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AGWL V - February Monthly

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The Anything Goes Writing Contest & League
League information can be found in the 2nd post.

Welcome! Don't be intimidated! It's huge for a reason! Join the fun. I know this looks like a lot to read, but it's not too bad. We don't eat new people, honest! We're always looking for new people to become a part of our growing community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm going to ask that entrants who edit their pieces please re-post or re-PM their edited entries. If you don't re-post, I will not have the piece. See Rule 11.

Reasons Why Lurkers Should Just Enter!
I know there are a lot of lurkers out there. For whatever reason, you all are scared pissless to enter this contest. Here are a few reasons why you should suck it up and enter:

1. The AGWL prize is a real trophy. Find another contest that does that...
2. Even if you don't win a round or the trophy, there are plenty of people around here willing to help you improve your writing.
3. If I don't like your piece, it doesn't mean that I don't like you. Attitude is everything, yes?
4. More importantly, if I don't like your piece, so what? I'm more than willing to say that I am just a guy and that my judgments are based on my own interpretations and opinions.
5. Just do it!

Current Contest
AGWL Season 5: October Monthly!
Newcomers can start in any qualifying round of GGW (a.k.a first through sixth)! That means don't be afraid to come in.

Need to Know
All contest critiques are presented in an audio recording. The MP3 file can be found at the contest webpage: http://agwc.cfxt.com
User Image

0. Follow the ToS.
1. Refer to the top of the page or the poll for deadline information.
2. Please submit your piece through a PM or post it in the contest thread. I highly encourage thread posting! Note that this means actually posting the entry. I do NOT accept links as submissions.
3. The content of the piece is up to the author. It is called 'Anything Goes' for a reason. (prose, poetry, length, style, subject, etc).
4. One piece is allowed per round.
5. Authors are responsible for telling me anything special about the piece.
6. Be entertaining!
7. Do not complain! It is a free contest people! See end of post.
8. The same piece may never be reused in the AGWC. Likewise, I cannot accept pieces into the contest which I have edited / reviewed for you.
9. A plagiarism checker will be used on all entries. That means do not test my contest! I will report you!
10. Please submit things in normal sized font. I'm tired of receiving entries in size 7.
11. Entries are collected as they are posted. If you post a piece that is an edit, it will not be the one collected. Please make sure to post or PM a piece that clearly states it as being the final submission.

User Image

Creativity/Originality: 0 to 5 points
Grammar/Style: 0 to 5 points
Entertainment Value: 0 to 5 points

AGWL Intro
I am still looking for contest hosts to join the AGWL. See second post for details.
Presenting the Faulkner Prism

The Dostoevsky Prism is the prize awarded to the AGWL 2014-2015 Season Champion.
FrostedMidnight named the Season 4 prism in honor of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Welcome to the largest and longest continuously running writing contest in Gaia history. If you're here, then you're probably wondering what's the deal with this huge thread. Everything you need to know should be spelled out in the sections of this post. Please read it throughly and enjoy your stay at the AGWC.

There is no entry fee, and newbies are always welcome!
I understand that individuals that see this massive thread may become intimidated. Join anyway!

A little AGWC history...
The AGWC was founded in December 2006 as the CFXT.com Showcase Contest to serve as a place for writers to get their works out into the world. I thought it would be interesting to give authors the opportunity to have their pieces showcased on my website: www.cfxt.com. These pieces are proudly housed in 'The Start Archive' section of the agwc webpage @ http://agwc.cfxt.com. After GGW I, it was clear that the anything goes rule was not going to go away anytime soon. At that point, the contest was renamed to the AGWC.

To this day, any piece that receives a favorable review has the opportunity to join the site archive. Essentially, this is how it works. If your piece receives a good review, it is up to you to approach me about it being stored in the archives. I do not just grap pieces and post them up. Once you talk to me, I will give you some time to make any edits you wish and then I will store the work on my server. You are responsible for maintaining/establishing any sort of copyright or creative commons agreements. CFXT.com is solely owned by me and is not commercially backed or funded by any source other than me.

User Image

Monthly Letter! - Kickin' it old school!
Any piece I enjoy can earn a spot in The Start Archives at agwc.cfxt.com pending author approval.

User Image

Hall of Fame, Perfection and Champions
These lists of inductees can be found at http://agwc.cfxt.com

AGWC Throw Down Record Book
Are you tired of taking s**t from someone in the AGWC? Well, now you can do something about it. Challenge the sucker to an AGWC Throw Down! Once setup, I'll pick a special topic and the two of you can duke it out on the anything goes literary stage to determine who gets the bragging rights.

zero the last decepticon vs. calviness: double veto.
Luis vs. His Name Is No More: W - Luis.
Joachim vs. Solar: W(by PKO) - Solar

Hall of Epic Fail
Kjenk - For plagiarism!
Aliz Arcaisle - For plagiarism!
His Name Is No More - For taking it like a man.

