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:[ So we get our fights controlled? we can't really fight in them?

Um, no. That was your opponent. You now have to write your own version - it can be as weird as you want it to be - where YOU win.
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[Um, no. That was your opponent. You now have to write your own version - it can be as weird as you want it to be - where YOU win.

And believe me, how I lost my fight against Prince Loppisille, I'll never know. Look at it this way, it's as if you got in a fight, and both fighters had their own completely different, outlandish versions of the same fight. Except the judges will then pick one of the versions and make it so it really happened :3


Now go read up on what you opponent's traits are from their application here and plan your fight accordingly ^_^ Good luck and have fun.
Oh I see, thank you ^^

The sun was roaring in the arena of the day, with thousands of people watching the carnage and the blood for they have seen the power of the fights are forever will be entertained for what they have seen, until what they will see in this fight is something special and hopefully they will be scarred from the visual sights of this day and the roars of people around them, As the humans scream out for their entertainment the next fight gets yelled out.

The Spokes men, hosting the event clears his throat, and silence happens. "Arriving from the rolling hills of Farfar is Junya Thornborne. Her hobbies include cooking, asking unnecessary questions, and throwing daggers! Please keep an eye out for daggers randomly placed around the Colosseum grounds she has asked the audience members to refrain from touching them. Ladies and Gents, not to be confused with the Thornberry’s, I give you Juuunnyyyaaa Thornborne!!", massive cheering from all around the children and men yelling out for more blood, as do humans have blood lust as well? or are they all just childish life forms, Junya began to walk from the darkness of the hallways gates from the right, she shines like the sun light from the left shines upon her skin, her shadow overlaps the walls giving her a heroic picture, a mighty warrior indeed, walking upon the ground to meet her next target, a new target that is blinding of beauty.
" Coming from Hell's Gates, Age 19, Beautiful young Clover!, The Cutest weapon of pure destruction at your door step, Ladies and gentlemen you might want to sit at the back for your own safety!" Clover began to step outside from the inner gates, coming from the right where the sun lays, nobody could see her stepping out fully, but only to see a figure as there eyes hurt from the blinding sun, Her orange magical hair was glowing, an eye catcher even if the sun was blinding she was so beautiful to not look at, as goddess, a goddess from hell. "Hehehehe, oh honey do your eyes hurt?", Clover teased as she made her way to a distance were the crowd could see her, as the men roared from her beauty such cheering ten times as louder than Junya's, giving her less confidence than before, Clover smiled in her innocent girl look, "Not as much as your face, soon enough you will feel it. . . It will kick in"

The crowd was getting raged from the lack of fighting as Clovers blood lust was activating Junya decides to bring the first move, as they were long range it was obvious it would be a long range attack as Junya moved her arm to reach for her knives, Clover has already stepped aside the moment she grabbed the handle, predicting such a effortless attack, evading the knife, hearing the knife land on the ground behind her "Oh my, you have to try harder than that my friend, soo much harder, how about I show you my knifes and blades", Clover reached behind her back and grabbed two swords, one that seemed plan and simple until there was a leaking effect of tiny shards of glass just by a simple movement and the other sword was vibrating out of power, emitting heat from the blade as it looked red hot, Clover spun around, Junya knew it would be a long range attack but didn't predict the power as she was getting ready to dodge, "Oh little girl this attack you cannot dodge!!!" Clover said in such an innocent voice, She made an X formation with her blades and slashed twice, side to side, "Well you can always do something else, eh?" Junya said back up a little bit,the swords combined powers, letting out a slash of glass shards,the heat wave combined, heating up the glass shards, revealing a wall of hot sharp glass shards, Junya knew this type of attack, Junya tried to jump in the air, The heat wave traveled faster than the human eye, pushing her back down slightly, reaching her legs, feeling the intense heat "Oh gad that's hot" as the wave traveled at greater speeds than the glass, The glass began to impact on the floors and walls, melted glass sticking to the walls, and shards left death traps on the floor, The crowd cheered seeing the sight of pain. Junya was hit a couple of times, one in the stomach and a slash in the leg, but the burning sensation was increasing the pain, Smoke was forming from the glass giving out a foggy sight on the ground, The crowds sight was getting blurry from the steam, " AArrgghhh, ahh" junya was gasping for air also dealing with the pain, pulling out the shards, she wasn't done yet, As the steam also effected Clovers sight, this was a perfect position to throw something, reaching out for another blade, Junya through another blade towards Clover, not sure of her accuracy from the pain and dulled sight, "AHH YOU WENCH!, I'LL KILL YOU" the traveled path of the knife cleared the steam around clover seeing a bleeding leg other slashed but not stabbed, her skin was hard it was only a little damage, but the path of the knife also made a sight for them to see each other.

Gears started to turn, they were loud,Junya tookcation and jumped out of Clovers sight before another could happen, A blade was fired from Clover. shot at the ground were Junya was standing before, Alchemy symbols began to form around the blade, like a barrier then suddenly exploded a second from impact, breaking the pieces of glass into a wave of dust, raising up to the crowd, they began to cough from the glass dust and cry from it getting in their eyes, It is their fault for sitting too close.

Junya was already at a safe distance so she didn't get hit, now using the thick steam and smoke as her advantage, her cover from death, She had enough chance to pull out another glass shard, grunting in pain while she did it, Clover discovered her spot again "THERE YOU ARE", from the sight of the crowd, another slash of glass and heat was sent to the side hitting the wall and floors, clearing the steam away for a second but gaining more until there sight was covered again from the intense smoke.

Junya was smart enough to move right away after she removed the piece, but weaken and slow, she took another hit to the foot "Dam b***h" she whispered to herself.
Clover took her sword and spun in a three sixty degree, slashing out thousands and thousands of glass shards all around the arena, hearing the sound of glass being crushed rapidly, Junya took caution again, curled up in a ball and stayed as low as possible, because she couldn't jump from the attack, she had to block it with her leather and metal armor which was good enough, but if added heat it was painful.

The crowd took caution too, as the front and middle rows were a bit too dangerous, The back rows was being filled up and packed, while the first rows were empty, about two hundred people were sent to clerics for healing from the glass dust in there lungs and the heat burning their eyes, The guards were planning to stop the fight, but not yet.

