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AGWL V - February Monthly

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Yep smile Now hopefully even more will get involved.
still hangin' in there?
Got a third entry... lol I'd prolly be asleep.. but I'm talking to my girlfriend. She's in Washington and I'm in Illinois so I gotta talk to her every chance I get. smile
good for you guys. heart I'm so glad there's more entries!
Same here, not bad for the first half a day, I hope to get many more smile
true. I'll bump it if i notice it goes off the ront page.
Wing McCallister
I have very rarely posted in this section of Gaia so please forgive me if my post comes out completely noobish. I have been working on a book for the past couple of years and have recently published the work in addition to revamping my website www.cfxt.com . Originally, I was going to come here asking people to make a quick visit to my site for comments and suggestions, and while that would still be helpful, I came up with what I think is a much better idea.

On my site, I have a section dubbed “The Start”. This page is dedicated to the history of my writing as well as the works of others and I thought it would be cool to display some of the works done by fellow members of Gaia. Obviously, I cannot post every work I see due to my limited amount of file space; however, I think it would be fitting to have a Writers Contest to highlight extraordinary pieces.

The Rules of the Contest:

1. Pieces should be limited to around 15000 words in length. However, I will accept longer. I just might not have the time to read over the entire piece in two weeks.
2. Subject matter is entirely up to the author
3. On the top of your first page, please put your target audience (teens, kids, etc…)
4. Fan-fiction pieces are allowed.
5. The work obviously has to be your own.
6. Compilation projects are allowed, however, the prize splitting will be solely dependent upon the contributors.
7. Works should be submitted to me by January 1, 2007. You may either PM the piece to me or email it to my address at wingmc@gmail.com or USX1@juno.com with the subject line “Writing Contest”.
8. Works you have done in the past are acceptable.
9. There is no entry fee.
10: Multiple entries are accepted. However, if you submit more than 1 work, please order them in order of "importance". I will look over them in that order in case of a tie or large submission amounts.


I will judge the works in several separate stages. There will be an initial screening to determine the caliber of the piece. Works with unruly amounts of grammatical errors will be eliminated from the competition. From there, I will work through the pieces to determine if the author’s work would be entertaining for the target audience. I am not looking for a masterpiece work of literature, but a piece that would actually draw and captivate readers. I will attempt to narrow the selections down to four finalists; however, in the event that I am unable to choose, I will rely on the help of my friends in the English Dept for a grand decision.

Judging will be finished (hopefully) by January 15, 2007 and the winner will be announced.


The Top 4 pieces will earn a spot in The Start section of my website. (www.cfxt.com) as well as Gaia based items according to the list as follows.

1st Prize: Dark Halo and Two Sun Staff Letters (valued at around 65K Gold)

2nd Prize: Monkey PJs and 10000 Gold (valued at around 45K Gold)

3rd Prize: Angel Bow and 5000 Gold (valued at 25K gold)

4th Prize: 10000 Gold

Important Notes: Your work will be displayed on my site under the author name you give me. I am not responsible for the protection of your work and it being posted on my site does not imply copyright projection. Of course, you maintain the rights to your work and if you wish it to be removed at some point, feel free to PM or email me. Prizes will be traded after a winner is chosen. No late work will be accepted. CFXT.com is owned by me - works and photos are protected under LoC Copyright Law. Thank GlacialWolf for donating most of the gifts, too. I’m a poor b*****d.

Feel free to ask any questions. Oh… and have fun writing.

Peace out,
Wing T.F. McCallister

Receieved Entries
Born a Hippie
Lord Raziel
Colonel Lady Une
Colonel Lady Une Entry 2

um i have a question: may i just write my story here? i just want to know it's seven (short) chapters. that's all.
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I just PMed my story to ya! whee

LOL good afternoon everyone.. A college student needs lots of sleep so that's where I was. Penguin I got your story Thank you very much. Gluttony, you're welcome to write it here, I just figured it'd be easier for people to email or PM them.
hmm. looks interesting enough. I'll give it a try.
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Original Werewolf

^_^ Glad to see entrants.
Sweet smile
I think I'll enter. I've got something in mind too, I've just got a load it up and do some editing.

I'll pm it to you when it's ready.

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