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I'm here another year planning my nanowrimo attack.
This year I'm going to top my record of 100k word count by 150l
to equal 250k.
I have began the planning process.
However I'm stuck.
I have brainstormed MANY ideas.
None that appeal to me.I would really appreciate some inspiration!~

But I shall shave it for later.
Well, this is kind of the wrong forum for this. Brainstorming and discussion on the technical aspects of writing are meant for the main writing forum, not the sub-forums. However! Even there, we aren't allowed to hand out ideas. We can only help you develop them further by asking questions, working out logical flaws, working out plot holes, character inconsistencies, etc. So if you want help, you should first at least come up with a basic concept first. A genre, a basic plot idea, anything to start with. Then we might be able to help you further.

For inspiration, again we can't really help with that, but YOU can do a billion things. Go outside for a walk, listen to new music, look at pictures, read a book, watch a movie, look at games, play a game, look at commercials, look up writing prompts, try something new. Any one of these could cause a spark for a new idea.

Another thing, if you're doing this for nano, then why don't you try looking around the official nano site for ideas? There are plenty of forums there. Just a thought.

My advice it to try and find a basic plot that is flexible enough to go on tangents. For example, I'm doing a simple quest plot this year. But I plan on making the chapters episodic, where they have little adventures along the way. Kind of like a video game. This way, I can write it out of order if I need to, or just add another 'episode' if I'm not hitting the word count with the ones I have.

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