" Oh come on baby, I don't bite why don't you come out and play, hehehehehe", Junya had no other choice but the go close combat, Long range was too dangerous, in close range she had a better chance.

Taking out her whip, Junya charged towards the middle where Clover stood, clashing on a few shards of glass on the floor, giving away her position and injuring her feet, She took a quick slash towards her, making a massive loud whipping sound, powerful and strong it cleared a visual sight of the arena, The whip clearing the air, making the crowds see the fight, lashing towards Clover, The girl didn't bother to move, The whip was massive good for soft tissue, not hard steel skin, " hehehehe.." only making a impact sound she was immune to the whip, Junya learned her battle "Maybe if you weren't so hard headed, this would be fun" Whipping towards wrapping around her neck , Junya pulled Clover forward, grunting in pain from her wounds, Clover was in panic, She started to rapid fire her explosive knifes from her shoulder, hitting all walls, shattering the glass pieces into dust, the Arena was filled with glass dust effecting the crowd, the middle row was experiencing the heat waves and dust, Clover began to close her eyes cause there was so much dust.

Junya was too distracted from the loud noises and debris falling, Clover unleahsed herself from the leash quickly, "STOP THE FIGHT, IT'S GETTING OUT OF HAND" The guards began to clear out the crowd, watching the crowd getting out of the arena due to the massive heat and dust storm, it was hard to breath and concentrate.

Clover was free and she wasn't done, hearing Junya trying to breath in front of her, gasping for air, but only getting dust her in lungs and eyes, coughing blood and crying out blood, A loud high pitch sound was heard from Clovers right armored arm, Soul energy filling it revealing a massive bright glow from her arm, She swung a fist towards Junya's injured stomach, Junya was too distracted trying to breath that she got hit, Clovers hit entered Junya's wound and penetrated even more, pushing her back all the way to the wall, from the super strengthen punch, What remains of the crowd cheered out, still a lot remained on the back rows.
Hehehe, It was fun fighting you, *cough cough* hope you can't have any babies"

guards couldn't stop the fight in time, and saw hundreds of people in the clerics station getting healed from the fight they weren't in "WE GIVE YOU OUR WINNER, CLOOOOVVVEEEERRRRRRR The spokes man screamed out loud.
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ROUND 7, Dale's fury
Dale walked into the arena with only one question in mind: is this my father's killer. He felt rage swell inside him. He kept from exploding, convincing himself he could use the rage to his advantage.
He saw his opponent standing there, looking a coward.
"look, if you want to quit, that's fine with me," Dale said, "From what I heard, you have great potential, it would be a waste to kill you.

"No, I won't," Koijiro said flatly. Dale could tell he was surprised.
"Alright then, have it your way."

Dale began with a simple sword strike. Koijiro nimbly dodged it."Okay," Dale said,"let's try this." Dale let his rage flow into his blade, a fire whip spell. he extended the whip a good bit of the distance between him and his opponent.
Koijiro knew he would not get hit, so he summoned a huge mass of ice and broke-. At that exact moment, Dale launched a fireball at his stomach. It hit him square on and left a burn mark. Koijiro knew now that Dale wasn't wasting any time. while he was recovering, The fire whip extended the whole way. He got the wind knocked out of him, and was not prepared for Dale's next attack, which was a tail swipe to the head. Dale paused for a moment, waiting for his opponent to strike.

Koijiro complied. He resumed his ice attack breaking it into needles. He launched them at Dale, who did not expect such a fierce attack. he took it, bleeding from most of his body.

Now Dale was furious. He summoned 4 fire men, and then spread two wings sprouting from his back. he flew to the air and started charging a fire meteor. While he did this, Koijiro was occupied with the fire men. He held two large claymores, slashing and blocking with them. Dale finished the meteor, and now he threw it with an ear splitting roar. The inferno engulfed Koijiro as he put up a last wall of ice.

Dale had won. Koijiro was now icy ashes. dale came back down, retracting his wings as he did. The crowd cheered, but Dale didn't feel like a victor. He felt He had lost a friend. And maybe if they hadn't fought, they could have been friends. He wwalked away, lost in thought.....

[[Sorry, s**t week of s**t. Hope this isn't too late. If it is then. . . oh well.]]

From his perch atop one of the higher arches that made up the outside wall of the anciently styled (though newly renovated) arena, Lee had spent the day leaning against a scantily clad, busty female statue as he watched the other fighters in the sands below. He'd seen enough strange things in his last few years to not be phased by what he saw despite coming from a world where most people didn't believe in magic or demons, not even monsters. He didn't believe. He knew. So seeing demons and mages duke it out in some twisted battle royale held by old gods in a place with no sky wasn't as surprising as it should have been.

It was still interesting though. Lee couldn't help but wonder just how much he could sell one of those floating glowy globes for back home let alone how everyone else had gotten here. He knew his own story. His almighty b*****d of a boss had handed him a strange invitation and told him to . . . well, to do what he does best. That didn't explain how the rest of them had come here, or why. Not that he cared. Lee was here to do a job and that's exactly what he was going to do. That he also got to participate in some good old fashioned bloody violence was just a perk of his occupation.

When Lee finally heard his own name called to add his blood to the rest that already stained the Colosseum sands, all he could do was smile before popping a bubble with his gum then jumping down to answer the call.


The crowd was still cheering from the previous battle as the last fight of the first round was finally called and the two contenders walked onto the sands: the gangly blonde with an irate tension in his shoulders as he gave the area a calculative look against the gangly brunette that strolled nonchalantly out popping a bubble with his gum, headphones dangling around his neck, bored expression on his face. The crowd didn't care what they looked like though, so long as they gave a good show. Bloodthirsty bunch they were. But the cheers trailed off slowly when the fighters just sort of stood there. Neither was willing to make the first move. The powers that be had paired two defensive fighters against each other so this is what they got - a staring contest.

At least for a while. Lee didn't let the silence drag on for too long before he took a few steps to the side and started in with the taunting. "What's amatta little boy, not expectin' ta face a real man?"

