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Hello All!

This is my second contest in the Writing forum. I'm hoping this one will go much better.

I'm going to try doing this contest in parts. See if that carries anything.

Title: Writing Production

Genre: Whatever you feel comfortable writing in.

Fees: I've seen others, but I won't charge to join up. Donations to the prize pool will be accepted, if that's your cup of java.

Deadline: April 15
This leaves you plenty of time to write and edit.

Announcement: Winners will be posted before the 30 of April.

NEW WINNERS DATE IS MAY FIFTH, providing the drugs from surgery wear off by them. IF not I will try and get them posted sooner.

Limit: One Poem and one Story per person. This means you can enter one of each type.

If you want to write a fanfiction, all I ask is that you keep the characters true to their original story.

Most important: HAVE FUN WRITING! This whole point is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for reminding me, I completely forgot to post the prizes!

1st Place: 2000
2nd Place: 1000
3rd Place: 500

I may add extra gold to these, depending on how many people submit entires. If you want to donate to the prize pool you can, or not. It's free game.

First Donation:
iDatenshi 10,000 Thank you.
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- All submissions MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK. No plagiarizing or stealing someone else's work.

-Keep the stories PG-13 and under if you can. If not make a note before you post it. Not everyone here enjoys reading adult-style stories.

-Follow the TOS, maybe this one should have been first. You know the rules and guidelines, so I really shouldn't have to re-state this one.

-Try and use proper grammer and spelling. I for one have trouble with the text talk sometimes. I'm not really literate in the ways of those things.

-Entries must be at LEAST 1000 words, unless it's a poem. Those can be short. If it's a story however, keep the maximum at 3000. I may be working soon and don't know how much free time I'll have.
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You can post your story or poem here if you choose to. Personally speaking, I prefer posting my stuff on Deviantart and linking it here. Either way though, you will need to send it to me in a PM.

PM's should have "Writing Production" as the subject, other wise I'll delete it as spam in my Inbox.

Use this format when submitting:

[Word Count]
Add the story, either the link to DA or the body text.
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IF you use any of the following words or quotes you get extra points! (For what, I really don't know.)


- Madless

- Stargate

- Egyptian

- Slayer

- Hood

- Crusade

- Lair

- Chamber

- Torture

- Iron Tree


- "I would hate to have to seduce you."

- "I've got to go . . . . my laundry's in the oven."

- "Is he crazy, or are we serious?"

- "And then you're this."

- "If you're going to run over anything, run over my Lord."

- "You're lining is coming out."

- "What do you ahve to look under her skirt for?"

- "He was sad because I had seen him!"

Good luck, break a leg, and have fun!
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MadBlossom Torsorosy

1st: MadBlossom Torsorosy
2nd: BlueBubbegum

1st: Cyanideflavoredlove
2nd: NoSenseNonSense
3rd: BCherri28

I'll get the gold sent out soon.
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And, we're open!
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Good luck, dearest.
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The Solarised Night
Good luck, dearest.

Thank you!
This sounds really interesting! I'll try to get something done! biggrin
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MadBlossom Torsorosy

I'll add you to the entrants. wink Good luck!
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Dapper Gaian

Sounds like something that I wouldn't mind trying. Sorry if I waste your time though as I might give up and never finish the story, But I will let you know if that happends and I would like to join the contest.
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No worries. I know what's like to lose interest or give up a story.
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Dapper Gaian

[Username] BlueBubbeGum
[Title]Dancing Queen (Writing Production)
[Word Count] 980
[Genre] I don't know. It's about Dancing

Writing Production
Dancing Queen

There was this dance class in my high school that I wanted to be a part in, so I took the class and decided to give it a try. I did well, but my teacher says that I need to work on my Forte’s. I worked on them at home. I took out my laptop, turned on some music and practiced all day long. It was really hard to get it just right; I know it just needs some practice. I kept dancing, every day, until my forte’s were perfect. I really wanted to be a dancer. Not just any kind of dancer, I wanted to be a backup dancer. Someone who stands behind the famous dancers, dancing the night away, entertaining other people and hoping that they enjoy watching us dance. I really wanted to see the smiles on people’s faces as I danced. I love dancing and I love music.
The next day came and there were no one in the dance room, so I asked my teacher, what happened to everyone? She said that they were in the atrium. I went to the atrium and took a seat, where my number had been called.
I knew that there was a sense that, I wasn’t going to win, but you don’t know until you get up there and do your best. If you mess up just once, they might not accept you, so you have to work hard enough to not make mistakes. But there are chances that if your dance is better than someone else’s, and you are all they have left, you might be able to be accepted.
I wasn’t going to let someone put me down and I wasn’t going without a chance of winning. I wanted to seriously compete against these people. I wanted to be the one that won the competition along with a few others. Hopefully I will win.

