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-waves- Hiya ^_^

My name would be Kei, and I love to write.. So naturally I love people who also love to write. So as I was looking through all the writting contest I thought to myself how much fun it would be to make my own writting contest and see everyone try to please my writting taste.

I perfer darker poems. I am a person with a darker nature so naturally I would like poems with a darker side to them. It is not required that the poem have a dark meaning to it though. How ever the poem must have some sort of deep meaning to it. I like things that are very emotional and powerfull. It dosent have to be deperssing, and it dosen't have to be loving. It's what ever you the writter would like to express. The poem must strong move me in some sort of way.


1.) You must pay an entry fee of 500g to enter the contest... You must pay the fee before you can enter.
2.) You may only submit one peice of work unless you are willing to pay another 500g fee. If you are willing to do so you are only allowed three entry's and you must pay the fee for all of them.
3.) Submit your own work! >:0 If I find out you are using someone else's work and calling it your own you will be banned and reported. Not only dose it go against my beliefe's but it's against the law.
4.) Do not make fun of other people's entry's! I am the judge not you!
5.) Please do not submit short poems. Poems have to be longer than two paragraphs or stanza's depending on your writting style.
6.) Do not make poems too long. I dont want one poem taking up an entire page to it's self!!!
7.) All entry's must be in to me by October 5 and no latter than that.
8.) Have fun and Good luck!


First place= 10k plus an October sealed letter.

Second place= An October sealed letter.

Third place= 5k


2.)U n i n s o m n i a c
3.) faroffmemories15
8.)Dr. Fluffy
9.) [ .days. ]
11.)Darkness Always Has Light

Save me

Save me from this hellish void called life
Which the gods of heaven put down on me
I call out to you searching for your light in my darkness
My only hope for salvation which will free me from my torment
I look frantically hoping to see a glimmer of light
But all I see is the darkness of myself shrouding over you
Consuming every part of you
I try to stop it..
But I am helpless in the end
All of my thoughts of salvation are gone
Every hope in my heart for you..
Is gone..
I try to remember your light
But I fail to see it every time.
Why can't I remember?
That beautiful light...
Which would save me from myself?
Lay me down
Lay me down, to rest , to sleep
Lay me down
Lay me down to cry, to weep
Lay me down
Lay me down to mourn, to grieve
Lay me down
Lay me down to hurt, to beat
Lay me down
Lay me down to punish, to defeat
Lay me down
Lay me down to want, to need
Lay me down
Lay me down to calm, to breathe
Lay me down
Lay me down to silence, to serene
Lay me down
Lay me down to my reverie.

The end.
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Dapper Gekko

poems are too easy. you sould have a prose contest, then i might enter.

you should make it.. happy poems, the "easiest" kind of poem is a "dark moving one" ): ilu bebi.

It dosent have to be dark >.<
I just like darker things so yea...
do we just give you the 500

-nods- yes by trade

By the way people... If everyone could click the thumb's up thing at least once I would greatly appreciate it.
The Cold
It seems so cold ever since that day,
That day when the casket was closed,
and she was was swallowed by the world.
That day when the world froze like her cold hands,
and her face lay silent like it was edged from stone.
That day when I accepted that what lay in that box,
was not the girl that I'd loved just days before,
but only a puppet whose string had been cut.

Every place I'd been with her was a memory we had shared.
Every memory become blurrier each day,
As I strain to remember our love.
Every time I think of her a knife is driven in to my heart,
and leaves a whole where my love slowly seeps out.
The only thing living is the roses she loved but,
soon they will die and join her as well.

People try to give there grief the best they can but,
words cannot make up for years that we lost.
Years she will spend in the confinements of a coffin,
six feet below the surface.
People say it's colder when your alone,
Maybe thats why it's been so cold ever since that day.

Crimson shallows where she lay
lifeless, breathless in the bay
mangled hair, eyes shades of grey
horrid is to die that way

I close her eyes with fingertips
I feel tears fall as my heart rips
I wash the blood off of her lips
and hold her hand within my grips

drowning in the ocean red
her grey eyes are full of dread
I can feel the tears she shed
run down my face because she's dead
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Sparkly Genius

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I am from shattered glass
Empty cupboards full of hate
Images vulgar and crass
Apologies that came too late.

I am from dirty feet
Empty bellies full of hope
From stolen cars on barren streets
Grown-ups lost with too much dope.

I am from prison cells
Cemetaries wet and cold
From angry words and tolling bells
Dark closets and the smell of mold.

I am from cigarettes
Dirty diapers full of shame
From popsicles and hair berettes
Criticism and shifting blame.

I am from homemade tattoos
Bleeding hearts and truth distortions
From puppy love and sex taboos
Unhappiness and failed abortions.

the snow falls
quiet eyes watch.

what is sought
and so dearly brought
melts in the cold
to frost is sold.

the snow falls
dark frost freezes.

frost exudes dark
leaves its mark
wilts the flower
taste is sour.

the snow falls
shining flower drifts.

bloom is fading
happiness is jading
some way dying
everywhere sighing.

the snow falls

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