Artemis wasn't sure what to make of the insult. Lee didn't honestly look much more manly than himself but he could recognize a taunt when he heard one and knew the tactic well so just mirrored the man's movements, taking a few steps to the other side as he quipped back, "No. Wasn't expecting to face a gangly little girl."

The insult didn't get quite the response Artemis had hoped for though. Rather than offense or anger, Lee just laughed - a malignant though earnest sound as he shook his head and continued their side stepping circle. "Oh, kid. . . need ta work on yer concept a 'girl' fore you get old enough ta taste one."

"Have a girl," Artemis replied sharply but smiled, brushing it off, "Though I suppose I can forgive you that one, seeing how you're too ugly for any to look at you."

"Pot to kettle, boy" Lee just laughed again, seeming to enjoy the exchange. "Can't imagine what sorta hag she is ta settle fer somethin' as goofy-lookin' and scrawny as you."

Artemis nearly lost his cool for the insult to his woman, let along himself but held back, knowing the b*****d was just trying to rile him as they continued their circling. It wasn't lost on Artemis how the circle was slowly closing in either but he feigned ignorance for now.

"Found a soft spot already?" Lee laughed when the boy didn't have a comment to return. "Man, that was way too easy. Couldn't ya be a little more interestin' than that. I mean I didn't even get to the yo mamma jokes." Lee only half complained as he continued their slow circling around the ring.

"You should have started with those," Artemis replied, "I'm sure a wit like yours has quite the collection of rather dim ones."

Lee honestly laughed at that one, "Ouch, kid. . . I see what you did there. Smart one are ya? Well, guess ya gotta have somthin ta make up fer that mug a yers. Whole lota good them brains gonna do ya in here though." As he talked the circle closed tighter then Lee took a different step, the angle forward, not to the side. Artemis noticed the change so was ready when Lee suddenly lunged on his next step. It was a sloppy punch at best and Artemis was easily able to counter it with an effective grapple that flipped Lee on his back, over Artemis's shoulder. Properly trained, Artemis didn't leave it at that. He finished the move by dropping to a knee in a move that put his shin across Lee's throat. Just a little more pressure would crush the man's trachea but he held back to get in the last word.

"Disappointing," Artemis sneered at the quickness of the fight but Lee was grinning like a cat. The smile gave Artemis pause and just as he was about to ask what caused it the boy got his answer. Lee clapped a hand on Artemis's shoulder and let loose a massive jolt - sending him jerking into convulsions. Turns out the whole time they'd been throwing insults, Lee had been charging his glove and the pin was just what he needed to get the wiry boy in reach. Of course it shocked Lee too, they were touching after all, but the gloves provided some grounding and Lee, well, he kinda liked the feel of high voltage running through his veins.

Lee didn't follow up with another attack though. Instead he just pushed Artemis off and scrambled away with a derisive laugh. Truth was that jolt took a lot out of him and Lee was already a bit winded. But he was far from done. So Lee took advantage of Artemis's incapacitation to catch his breath and taunt a little more. The b*****d popped another bubble with his gum and walked up to stand over the boy as he laughed, "Can't take a little jolt?"

Artemis growled a comeback then rolled away to flip himself up to his feet, twitching slightly but not down yet. Lee grinned, dancing back with another taunt as Artemis waited for him to attack first. After another few danced circles and traded insults, Lee obliged with another sloppy jab that Artemis easily countered again, this time with a block and went for the pressure points to incapacitate Lee as he also used his magic cancellation ability to negate the magic he assumed produced Lee's electricity. Artemis was wrong about that though and got another jolt for the mistake, not as strong as before but enough to send him stumbling back. Lee stumbled away as well, rubbing the jabbed spots which had been fortunately covered by his vest so shook it off with a laugh and another taunt.

Artemis returned the taunt and it began to seem as though the two were just going to insult each other (something the crowd began to complain of) but Artemis had another trick up his sleeve. As the two exchanged off color remarks, Artemis was working loose the stone spear from one of the many statues that decorated the Colosseum's walls. It came off with a snap after a few psychic tugs and Artemis wasted no time in throwing it at Lee.

That first swing smacked Lee broadside and had it been with the pointy end the match probably would have been over there. But the b*****d had a fool's luck and so the blow only toppled him into a tumbling roll from which he was able to spring up quickly. Just in time too as Artemis had swung the spear around and was making a jab at him with the proper part, also known as the sharp one. Lee however specialized in two things: being an insufferable a** and surviving fights caused by being an insufferable a**. The relevant skill at the moment is the later though the former does come into play.

Lee not only dodged the spear, he made a spectacle of doing so. As Artemis flung the weapon about, stabbing and slashing at where the b*****d had moments before been, Lee ran about the arena doing flips, jumps, running up walls, and generally showing off. At least until Artemis pulled a second weapon from the wall and managed a good hit on the flighty p***k. Lee tumbled with a grunt, clutching the bloody shaft of the stone sword in his shoulder as Artemis closed in for another round of hand to hand. Having just taken a hit Lee didn't have a charge built up so had to rely on actual fighting skills.

Artemis was primarily a close range martial artist so he had Lee just where he wanted him but the jerk took his hits with taunting laughter, as if he enjoyed the beating. This unsettled Artemis a bit, as it was so absolutely contrary to his own safety first methods. Lee didn't seem to give a fine ******** about his own safety, taking each punch, jab, slam, strike, and kick with a manic smile and offering only the barest attempts to strike back or even really block. Just enough to keep Artemis going and the Judges from calling the fight. Artemis recognized the tactic just before it was too late. Lee was trying to outlast him. That meant the man was likely an endurance brawler. He certainly wasn't a disciplined fighter but he could dodge and block and take a hit with the best of them.

Artemis backed off with a pant at the realization. "Trying to wear me out," he accused.

Lee just flashed a bloody grin and shrugged, "Took a few lessons from the greats, man. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, all that jazz."

"Haven't done much stinging," Artemis grumbled back.

"Oh," Lee drawled, "Ready fer me ta bring out tha stinger then?"

Artemis's eyes narrowed dangerously and he sneered, "As if you even have one."