Chapter #2
A few days came and I was wondering when we were going to be able to know if we won. They have given us notices by coming to the door and telling us, secretly if we win. If we wanted to be announced, they would announce it, but if we didn’t, then they wouldn’t. I however, wanted to be announced if I won. I was waiting for weeks.
“I haven’t gotten the announcement yet.” I said to my friend Tammy
“You’ll get it. I know you will.” Said Tammy
Tammy was wearing her black High school jacket with her name on the back, white t-shirt, blue jeans, she had blonde short hair put up in a ponytail with a ribbon in her hair.

“You are like, one of the best dancers I know.” Said Tammy
“Yeah right.” I replied
“You are. You got all the right moves and you are always on time. You always have a really good expression with your style.”
“Thanks. I needed that.” I started doing my homework. Tammy is my friend and we share homeroom and dance class together. She is always nice to me and she’s smart. She thinks positive about a lot of things and we always do everything together, we even share the same lunch period. She has been my best friend ever since school started. I remember the day when she asked me if we wanted to be friends, out of nowhere. And all the sudden, I was her friend.
I was surprised when she asked me, because I didn’t know anything about this school and needed someone to help me out. When you are new, people don’t talk much to you at all, they just act like you aren’t even there. I guess she felt sorry for me.
When Home room was over, I went to my locker and got out my Science book, it was the class I had next. I don’t like Science much, it’s too easy. I get an A on almost everything, there is no challenge and it’s boring. I was wondering where my reward is, for doing so great, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen to everyone. I wanted to be promoted to the next level of Science, so that it can be a little harder for me, but it’s so easy. Like a lot of common sense, so what gives?
Dance class was next, when dance class came, I hurried up to the locker room and got dressed. I changed into my t-shirt and a pair of navy tights.
The T-shirt came to my waist. We danced to Lady Gaga’s song. And one to Christina Aguilera
My dance teacher said that I did well but I could use some work on my expressions. Usually if I could get the dance down good enough, then I can work on expressions later. I think my dance teacher expects a little too much out of us right off the bat. But she’s patient about us learning the routine, which is good, because if she wasn’t, I think I’d quit and find somewhere else to dance.
I kept practicing my moves until I got them right. Tammy worked on the dances with me, and I learned from her. I don’t catch on as fast as some. But when I do get it, I get happy. I begin to realize I can do it, and I encourage myself from the experience I have.
Back in Home room, the next day, I was happy because I was announced that I won the dance competition. I was really happy. Not that it was all about winning, but it’s about having fun.
After dancing in High school, I performed on many try outs and night clubs. I have been dancing at home and stretching three times a day. I have worked hard to earn the position I am in. But don’t give up, when things seem hard, just keep dancing.
[Username] MadBlossom Torsorosy
[Title] A Round-About Confession
[Word Count] 1,393
[Genre] Romance and Friendship
(These are my own characters, but they’re from a book I’m writing, so some of the backstory might not be explained. If you have questions, I can always answer! XD)

Ciel is the kind of boy that can’t realize what’s right in front of him. Cai’s the kind of girl that will realize it, and then use it to her advantage. Ciel can’t let his own feelings show often; Cai doesn’t hide anything except sadness. Apart, they are considered idiots, monsters, and manipulative. However, when they are together, no one can expect what will happen next…