Receiving Feedback in the Words of TLM
Receiving Feedback

Step One

Listen to the feedback. Don't interrupt and don't try to explain when the other person is speaking. Actively listen.

Step Two

Respond to the feedback. Again, do not try to explain yourself or give excuses. THIS IS A KEY STEP, and probably the hardest to accomplish. I'm the biggest excuse-giver there is, but I've come to realize that 99% of the time, it's really not necessary. Honest. It just makes me come off as unappreciative, not listening, or defensive.

To fully receive the feedback, you need to acknowledge that the feedback was heard. There are 3 different ways to appropriately receive feedback:
If you understand where the feedback is coming from, and that it is growth oriented, say "Thank you."
If you need more clarification on the feedback, ask for it. (And in this contest, it would be appropriate to PM Wing. This is up to him, but as a contest host, I'd probably appreciate it if clarification questions were PMed as opposed to posted, and if the concern applies to multiple people, then I might ask the contest applicant if I may post the question and answer in the thread. This is for privacy reasons, and also so that it doesn't come off as complaining or undermining the host in the public forum).
If you feel as though you cannot handle the amount of feedback you are receiving, say "I'm full" or "I have had enough feedback for the day." Basically let them know that even if well-intentioned, you would not be able to use the feedback constructively at this time. ***This step should be super simple, being on the internet at all. You don't need to physically face Wing. If you're frustrated, you can simply turn off the internet. You can pause the recording and return to it when you're in better space. Easy peasy, right? ***

Step Three

The third step is to assess and create goals based on feedback given. This may be done on your own or with the person giving feedback. It is up to you (the person receiving feedback) to utilize it or not. Remember, the goal of giving feedback is solution focused and growth oriented. This is also the goal of -receiving- feedback.

Many of us enter Wing's competition not just to try and win, but to improve our writing skills. We know he's a good judge, and we know he'll do what he can to improve our writing. We all enter this competition knowing we will receive both positive and negative feedback. So why complain, when we ask for it? We're masochists in a sense, all of us, because we want to be told what's wrong. The positive of that is that we want to know precisely so that we can change, adapt, and improve.

Anything Goes Writing League - Season #4
Coming October 1, 2013!

We are still looking for more accredited hosts!

League Standings may now be found on the AGWC homepage - http://agwc.cfxt.com - in the AGWC&L Information -> League Standings subsection.

AGWL Grant & Funding Info is in the AGWC&L Information -> Grant & Funding Info subpage @ http://agwc.cfxt.com

October 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014

Anything Goes Writing League Information
For AGWC Participants
Welcome to the quest for the AGWL Championship Prism. Please see first post for information about the current contest.
For Contest Holders
If you are here to seek League Accreditation, welcome. Please feel free to contact Wing at anytime.
Active AGWL Contests
PK's Contest
TLM's Contest
The Colosseum VI
Active Accredited Hosts
Look for these contest hosts in the WC to be assured AGWL quality!

The Love Mutt
Wing McCallister

Allow me to welcome you to the Anything Goes Writing League. For years, I have hosted the AGWC and have watched it develop into the premier writing contest on Gaia. It's important, however, to remember that one must always look forward, and the AGWL is my effort to take that next step.

Let me make it clear that the AGWC will continue to function as it has. This contest isn't going anywhere. I am just trying to make things a bit more interesting for the patrons of this contest, as well as those of the WC forum. The AGWL will keep tabs on contests held in the AGWC throughout the year, and competitors will fight for a total of 5 credits each month. These points may be divided amongst multiple winners. Scroll down for more information.

AGWL Season

September (Post-GGW) - Workshop Contest - 0 AGWL Credits - Var. Gold Prize
Monthlies - Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April, May - 5 Available AGWL Credits - Monthly Letter

Schedule for GGW IX
June 1 - June 14 - Qualifying Round 1 - 1B Gold
June 15 - June 28 - Qualifying Round 2 - 1B Gold
June 29 - July 14 - Qualifying Round 3 - 1B Gold
July 15 - July 28 - Qualifying Round 4 - 1B Gold
July 29 - Aug 11 - Qualifying Round 5 - 1B Gold
Aug 12 - Aug 25 - Qualifying Round 6 - 1B Gold
GGW VI Qual Top Cumulative Scorer - 1B Gold
GGW VI Wildcard Slot - 1B Gold

Aug 26 - Sep 8 - Top Cut Round 1
Top 4 scores of 8 qualifiers make it to semifinals - 1B Gold ea.