Lee just grinned wide as he pulled his combat knife, bounced a moment, then lunged at Artemis with a cawing laugh. Artemis countered the first strike but Lee evaded the follow up hit and came right back in for another. The two seemed to dance a while, striking and blocking, countering, attacking, trading the knife off between them as one disarmed the other only to be disarmed themselves later. They both took several hits, both were cut by the traded blade, both wearing down.

Knowing he couldn't hold out much longer, Artemis was forced to step up his game. He used his telekinesis to fling Lee back then dropped to a knee himself to give the ground a forceful punch that sent a shock wave through the sands and would have thrown a less agile opponent off their footing. As it was Lee managed to keep his balance and laugh despite both the throw and the minor earth quake. But Artemis wasn't done. The very sands began to swirl dangerously and that gave Lee pause. Well s**t. . . may have pushed the kid a little too far.

The swirling sand stirred a howling wind and Lee knew it was time to stop playing. He pulled his knife, which he'd had the luck of coming out of their dance still in possession of, then made a tumbling roll to the side and on coming up from it flung the knife at Artemis. Of course the boy's telekinesis caught it but Lee didn't stop with just the knife. In almost the same motion as he threw the blade his other hand drew his sidearm and just a split second later added a pair of bullets to the list of things Artemis's mind powers needed to take care of. The boy managed to stop the first bullet but the second one was just too much.

Artemis's head jerked back and the whirlwind, knife, and first bullet all dropped as Lee smiled then stood up calmly. "Always bring a gun to a knife fight," he half laughed holding up the gun's barrel to blow on it for a hollow whistle before spinning the weapon on a finger and returning it to the waistband of his jeans.
"That's it folks! Round One has officially finished!"

The announcer jumped on to his podium with the biggest grin on his face. "Ladies and gentlemen, the judges have made their decision, and here are the winners!"

Round One: Fight Six
Junya Thornborne (Divine-Beauti's): Arriving from the rolling hills of Farfar is Junya Thornborne. Her hobbies include cooking, asking unnecessary questions, and throwing daggers! Please keep an eye out for daggers randomly placed around the Colosseum grounds she has asked the audience members to refrain from touching them. Ladies and Gents, not to be confused with the Thornberry’s, I give you Juuunnyyyaaa Thornborne!!

Round One: Fight Seven
Kojiro Izayoi (FalconBlade7591): And now stepping into the ring is the Half-pint fighter that Winter left behind!

Round One: Fight Eight
Artemis Nove (MidnightFyre): A quiet traveller with an unknown, dark past and a walking contradictory, people of Gaia, be amazed at the sight of the one who makes you look like a foo! Please give a great round of applause to the Golden Boy of the Century, Artemis Nova!!

"Come on and give them a hand everyone! They delivered us some great fights!" A huge roar came from the crowd as they screamed their appreciation of the battles.

And here comes Round Two!

Round Two: Fight One

Kojiro Izayoi (FalconBlade7591): And now stepping into the ring is the Half-pint fighter that Winter left behind!

Takamura Kobayashi (Takamura Kobayashi): From realms unknown, he has traveled through time and space to be with us tonight. IT'S TAKI!!!!!

But wait! There's more!

"It is my pleasure to tell you that we have officially started up the Redemption Rounds! Lost in the first round of the fights? That's alright - you've been given another chance to climb back to the top. And here are the first two to fight in these particular rounds!"

Redemption Round: Fight One
Hikaru (terminallyCapricious_TC): Know body knows who he is, and no ones lived to tell us, heres Hikaru! the unknown assassin of the east!

Dale Feery (starwarsbaby): He's 15 and ready to roll withe the, uh, magic? he doesn't really punch, so, um, okay, I guess we have here Daaaaaaaaalllle Feeeeeeeryyy.

With a huge smile on his face, he waved to the crowd and ended his speech with a simple, "Thanks for listening, and please continue to enjoy the tournament!"
Hey guys, you're running out of time to submit your fights for round two. If you don't get it in then you'll be disqualified so hurry it up!

Round Two!

Round Two: Fight One

Kojiro Izayoi (FalconBlade7591): And now stepping into the ring is the Half-pint fighter that Winter left behind!

Takamura Kobayashi
Takamura Kobayashi (Takamura Kobayashi): From realms unknown, he has traveled through time and space to be with us tonight. IT'S TAKI!!!!!

Redemption Round: Fight One
Hikaru (terminallyCapricious_TC): Know body knows who he is, and no ones lived to tell us, heres Hikaru! the unknown assassin of the east!

Dale Feery (starwarsbaby): He's 15 and ready to roll withe the, uh, magic? he doesn't really punch, so, um, okay, I guess we have here Daaaaaaaaalllle Feeeeeeeryyy.

The rest of the fights for round two should be announced soon so keep an eye out.
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You Will Never Be A Man

((Sorry about that))

Takamura stood at the edge of the arena staring at his opponent. The kid was pint sized, small even by his standards. It almost wasn't worth fighting. Takamura had some serious issues with this.

"I don't wanna hurt you." the small voice from across the arena uttered before taking a long sniff and wiping his nose. Takamura just stood there. "So don't, step out of the arena and it's over." Takamura said, unsure of how to approach his newest opponent He didn't even bother drawing his daggers. "Whenever you're ready." Takamura uttered as his watched the boy.

After a few more minutes Takamura sighed. "I guess we better get started." he said before charging at the small boy Takamura charged his fists with magical energy, he refused to take on the kid with his full power. It was with great reluctance that Takamrua made contact.

Kojiro's eyes watered as he began to sob. "You hit me!" he shouted as tears fell down his face. closing his eyes he began swinging, not caring what he hit, even though he didn't want to hurt anybody. "Don't make me hurt you!" he shouted, his eyes still shut tight as tears continued to stream down his face.

Takamura ducked, dodged and retreated as his opponent advanced, it was just a little kid, there was nothing he could really do. He blocked what he couldn't dodge, using his magic to lessen the blows. The two of them neared the edge of the ring, it was now or never.

