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I write little stories all the time. I just never finish them. How is this for a first chapter/preface?

The night is beautiful. The stars are shining in the black sea that is called the night sky. I sit on my porch stairs looking up at the sky and I love it. Silently I trace the patterns in stars as I hum a song. I only know one real one, the big dipper, but I like to make up my own.

I look at my watch and see that its 1:42, way past my bed time. I had to get u at 5:00 the next morning. I get up off the stairs, taking one last, lingering look at the sky, but as I’m about to go in the house, I hear the sounds of my mother crying. I turn around and see her standing in the doorway, Walking up to her, it seems as if see can’t see me, even though she is standing right in the doorway looking at me. Tears are running down her cheeks and on to the ground. “Mom, why are you crying?” I ask.

She steps outside of the door way. Gripping my arm tightly with her right arm, she softy whispers in my ear, “Beware Tristan.”

I don’t know what she is talking about. I try to loosen her grip on my arm but she squeezes it tighter. “He wants only your destruction!” she says more sternly, I could hear the fear in her voice and I felt her shaking as she grips my arm.

She lets go and I stare at her, a puzzled look on my face. “What do you mean mom?” I ask her urgently. Silently she points towards something behind me, and for the first time I notice her appearance. Her usually glowing, brown hair has now turned grey to the point of almost being white. Her skin, which is normally a deep rich chocolaty color, has paled to the color of chalk. But the most frightening part of her appearance is her eyes, which are snow white. My mother now looks like a ghost.

And just as ghosts do, my mother started to fade away, slowly becoming more and more translucent as I watched. Right before she disappeared, she looked somewhere behind me and whispered, “Please, protect her…” And then I woke up.

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