Sep 9 - Sep 17 - Semifinal Round
Top 2 scores of 4 semifinalists go to championship round - 1B Gold ea.

Sep 18 - Sep 25 - Championship Round - 5 Billion Gold

June to September - Credits awarded on standard 15 point judgement scale - other gaia prizes awarded. During the Playoff Rounds of the GGW IX format, everyone may submit entries for AGWL credit.

GGW Champion and AGWL Champion crowned

Oct 1 - Naming Day - The next AGWL season commences!

The AGWL Champion receives the Bradbury Prism as a trophy. Yes, it is a real glass trophy.

At this juncture, I'm somewhat hoping that this is all self-explanatory. I will continue to hold contests as I have for the last several years. Contests will have their own prize packages and stipulations as they always have, except now those contests count towards a greater goal: becoming the AGWL Champion.

This is where I'm going to make things interesting. The AGWC is just a small pocket of the WC. Wouldn't it be entertaining if other contests could get in on the fun? They can. For those of you out there who host your own contests, become an AGWL Accredited Host. Winners of your contests will also receive credit in the AGWL just as they would if they had participated in one of my monthly contests. Allow me to sum up the steps.

AGWL Accreditation Process
1. Become an accredited host. Ask me if you can be an AGWL Contest Host. The request will be voted upon by current hosts in the AGWL and will likely be approved, especially if you are a regular host with known standards. If you're new, no worries. We can talk and get the ball rolling. This community is all about growth.

2. Host an AGWL Contest. There are certain league stipulations about contests that I will outline below; however, once you're an AGWL Accredited Host, tell your patrons, explain the situation to them, and emphasize that you are an AGWL participant. I have included the following message for you to use in your AGWL credit contests as an example.
Attention Contest Patrons!
This contest is part of the Anything Goes Writing League. This means that winners are eligible to receive league credits. Please see the Anything Goes Writing Contest & League thread for more information. I wish you luck in your pursuit of the Prism. ~Wing

3. League Restrictions
Host Restrictions & Regulations
Accredited Hosts may only offer 5 AGWL credits per month. These points may be divided amongst multiple winners. If you're hosting a contest that runs for different time periods, the credits you are alloted will scale accordingly (e.g. 2 weeks = 2.5 credits, 2 months = 10 credits).

No AGWL credit contests are authorized during the GGW months.

Hosts must distribute at least 15 points during the AGWL year to keep their accredited status.

4. Inform me of your contest results. Once you have hosted an AGWL contest, let me know your credit distribution so that I can update the AGWL Standings.
Interesting....I'm going to think about this for a little bit, but I think I may try.
Oh, and congratulations on being published. heart
Thanks, still a lot of work I have to do, though. Somewhere in the area of 4 more episodes still to write. I hope you do try to write a piece though, that'd be awesome. smile
What the hell. I'm in. You give us a lot of freedom other than the length and I need some motivation to write. A deadline is always good for that and hey...who can resist prizes?
Born a Hippie
What the hell. I'm in. You give us a lot of freedom other than the length and I need some motivation to write. A deadline is always good for that and hey...who can resist prizes?
Well you know I think it's kinda bogus for me to tell people the subject matter of what they write. Writing is supposed to be fun...it reminds me of the morons who go too far with their rps and forget this is a forum.
Wel, not sure about that. A topic can be useful for competitions and to help get the creative juices flowing. Granted, it needs to be a wide category, but it's not a bad thing.

Heh, I need to come up with an idea now. I sometimes have trouble with shoter stories, but I'm getting better.
Born a Hippie
Wel, not sure about that. A topic can be useful for competitions and to help get the creative juices flowing. Granted, it needs to be a wide category, but it's not a bad thing.

Heh, I need to come up with an idea now. I sometimes have trouble with shoter stories, but I'm getting better.
Well.. I did a little rule modification... I'll accept any length.. but I may only read parts of it when I judge.. of course that's dependant on the number of people who enter... if I only get 4 entrants then...well.. it doesn't really matter, but hopefully people will sign on. smile
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Hmm... I guess I'll enter. I'll just have to edit my story a bit, then send it. ^.^
Sweet. smile
Question: an a person have multiple entries?
Born a Hippie
Question: can a person have multiple entries?
Oooh.. good question... I'll say yes, but if you have multiple entries I'd like it if you would mark them in order of your priorities.
I took out a story I've had for a while, edited it, and e-mailed it to you. Even if I don't win, any comments or advice would be adored.

Thank you!
Born a Hippie
I took out a story I've had for a while, edited it, and e-mailed it to you. Even if I don't win, any comments or advice would be adored.

Thank you!
Excellent smile

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