Kojiro summoned a pair of ice daggers, angry that he couldn't hit anything. Thrusting with one dagger Takamura dodged to the side and gripped the boys wrist with one hand before grabbing his waistband and hefting hip off the ground and tossing him out of the ring. "It's for your own good." Takamura said before dusting his hands off and placing them in his pockets.
Unless You Are A Gentleman
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Kojiro stepped in after the announcement was made, he was sure to keep his mouth shut this time. they once again called him without his name...but there was no helping it. It was probably not written anyway. In any case it did not matter, he barely managed to drag himself to the second round. He could have been killed and he still had no clue what he was fighting for, all the other fighters have some idea of what their goal was. Though, they did give him a cupcake for his troubles after they finished tending to his injuries. Come to think of it, it was actually pretty good, it was not too sweet, it had to have been homemade, the frosting was rich and not too sugary! Not to mention-


Kojiro snapped out of his daze as he once again faced an irritated crowd...He once again delayed the fight. He was not even late this time! Kojiro trembled at the merciless roar of the angry crowd...Did they really want to see him get tossed around that bad?! He could not keep his bearing much longer, he sniffled and choked as he tried to apologize. "P-please be nice..." he begged to the unrelenting booing.


Takamura stood patiently as he witnessed the rather pitiful sight event unfold, he remained patient as the boy absentmindedly ignored him and addressed the crowd. "This...kid is my opponent?...he is a child. That last fight was either a fluke...or there is something more to the brat...." He watched the boy as he trembled at the jeering crowd, he was beginning to suspect it was a fluke, If anything, his last opponent was a no show.

Kojiro heard the voice and turned to face his next opponent.He tried to stop shaking as he shrugged off the history almost flawlessly repeating itself. He stared at the tattoos covering his features, scars that spoke volumes of what he has gone through...and how much combat has worn him into the fighter that stood before him. This opponent was no child like the previous...Kojiro's confidence sank as reality set in.

"If you are just going to stand there dumbstruck....Get out. Otherwise...carry yourself like a competitor...I have no time for babysitting...and if You are going to be in this arena...I am going to deal with you like any other opponent...Submit...or prepare to fight."

Kojiro's hands shook as he got into a stance, he did not understand why he was so hesitant...He saw with his own eyes and first hand! These combatants were out for blood! He needed to keep his composure or this fight was as good as over.

"...Just as I thought...a fluke...I knew that there was no-" He pasued as he realized Kojiro had now gotten into a stance,"...Fine then....You have made your choice...come to terms with your foolish gesture." He growled as he fell silent. He analyzed the boy for a moment... he was riddled with blind spots, weaknesses and openings...

Kojiro did not waste any time this round in getting up to speed. Kojiro shot forward as he placed his hands into an offensive position, he crouched and leaped into the air, Takamura changed his posture and opened his palms, In the next moment the world spun as Kojiro felt a tightening feeling on his arm, it twisted and jerked as his attack was grabbed and he was slammed into the ground. Takamura quickly switched his grip and reached for Kojiro's neck from behind, gracefully pulling him up in a rear choke..the boy was light so this took little effort....His intent was to submit him, clean and with no pointless exertion.

Kojiro's vision was fading as he clawed at Takamura's arm, no words could escape the panicking boy's throat, but he refused to submit. Just before he slipped into unconsciousness, Kojrio pressed his hands against Takamura's arm, his hands dropping in temperature. Before any frostbite could result from the ice cold grip, Takamura grimaced and let go of Kojiro, dropping the boy to the ground. He glared coldly as he calmly reassessed his opponent,"...That was...magic...that can only man he did not get here on accident..Playtime is over...I'm going to end this before he can surprise me again...." he concluded.

Kojiro coughed and gagged as he once again regained his stance, Takamura was rushing towards him, the boy struggled to recover from the attack, but his body responded as his eyes caught a glint of light. For a split second, the audience fell silent, the air became frigid, and both competitors had changed their tactics...This fight went from a slow mundane pace...to a deadly game of chess. Takamura's daggers were unsheathed and slashed towards the back of Kojiro's neck, and his curved ornate daggers came into contact with two of Kojiro's own, frozen, straight crystal like ones, Kojiro held them crossed over each other as they blocked the first attack.

Takamura jumped back as Kojiro also got distance. Both now wielding weapons, things escalated quickly. Kojiro knew he had to keep moving, one wrong move and he could be done. Takamura had already began an attack. Kojiro scanned his approaching contender as he focused on his movements...exactly what Taki wanted. Takamura created an afterimage as he moved. Kojiro grimaced and prepared himself, he saw the afterimage and needed to figure out which was which...since it was an afterimage just messing with him, it had to be the initial strike that was real. Kojiro crouched and blocked with one knife and aimed for his blind sp-

Wrong one.

Kojiro yelped as Takamura drew blood, slashing open Kojiro's shoulder. Takamura quickly turned to follow with another attack. Injured but still standing, at least Kojiro knew the real one now! He turned and prepared to counter-

Wrong again.

Like lightning, Takamura rapidly trust his blade towards Kojiro's chest, narrowly missing vitals and injuring him again, this time Takamura struck after after the afterimage this time...this wasn't speed...these were illusions. Kojiro needed to make space quickly, but Takamura was using Kojiro's bewilderment to his advantage, slashing across Korjiro's arm this time. Kojiro's eyes flashed a light blue as he slammed his blades into the ground, creating large ice spires that appeared randomly with no pattern he needed to get Takamura away. Takamura backed off for a second dodging all of the wild ice tearing away at the ground, it didn't matter...he was already creating another trap. Several copies of Takamura appeared around Kojiro. Unnerved, Kojiro did not know what to expect. The first Takamura came towards him at high speeds. Bracing for an impact A large shield of ice rose up to block, only to stand there idly with no marks, it repelled a fake, seeing the other one heading towards him he created another shield at his blind spot. He once again blocked a fake, the next one had to be real. He created a strong frozen barrier to once again protect himself. It was another image as it vanished before it closed in on Kojiro.

"Got you."

Kojiro felt a chill as he realized his mistake...he played right into Takamura's plan, he was waiting a short distance away as Kojiro surrounded himself in ice...unknowingly trapping himself. Kojiro had no time to create another shield as he had cornered himself, he created two more knives in a desperate attempt to protect himself.