“No, you’re really pretty!”
“Aw, thanks! You’re pretty too!”
Ciel listened to Cai giggling at another boy’s jokes, barely resisting the urge to go kill him and drag Cai away from anyone boy that dared to get close to her. This was supposed to be a relaxing day in the gardens, a day to celebrate the fact that the world had been saved; the urges to destroy were supposed to be gone.
“No, I’m hanging out with Ciel right now!” Ciel didn’t let the smirk show, feeling triumphant until Cai kissed the boy on the cheek before running to him.
Skipping by her best friend, Cai waved to her previous companion, dragging Ciel by the arm and stealing his hat. Placing it on her head, she grinned when it fell over her eyes, giggling when Ciel flipped it up.
Her giggles abruptly stopped when Ciel started walking away to a quieter portion of the gardens without her. “Hey!”
She caught up to him easily, frowning with her hands on her hips. “What is your problem?”
“I don’t have one.”
“Oh don’t give me that! I felt you glaring the entire time I was talking to Tomas!” Cai shifted to keep her glare on him when he passed her to sit on a bench. Smirking slightly, she changed her tactics, sitting next to him very closely.
Wrapping her arms around his neck, she purred in his ear. “Oh just tell me… I would hate to have to seduce you.”
Please do! The words did not belong in his head, but they came, along with other images in his fantasy. Before he could get overwhelmed, he pulled Cai’s arms off his neck, not noticing he had turned bright red.
Cai watched him, her eyes lighting up gleefully. She recognized this behavior; he’d acted the same way when his last crush had hugged him. Well, this makes things so much better for me…
Scooting closer, Cai sent him her brightest grin, brushing his arm with hers. “So, why were you so angry about Tomas? Were you jealous?”
Ciel stared for a moment, shaking his head before clearing his throat. “Was there a reason to be?”
“Of course not!” Cai nudged him, forcing his arm around her shoulders when he didn’t move. Once suitably comfortable, she continued talking. “There’s only one person I can love like that!”
“Interesting…” The words sounded choked, and that was enough to confirm Cai’s suspicions.
“Yeah!” Just because her love actually liked her back didn’t mean that she couldn’t mess with him for a bit. She’d just… omit some of the truth. It wasn’t technically lying.
“He’s the very image of tall, dark, and mysterious. His eyes are strange, but… they’re so deep, and I love them!” Cai eyed the cloak that she’d been dying to get her hands on, noticing that even now, it flowed in non-existent breezes. “He’s got great clothes that I really want to steal.”
“Which you could do if you wanted to,” Ciel drawled, bringing up her not so stellar past.
“No, I respect him way too much to do that!” Cai pouted playfully. “Can I finish?”
The silence was enough encouragement to keep talking. “He’s one of the most misunderstood people I know. He’s a great guy, and funny, and he cares so much about people, but he won’t show it, because he’s afraid. I want him to be happy, even if it’s not with me. I want him to fall in love, and have lots of little tall, dark, mysterious children with his true love. Of course, I want to be that true love, but if I’m not, then I’d want him to be happy.”
Ciel had not known it was possible both to fall completely head-over-heels in love, and have your heart broken at the same exact time. “You really love this guy,” he replied lamely.
“Yeah…” Cai shrugged with a sad smile. “But he’s too much of an idiot, and too dense to realize it.” The words were accompanied with a pointed look. “Not to mention, he feels he’s too unworthy of love. It’s hard getting him to smile, especially when he’s in one of his moods.”
“If he’s feeling that way, shouldn’t you leave him alone to get through it?” And come back to me!
Cai looked at Ciel, thinking for a moment. “I should, shouldn’t I?” Her eyes weren’t focused on him as she frowned. Suddenly she laughed. “But I can’t do that, because I love him too much! Plus, he’s fun to be around!”
“Am I ever going to meet him?” Ciel raised his eyebrows expectantly. So I can see if he’s worthy of you.
Ciel didn’t understand the mysterious grin that showed up on the girls face when she spoke. “Oh, I think he’s much closer than you realize. You might say that you two are… very similar!”
Ciel took a moment to think about that when she tugged on his cloak. “By the way Ciel, I’m kind of cold. And I’ve liked this cloak since we travelled together. Can I use it? I don’t want to ask anyone else.”
“No, go ahead!” Cai giggled to herself when Ciel, who had never parted with that cloak as long as she’d known him, took it off and handed it to her.
“Thanks Ciel!” Cai put the cloak over her shoulders, laughing when it started flowing. “I’ve been meaning to find out how it does that! It made your villain entrances so much more dramatic to see this!”
“Villain entrances?”
“Yeah, when you attacked us and kidnapped me and Rhia!” Cai mentioned their mage friend with a wave of her hand. “I mean, a handsome villain with an awesome cape who turned out to be one of the best people I’ve ever met? It was amazing!”
That might have gone too far, and Cai was a master of realizing those moments. With a laugh, she stood and waved. “Well, I gotta go! My laundry’s in the oven!”
“Why is your laundry in the oven?” Ciel asked, confused by her sudden leaving, as well as their conversation.
“Because it dries faster! Duh!” Cai laughed cheerfully, running out of sight and to her house, leaving Ciel alone on the bench.
After another hour of sitting alone and pondering over everything that Cai had said to him, Ciel shook his head to himself, chuckling quietly. Sometimes I don’t know why I care about her so much…


The next morning, Cai found a bouquet of roses waiting for her. With delight, she noted the mix of red and white, along with red rosebuds. Humming a little, she tried to remember what each one meant.
“Red, all kinds of romantic love… white, ‘I am worthy of you’… red rosebuds are for… purity and loveliness!” Cai smiled at the thought, shaking off the hopeful thoughts that someone might have chosen them for those meanings instead of just looking for a pretty bouquet.
Cai, you’re evil. I love you too. Ciel
Cai stared at the note, laughing at its simplicity when she caught on. She took the bouquet and smiled at it, putting it down gently before running towards Ciel’s house, ignoring the strange looks from the people on the streets.
They didn’t matter. Ciel did.


It wasn’t a perfect pair. They’d be the first to say otherwise. There were tricks played, screaming fights, and the occasional complaint that their feelings weren’t shared enough. They couldn’t decide when to share their decision with their royal court, and friend, Princess Cassandra. But there was all the good with them.
There was the joy a simple rose could give. There was the feeling of completion holding the other’s hand would give. There was the simple wedding ceremony where everything they needed to say was in their eyes. There was the family that they created together.
And there was love. And in the end, that was all that mattered to them.

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Sweet! Two entires already! Great job guys!

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