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This feeling was all but comfortable... I felt icy and cornered.... where was this coming from? Looking around the room I found nothing but darkness. Maybe pulling the blanket over my head would stop me from feeling-so...watched. As i slid the blanket over my head I felt as if this- this evil was getting closer. I want to take a peek but I don't want to know what is watching me. Not only was i sweating but i was shivering as if I was laying under a fan during a blizzard.

I had to face my fear and see what going on. As i pulled the blanket slowly over my face there was someone watching me. My heart was racing which is what I should be doing for the light switch, but i couldn't. I was glued to the bed. I want to look away but I fear it might get closer. "Who are you?" I tried to call out confidently but my voice slipped into a cowardly cry for help. No answer?. This must be some kind of joke Daniel is pulling on me. " This isn't funny you jerk!" I tossed my pillow at him. Was my mind playing tricks or did my pillow just go through him? Alright that was the last straw.

I raced pass the figure to the bathroom across from my room, and turned the light on and shut the door. I crammed myself into the corner of the tub and put my knees up to my chest panting and shivering. Going past the figure made me colder than i was when i first saw it. This was scary maybe I need to close my eyes, count to three, and then go back and see if it's over.

I closed my eyes and counted to three.... One....Two......Three. I peeked out the door and into my room...He was gone.