Takamura closed in on Kojiro and began unleashing a barrage of kicks, some were blocked, and connected, battering Kojiro like a training dummy. Ice sprinkled over him and Takamura as he each blow would slam Kojiro against the cage he created. The crowd roared as each blow landed, this fight had to have been as good as over. Kojiro's body could not take much more punishment, his vision faded in and out as the hits continued coming. he heard a voice between the blows,"...Submit and it will all end..you can walk out of here alive...or you can continue your childish notion of determination...and stay standing....gambling your life as you continue to play your game of pretend...."

"I'm not done yet..." the boy mumbled. Kojiro had one more Idea...perhaps he could create his own distraction.

Takamura narrowed his eyes,"..Have it your way..." He said with a cold stare. Before he could deal the finishing blow, he noticed Kojiro's hands glowing, he jumped back, The ice surrounding them collapsed, and like some unseen gravitational pull compacted it around them, the attack missed Takamura and only took Kojiro down. The now compressed ice was still for a second, then, at the blink of an eye, it shattered, sending fragments screaming through the air. Takamura covered himself in his coat as it caught some of the ice, and some hit him, drawing a little blood sue to the lack of defense. Kojiro was kneeling on the ground at this point. His hands still glowing brightly. Takamura noticed another spire explode near him, he dove out of the way and dodged the fragments this time. Kojiro was acting like a cornered animal, firing shrapnel wildly in an attempt to escape. In the midst of the crossfire, Kojiro once again closed in on Takamura. Their blades clashed as they once again crossed daggers in close combat. Kojiro slashed downward as Takamura blocked, returning with a quick horizontal and vertical slash, Kojiro dodged the first slash around parried the next one. The Boy sprung into the air and unleashed a barrage of frozen knives downward towards Takamura, who dove out of the way and jumped up towards the falling boy, rearing back and unleashing a powerful crescent slash with one blade. Kojiro blocked it, however the force shattered the knife and sent Kojito hurtling into the air. Takamura had enough, as he closed in to follow up his attack, a large frozen hand swat him out of the way. Sending him tumbling across the arena. The entire duration of that pressure Kojiro dealt was to create another ally. The Ice Golem's body echoed with the resonating sounds of ice grinding against itself, resembling a low groan. Takamura wiped a small amount of blood from hi forehead,"...There is no way that boy can still muster that much in his condition..." he thought to himself. Takamura watched the Golem's movements and noticed they were clumsy...Kojiro was struggling. His face did not show it...but his and the golem's movement did. It was an act of desperation...and Takamura knew it.

In a flash, multiple copies of Takamura reappeared around both Kojiro and the golem. They were dashing in multiple directions as Kojiro began firing knives towards all of them, missing every shot. The Golem was failing as well as it would be moving with heavy strikes. Takamura targetd Kojiro, closing in on him along with another copy. the first vanished and he made his move, slashing at Kojiro's throat. The boy tumbled back and was slashed across the forearm.Kojiro made a note of the one that connected, firing another quick knife..only to completely pass....the illusion? In reality Takamura was teleporting, swapping spots with illusions...he conveyed the idea that his illusions were able to hit Kojiro now...the opponent's confusion was his weapon. Kojiro backed up and began firing wildly at the copies now, exhausting himself. Takamura moved to deal with the Golem, as he closed in he intended to shatter the familiar from the inside out. He reared back with as he began slashing away at the clumsy nuisance. An arm fell away as the golem fell back, as Takamura continued, ice shot up ad wrapped his hands, quickly taking the chance to crawl around and hold him down. Takamura strained himself to look back and see Kojiro holding a large polearm in his hand, it looked like the beginnings of a lance, but his hands shook, he was still afraid to deal a killing blow, it slowly formed into a hammer as he reared back and slammed into the trapped Takamura. Ice wend flying everywhere as the part of the hammer fell around him and the remains of the golem lay still. Takamura got to his feet, stumbling for a moment. Kojiro was on his hands and knees slowly laying down, he had exhausted himself, unable to move. Takamura was surprised to find himself gripping his blades tightly,"...I will commend you...but your ability is recklessly maintained...there is no changing it...you were going to lose regardle-"

Kojiro's hand tightened as he finally unleashed his trap. He was not laying down because he was tired....he was unable to create any more ice, so staying low was his only option. The spires..several knives laying from being tossed around, and the remains of the golem. Everything was made to use at this moment. The spires and golem rumbled, and the knives rigidly shot up and fired in every direction. And in a thunderous explosion, ice screamed violently in everywhere like shrapnel.

Kojiro lifted his head, his body was cut up slightly and riddled with small shards of ice. Takamura was on the ground, bleeding badly from the several impacts, he was flat on his back as he look up calmly at the sky,"...Hmph....How reckless...." he groaned, blacking out. Kojiro struggled to get to his feet. The match was over and he was the victor. The arena roared in cheers and shouting. One of the staff came to help Kojiro off the Arena...it was almost time for the next match...he had already held up his own fight...no need to slow another.
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Newbie Gaian

Writing Sample:
Volumina reached fo her hood hesitantly, but eventually brought it down around her neck as she pushed open the old wooden door of the Inn. While walking into the entryway of the Inn, she paused to read a poster of two plastered on the walls of the building, after confirming where she was was the correct place, she breathed a breath of relief. Suddenly, a group of applicants barged into the Inn behind her, shoving past as they went, to get a better spot in the line up. Wounded only in her confidence, Volumina opened a leather scroll holder from around her waist, beside the daggers she owned, and slide it out.

At the end of the room was a wide wooden desk, mostly hidden by the crowd applying. Sitting behind it, receiving the people, was a man. Probably the one I'm here to see, thought Volumina nervously. She followed the pair getting in the long line and clutched the scroll, her application, shakily behind her back, dampening it with the sweat of her hands as she did so. Before she knew it, the line had shortened tremendously and she was face to face with the man seated in front of her. He casually folded and organized papers, and after a few seconds, looked up to receive her application. Volumina thrust the wrinked paper in front of him and nodded. Without another word, she spun away from him and covered her face with the cloak as she wandered out of the Inn and into the grubby streets.

