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Contest Two: Images

Welcome to my newest contest. I've lost count of what number this is, but it's up there. In this contest, I will present you with twelve of my favorite images from my saved files, and you will write me a story based on one or more of those prompts.

This contest is one in a series I hope to do that feature my top tens in specific areas. These contests will not be connected, however, so don't worry about committing yourself or anything.

So here are some basics:

    Due Date: Friday, February 13, 2009
    Word Limit: 500-5,000 words
    Stories: Original, meaning no fanfiction
    Total Prizes: 16,500g Thanks to a donation from Mahayr, the prizes have been doubled! 33,000g!

Now that that's out of the way, please read on and enjoy.

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

  1. Respect me, your other contestants, and this thread.
  2. Respect the Gaia ToS.
  3. Follow all rules for submitting. I will not be responsible for your mistakes.
  4. More of a guideline, really. Type literately. I don't mind if you don't capitalize, but spell correctly and use punctuation.
  5. Do not PM me.
  6. I reserve the right to add more rules.

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

Here are your prompts (linked as Image One, etc.). These are my top twelve favorite images that I currently have saved. Yes, some are related, so more than one is allowed in your entry. You may use any part of the picture as your prompt, whether it is the person or the mood or whatever. You may change details such as gender, color, etc.

Just a note on my word choices and images: Anything that deals with belief and faith may or may not relate to religion. Anything dealing with religion does not necessarily have to deal with Christianity. Make your own up, use Eastern Orthodox, whatever. I don't care, as long as the theme is there.

I don't care who your characters are or where they wish to park themselves at night, if you know what I mean. You can have a vampire who is in love with his twin brother for all I care. Use your imagination here.

  1. Image One
    A male angel looking up.

  2. Image Two
    An average guy on a beach, arms crossed over his chest. He has feathery wings on his back.

  3. Image Three
    A man lays asleep on the floor, surrounded by books and papers.

  4. Image Four
    Five men stand silhouetted atop a mountain, and one holds up a banner.

  5. Image Five
    A person sits in the middle of a spiral of words. This is an image I screenshotted from the video for the song "King of New Orleans" by Better Than Ezra. If you would like to see the whole segment from the video, click here; the part is from 3:32-3:37.

  6. Image Six
    A man holds up a shoe, on the sole of which is written, "Tonight, please save my soul."

  7. Image Seven
    A guy crawls on the ground in the dark.

  8. Image Eight
    A guy lays on the sand, staring upwards with piercing green eyes. He appears to be cracking like dry desert ground.

  9. Image Nine
    A soldier sleeps in the back of a truck with a teddy bear.

  10. Image Ten
    An open window, surrounded by trees, birds, and electricity.

  11. Image Eleven
    A guy who has collapsed, but seems to glow. A butterfly flies over him.

  12. Image Twelve
    A guy kneels on the floor beside a chalk symbol on the wood. He looks pointedly up at something.

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

Entries should be
  • posted in the thread.
  • PG-13 or lower.
  • between 500 and 5,000 words.
  • original works, meaning no fanfiction.
  • posted by February 13th, 2009, at 11:59pm EST. Check your time zone to figure out what the equivalent is.
  • use the following form
  • leave a blank space between your paragraphs. The sample form below shows this.

When entering, please use the following form. Yes, I am being a**l about it. I'm tired of people not listening to my entrance rules.

[b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Short Summary:[/b]

[align=center][size=18][b][u]TITLE HERE[/u][/b][/size][/align]

[size=12][color=black]ENTER STORY HERE, IN PLACE OF THESE NINE WORDS[/color][/size]

Username: [ .days. ]
Prompt(s): 5, 10
Title: Let Him Fill the Space Between
Word Count: 6,735
Short Summary: Gifted by the Being, Eli Clerk must learn to live with what he has brought upon himself. With the help of two new friends, he makes decisions he cannot take back. Not a cheesy as it sounds, I promise.

Let Him Fill the Space Between

The fading sunlight fell brightly across Five Corners Road, casting the street into a purple and orange glow. From where I sat, water from the day’s rain sparkled and danced and lit up the scene as a teenager ran down the street. He caught my eye, drawing my attention from the building across the street where we were ever vigilant of any type of action.

The boy dropped to his knees halfway to the large marble wall at the end of Five Corners Road. I squinted to see if he was injured, to figure out why he had dropped.

    Username - Entry
  1. FullyAlive09 - My Soul, My Curse
  2. Battphink - I Spot a Black Feather
  3. Ellyrianna - The Fallen
  4. icy_cold_mist - Angel
  5. You Got Godmail - Between Life and Death
  6. With A Pen Stroke - Shattered Reflection
  7. Nolori - The Puppeteer
  8. mimi-luna - Warning S.O.S.
  9. ShadedGray - Stranger Things
  10. Stand Alone Origin - Window to Eternity

More spaces will be added as people join. There is no limit on the number of contestants.

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

  • Quality of Entry - 5 points - How well did you use the prompt in your entry?
  • Adherence to the Rules - 5 points - Did you fill out the form correctly? Did you fill in all the fields on the form? Try to fill everything out. Ask if you aren't sure. One point per field.
  • Grammar and Spelling - 5 points - Use spell check and you'll be fine.
  • Plot - 5 points - The plot is what the story builds on. If your story lacked a plot, it lacked an interest factor.
  • Interest - 5 points - This is simply a scale of how interested in your story that you had me. Was it interesting, is basically what this is.
  • Total - 25 points


First Place - 7,500g 15,000g
Second Place - 5,000g 10,000g
Third Place - 2,500g 5,000g
Honorable Mentions (x3) - 500g 1,000g each

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

Introduction | Rules | Prompts | Entering and Entrants | Judging and Prizes | Reserved | Reserved

Und wir sind OPEN!
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I'm intrigued. And subscribing.
The Fujoshi Kitten's avatar

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Sounds interesting, and I like the images. I'll have to give it a try.
Can it be previously written but follow the prompt? pirate
Auttaako meitä kumpaakaan,
Kun ei tiedetä puoliakaan?

As long as I have not read and/or judged it before, that's fine.

Kuka voittaakaan siinä oikeestaan,
Jos se vieläkin jää kitumaan?
I am interested. I'll enter if I have somthing to write.
Just wanted to post so I would have it in my records thing.
def. gonna make it in this time. :]
sounds fun. i need another distraction...

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