically I want voice, pull me into the story using your own words. This also affects how you present everything and weather you really know what your piece is about.

Rules: 10 pts
> Perhaps the easiest thing to follow after Grammar and Spelling, so really, just follow the rules and you already have 10% of the points down.

Creativity: 20 pts
> Really depends on how your imagination is. I want a unique piece that is your own, and doesn't make me think of other works from authors.

Prompt use: 20 pts
> This is extremely important. It will be hard to win without using the prompt because it will affect not only this section, but the interest and creativity area. It's not a hard prompt so try your best!

Interest: 20 pts
> Make me feel what the characters are. Be creative, and put a lot of effort into your stories. I don't want to read a story because I feel obliged, so pull me into the story!

Total: 100 pts.

Prizes will increase with donations.
If it comes to pass that I do not have enough entries by the end of this contest I will only be giving out the Grand Prize of 20k.

Grand Prize: 19k
Second: 9k
Third: 4k

Honorable Mention: 1k
Best Character: 1k
Best Plot: 1k

Total: 35k


Those who wish to donate must make it clear on the trade you sent.

Entry Form

You need to use this entry form. I makes my life a whole hell of a lot easier. ~Post with stories~

[b]Username:[/b] Speaks for itself
[b]Would you like your ratings to be PMed after the end of the contest?[/b] Yes/No
[b]Word Count:[/b] How many words in your entry
[b]Song(s) Used:[/b]
[b]Title:[/b] If there's no title, jut put N/A
[b]Story:[/b] Post your story link here.

[b]Prompt:[/b] I want you to explain briefly about what is it you wrote about.
List of Entrants

There is no limit, but please reserve a spot all the same so I can place you up on the list and keep track of everyone entering, weather you know if your going to finish by then or not.
Minimum of Entries: 15

Also, I would appreciate it if you post your reservation in the thread instead of PMing me. I do read over the pages of the thread, however if I do not post in the thread tell you that I've add you within three days then you may pm me about it.

I do check the thread everyday so don't be afraid to post questions and such. blaugh

Entrant--Story Submitted?--Title and Link

    1. Rino-chan/no

    2. Yonder-chan/no

    3. xo star_d a z e d/no

    4. XxItsNeverEnoughxX/no

    5. Lord Alon/no

    6. x_Ace_Of_Dragons_x/no

    7. Slowly Falling Away/no

    8. Waverlie/no

    9. Imoto Lehcar /no

    10. Kyoko the Wolf Tamer / Idealistic Eternity Scored 92pts

    11. Scriptwriter Mika /no

    12. Sakura Kajiu /no

    13. FriendofFoes / The Prayer of the Forgotten Scored79pts

    14. HybridxTheory /yes/ N/A Scored 80pts.

    15. SteelMagnolias /no

    16. [.days.] Everything Left Unsaid Scored 94pts.

    17. swiftshdow666 /yes/ N/A Scored 94pts

    18. Da Flea /yes/ History Repeats; Lets Stop for Tea Scored 92pts

    19. affirmedreality /no

    20. XxAiDarknessxX/Amour in Vain Scored 79pts

    21. Itazu /no

    22. Amorpheous /no

    23. leoinpharoh /no

    24. Gykai /no

    25. Muddles /no

    26. musicequalsoxgen/ no

    27. Verrex / Transitory Scored 94

    28. Lucifer Cross - Angel / N/A Scored 76

    29. Juliaified / no

    30. Cataluna Nacht / ICatharsis Scored 83

Divine Lyrics


Contest Winners

Third Place
Swiftshdow666- N/A
Score: 94

This story was very inspiring and kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time I read it. I hope to view more of your work in the future.

Second Place
Verrex- Transitory
Score: 96

I will admit, I was not a fan of second person until I read this story. This entry wouldn't let me push it aside and my eyes refused to let me skip a single line. Verrex, keep up the great work I am an official fan of your work.

First Place and Grand Prize Winner
Days- Everything left unsaid

Score: 97

DAYS you ARE the master of second person. I was swept away by this story, from the very beginning to the unexpected ending. This wonderfully well written story has left me speechless, so without further ado I give you your grand prize winner. I hope to see you in future contests days. 3nodding


I have a little something to say...
This was a very though decision, while the first scoring took place all three of our winners were tied for first. Thanks to my friend Caladhiel, my second judge, I was able to sort our winners. If I had the funds, not just the winners but each of you would have received the prizes you deserved, thank you for participating, thank you for your wonderful entries, and thank you for making my first contest a great one.


I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut...
My weakness is that I care too much...

Aaaaaangeeel! *huggles her* Your front layout looks suspiciously similar to my first contest. *looks at her* If it's inspired by mine, then I shall bow here and say "Thanks thanks" and it will earn you another HUG!

This contest is tempting. I've always loved writing stories with my favourite songs in it. Won't promise I'll enter though. My last exam is on the 19th of June, so... T__T Best of luck with this though!


And our scars remind us that the past is real...
I tear my heart open just to feel...
... And if the song is in another language? domokun
Hm... I do believe I will reserve a spot. =] This sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun.
Lord Alon
... And if the song is in another language? domokun

You're the voice try and understand it.
Make a noise and make it clear.

O h h . . .

Probably include a link to a translation.
Same question if not, though.

W h o a . . .

We're not gonna sit in silence.
We're not gonna live with fear.
User Image
Nice to see this up and running, Angely. x3
I'd love it if you saved me a spot =]
Rino-chan: *huggles Rino* Actually, it was based of yours and a few others that I though looked nice. Besides, your one of the most organized people I know so I hope you don't mind. ^^ Also, I'm going to save you a spot all the same. I want to attempt to keep this place a little organized XD

Lord Alon: As long as a link to the English translation is provided, I don't see why not. ^^

xo star_d a z e d: No problem, and I hope it is as well. ^^

[.days.] Hey, glad you dropped by! ^^ Exactly, as long as there's a translation I don't mind.

Yonder-chan Thanks! ^^ I'm really excited about this whole thing.

XxItsNeverEnoughxX Can do! ^^ Good luck.

Good luck everyone! blaugh

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