Character Name: Volumina Wishronel
Gaia Username: Vacantclouds
How often can you check/post to the event? Every two days
Looks: Volumina has long, curly, think black hair that she often ties back and tucks under her hooded cloak. Her skin is tanned and freckled and her eyes are dark green. Although her robes are tattered and stained, her weapons are fine, and polished always. Volumina has a small scar above the right side of her lip and has downslanted eyes and a round, full shaped face. She weighs 123 pounds and is very tall for a 27 year old at 5'8.
Personality: Volumina is an introvert of neutral allegiance and will never instigate a fight unless it directly benefits herself. She is a naturally anxious person in social situations, but is never modest.
Fighter Introduction: Do not underestimate this cloaked figure, she may be a girl, but she is no lady! Now entering the ring, please welcome the small but fearsome... Miss Wishronel!
Describe your fighting style: Volumina avoids using weapons in fighting, and depends mainly on her speed and working knowlege of weak points in the human body while fighting.
Describe your weapons: During the rare times when Volumina is using weapons, she arms herself with an old silver dagger she inherited.

Scale of 0-20 with < 5 being dysfunctional and 20 being incredibly adept. The average is between 10 and 13. See Stats section below for more information. You have 75 points to put into the following:
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 8
Scale of 0-5 with 0 being completely inexperienced and 5 being complete mastery. You have 30 points to put into the following:
Armor: 0
Armed Combat:
dagger: 5
bow and arrow:4
Unarmed Combat:

Magic: 0
And Now For The Rest of Round Two

The announcer jerked awake after having fallen asleep briefly and jumped back up to his place to shout out to the crowd. "Sorry for the delay folks. The Judges have now decided the winner of the first fight of Round two and are ready to present the rest!"

Round Two: Fight One
The winner is. . .

Kojiro Izayoi (FalconBlade7591): And now stepping into the ring is the Half-pint fighter that Winter left behind!

Round Two: Fight Two
This will be a special Cage Fight! Because our Judges want to be extra creative it will also be in Zero Gravity. Have fun with that ladies.

b]Junya Thornborne (Divine-Beauti's): Arriving from the rolling hills of Farfar is Junya Thornborne. Her hobbies include cooking, asking unnecessary questions, and throwing daggers! Please keep an eye out for daggers randomly placed around the Colosseum grounds she has asked the audience members to refrain from touching them. Ladies and Gents, not to be confused with the Thornberry’s, I give you Juuunnyyyaaa Thornborne!!


Bonnie Valentine (OriginalSooshi): Watch out for the hunter with the vicious attitude - if you get on her bad side, get ready to meet your maker. Say hello to BONNIE VALENTINE!

Round Two: Fight Three
For this fight the Judges wish to transform the arena into a forest - so it shall be done.

Djorvic R. Gregor (NlETZSCHE): Here we have the man with the plan! Our brave hero! Taking a break from power leveling, and here to bring the strategy, Djorvic R. Gregor!!!


Artemis Nove(MidnightFyre): A quiet traveller with an unknown, dark past and a walking contradictory, people of Gaia, be amazed at the sight of the one who makes you look like a foo! Please give a great round of applause to the Golden Boy of the Century, Artemis Nova!!

Round Two: Fight Four
For this fight the judges will be taking away the fighters' magic. Because it amuses them.

Prince Loppiesille Pansyloons(sixii): Who says royalty can't pack a punch? Coming all the way from the frosted Appalachians of Candy Land, please welcome - oh, dear. Er. Ahem. Please welcome Prince Loppiesille Pa... Pansyloons de Poppykins XIV!


John Thunder (Venom3001): JOHN THUNDER, the Wizard Wonder arrives to THUNDEROUS applause! This match should be ENLIGHTENING!"

But wait! There's more!

The first fight of the Redemption rounds didn't make but we've got more coming.

Redemption: Fight Two
Willam McFadden (SiberDrac): Willam McFadden hales from... well, that section's blank... ~ahem~ Willam McFadden, the wandering nomad pokémon trainer enters the ring today for a chance to win... money. He's not after fame or a name, ladies and gentlemen, just the money. Having abandoned his home after a nuclear apocalypse, he's just trying to stay alive! So... here he is! Willammmmmmmm McFadden!


Kel-Zied(KillerWarrior13): He may not look like much, but rumor has it he can shoot the wart off a witch's nose a mile away! Give it up for Gunslinger and Witch Wart Remover.. Old Man KEL-ZIED!

Redemption: Fight Three
Angelic Arisa
Pheobe Hunter (Angelic Arisa): Looking down on her isn't good because she can break your body in two, introducing...Pheobe Hunter!


Natasha _x-X-x_ Exotica
Vyra (Natasha _x-X-x_ Exotica): People of the audience, Allow me to introduce a fighter who is out of this world! She's lean, she's mean, she's an all out battle machine! You better go big or go home with this do or die harbinger of death and destruction! Standing at six-foot-two and weighing in at nearly four-hundred pounds. Today's stone cold contender, Vyra!!

Redemption: Fight Four
Clover (SCP-0): Coming from Hell's Gates, Age 19, Beautiful young Clover!, The Cutest weapon of pure destruction at your door step, Ladies and gentlemen you might want to sit at the back for your own safety!


Lee Wilkes (bungoosekey): Here he is. At 6 foot 2 inches and 185 pounds. The human punching bag, Lee Wilkes!
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8,000 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Bunny Spotter 50
-◄Pre-Battle Scene►-

Kel-Zied was still recovering from his last fight. Despite the healers having done all they could to heal his body, it was his pride that needed mending. As he traversed through the barracks, it was rather apparent that these fights would be even more brutal seeing the damage done from round one. He noticed a boy bearing a grim look on his face as he recovered his strange creatures kept within horribly small balls. Though Zied could sense a bond between the child and his pets.
"You know.. I once had a pet wolf, boy. I named him "Razors" and he I fed him the limbs of my war victims. Humans are broken, pets are reliable. I could never bring myself to kill a creature of loyalty. I can see that you mourn the "death" of your own, though May Apollo see your pain and return their souls from the Underworld..."
"Woah... dude." William interrupted, "You know they aren't really dead, right? And they're pokémon, not really pets. You see, I got these badges that allow me to be able to control them at higher levels, though Ash is also a trainer and he's got like Every badge ever made, though somehow his Charizard still won't listen to him.... So I wonder if this whole Badge thing even works. But then again... they say it does... and it's their job... sooo I guess it works."

