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So what type of Genre's do you like to write about.

I like to do supernatural or sci-fi. and romance.
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Thanks FierceDeityx1 for being the first to post in my forum.

So your Genre is Horror. I've never done a Horror story. i've tried countless time. but i don't think i did really well.

Maybe you could give me some tips on how to do horror. cause i would really like to put some horror in my Supernatural/Paranormal story. if you could that would be really sweet. and maybe i could help do something for you.

And Why do you like Horror, what got you into writing that genre and/or reading it. if you wouldn't mind telling me.

Thank you again FierceDeityx1. You ROCK!!!!! whee wink
I write fiction fantasy. Like vampire, werewolf, fey, paranormal and supernatural and that knida stuff, which i guess you already know. SO i'm just gonna go now.???
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horror or supernatural
I write about everything!
I just want to thank all of you guys who have posted in my forum so far thank you all. and maybe we could all start a story together, i don't know if you guys like that idea. maybe get what type all of you like and add them together to make a story. redface
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I like action myself.
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Fantasy and action with a bit of romance 3nodding That's also my favorite genre to read.
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I lean towards: fiction, generally of the fantasy, scifi, adventure-esque, suspense, obscure I have no idea what you'd classify it as stuff as well, if there is romance it has to develop naturally between characters or serve a point outside of character development.
I've been known to do: Non fiction, mostly young adult drama
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I don't know yet. I'm starting over cuase it's been a while. LOL.
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░░░ 𝗮t *` aishiterukoi
          ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯
                  you have a definite fiction writer in your midst right here.
                  I do like many genres, but my favorite is science fiction
                  and fantasy w/ strong base in realism. I find a fantasy
                  story that has elements of realism, or non-fiction one
                  could say, makes a better read. then again, that is my
                  opinion and mine alone.
Paranormal Romance. Although, I find I am slowly growing closer to Steampunk. I like to try my hand at everything.
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I like romance, adventure and paranormal. Every once in a while I read science fiction.

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