William used Gibberish!
It was Super Effective!
Kel-Zied is confused!

It was then, that the announcer called out their named for the redemption round. Kel Zied Hobbled toward the arena as William gathered up his things and rushed past him. What? They're forcing me against this boy? What is with these CHILDREN entering a fighting tournament? Foolish souls they must be. He shrugged off his thoughts, and decided he must o what must be done to regain his pride, even if it means beating down a small child.

"WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEFOLK!" The Announcer rang out, "So the contestants for the first redemption fight didn't quite show, and we sincerely hope nobody hurt anyone. If anyone had been damaged, we recommend you report the assailants to your nearest guard and we might grant you a $10 giftcard to Borders!"
"Whats Borders?!" A man yelled out in the crowd
"I Think it went out of business!" Another yelled out from the other side of the arena.
"SILENCE! NOW FIGHT!" Crisis Averted. He thought as he wiped a bead of sweat away from his brow.

"I'm sorry boy, but I can't let you win. Don't think our talk earlier makes us friends."
"Please, My Pokémon can take down an old man such as yourself!"
Just as Kel-Zied stepped forward with his sword, William threw out a round object and called out, "GO! VOLTORB!" A round red and white sphere appeared onto the field. Kel-Zied ran out with his sword held high, and as he neared his hair began to stand on end. He took a quick roll to the left just as a jolt of lightning shot by him.
"You're creatures use magic? I'll have to adjust my fighting."
"I told you old man, you aint got nuthin on my pokémon!"
The arrogance of this child was beginning to get on Zied's nerves. No matter, he would make quick work of the ball. He threw his sword out, embedding it only a few feet away from the Voltorb, and started walking towards it.
"YO! You missed, now you're goona get a REAL shocker! Voltorb, Thundershock him and get this over with."
Voltorb started charging up a shock but as he let out the thunder, it all attracted to the sword. Both William and the Voltorb looked shocked. Somewhere John Thunder's ears started ringing.
"Hey, how'd you do that?!"
"You see boy, if you would have stayed in school you would have learned about attraction and conduction of electricity. My sword is made of a very conductive material, which will attract your lightning and then discharge it safely into the ground."
Just as he reached the Voltorb, he punted it into the boy's face.
"GYAH|VOLTORB|RETURN!" He called quickly as he recalled his voltorb, as to avoid damage to himself. "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get, GO AIPOM!" Unfortunately enough, instead of a purple monkey flying into the battlefield, a bag of dirt flew toward Kel-Zied. Recognizing his own tools, he realized that when William rushed past him earlier he nabbed the dirt out of his coat.
"Now now," He started as he caught the dirt, "Stealing is a crime. I am a warrior capable of many things, and I've never once had to resort to such foul play." It was an all out lie. He stole all the time. He'd do it again too if it suited him, but that's not the point. At least the boy might get to grow up being... well, better. It was the moral that counted.
"Psh.. I didn't need it anyway..." He mumbled. "Go Aipom."
This time, he managed to pull the right one, and a monkey flew out toward Kel-Zied. He brought up a pistol in his left hand and blocked the initial flurry of tail-slaps. The ape creature than began circling around him, swiping at his head, arms, and legs, hoping to either knock him out, disarm him, or make him stumble. Surprisingly he stood his ground and planted his sword back in the ground. The Aipom was behind him, and jumped into the air, doing a backflip. It aimed an attack directly for Zied's face again, however this time he was ready. Reaching up and around his shoulder, he caught a full grasp on the Aipom's tail. A moment later, there was a purple blur flying in the air towards the arena walls. The Aipom slammed head-first into a wall, knocking it out. Wait.. no... I should make this official.

Aipom Fainted!

"NO! AIPOM! Yeesh.. I've got three left.. and Voltorb won't make much of a use if he keeps up the cheap tricks..." He pondered to him self a moment before returning Aipom. "Go, Victreebell!" The bell-flower now stood in the sand between the two of them.
"Your pets so far have been unamusing at best, I fail to see how this one.."
"Razor Leaf." William growled.
A flurry of grass blades interrupted Kel-Zied from his moot commentary. He collapsed onto one knee as he was now covered in thin papercuts.
"Damn... I underestimated you.. I'm sorry.. but the childsplay is over." He slowly rose up, a look of death in his eyes. He drew his pistols, and dashed off away from the two of them, firing one shot after another towards the Victreebell. Blades and Bullets flew through the air in a flurry of smoke and beauty. Kel Zied zig-zag'd this way and that, avoiding what he could, and reloading when able. The flurry stopped for only a moment. William had called out another command but he couldn't hear it. His heartbeat was in his ears, and the Victreebell began glowing. He pulled out his blade once more and threw it with all his strength. The blade was near making it's mark when a bolt of pure sunlight shot out. Zied dodged right, but the solar beam scorched his left side. A shreik of rage rang through the arena. The Victreebell was currently impaled through the face.

Victreebell Fainted!

Kel-Zied didn't have much more left in him. He stumbled toward William, pulling out the sack of dirt once more.
"You killed it! I thought you said you couldn't kill a creature of loyalty?! EH?"
"I'm not one... to hold my word... As well as the fact.. you're creatures aren't loyal. They look more like slaves to me." He threw the bag of dirt with his right hand, and with movement like the wind, he pulled his pistol out with the same hand and shot the dirt.

Kel-Zied used Sand Attack!

William yelled out once more, trying to wipe the filth from his eyes. Zied walked up to him and pulled the blade from the Victreebell, swinging it's broad side into the boy's head. William went crashing to the ground, and it was only moments before the dust settled revealing a knocked out teenage boy.

William McFadden Fainted!

Kel-Zied collapsed once more, his energy reserves all used up. He used his sword at an anchor in order to hold himself up. He couldn't even hear the announcer call out his name as victor. At least now he felt he'd regained his pride.

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