I was born to a relatively normal family. I had a mother and father who loved me since the first day my mother laid eyes on me. I never really spoke much in front of other people. For a while even my father thought my mother was simply mad when she insisted that I could talk. I can, I just prefer not to. I prefer to observe my surroundings and see things in the ways that others do. If I talk too much I might not be able to do so. Around the age of four I stopped seeing my parents as frequently. I understand now that this was because my aunt had a child and isn’t exactly the most mentally stable. My mother had to keep her emotions at bay so to speak to keep the child safe.
Despite this fact I still have a little bit of anger built up. Not about that but because I’m just a rather negative child. My mother said that in the town her and my father came from that was rather normal. She says that personalities are rather strong in this intriguing place named Nivara. I can see that fairly easily when I see my uncles and my aunts. I have five uncles and two aunts. They all are very extreme to say the least. One’s incredibly smart and unafraid to show it, one’s insane, one is incredibly cocky, one’s very sweet, and one’s pretty quiet like me but more in the fact that he’s basically a magical weapon. My aunt was supposedly a very sweet and innocent girl but I can see that something must have changed in her. Now she’s strong and rough and doesn’t mess around in her military affairs. My mother’s very strongly opinionated and sweet. She seems to expect perfection from herself and gets upset if she is anything but perfection. My father seems to be a bit of an exception to this rule. He’s very calm and collected. I suppose the only thing that is like the rest is that when emotions finally do flow through he is very open about them and they are to the extremes. My parents are often very busy, my mother being a healer and my father being an assassin to the crown. But it’s okay when they’re out doing their jobs because some of my mother’s former comrades are there to look after me.
I suppose I have friends. Maybe. I’m not necessarily sure; they never really said they hated me. Then again I’m never really around them either. There’s the twins, Robin and I… forgot his name and then there’s…I forget his name too though those two don’t do much . You know how I said that my mother had to look after my aunt when she was raising her child? Well that’s aunt Yuri whom is married to one of my mother’s brothers. She is a kemani cat whom also comes from Nivara. She has the strange ability of having nine lives. These lives all have different personalities and come out anytime she is feeling too much of one emotion. Her child is afraid of her. Not to say I don’t blame him. Having nine different mothers does not sound like the best childhood. Especially when eight of them deny being your mother. The other two, the twins, are the children of Mr. And Mrs. Ornon. Mrs. Ornon isn’t in nearly as bad of a state as Aunt Yuri but she still needed the assistance of my mother. Supposedly Mrs. Ornon was rather impressive in combat. She would go into this rage mode that would turn her from a healer like my mother to a very strong fighter that would not be easy to destroy. Unfortunately, this rage mode happens just about anytime she gets too frustrated, so my mother and her interesting social skills would keep her at bay.
There are a few other people whom seem like family to me… I mean I suppose. They’ve always been around them and I can trust them. I think. There’s Mr. Shimizu whom is like a brother to my mother. He’s one of my mother’s comrades and they seem to have a very strong friendship. There’s also Mr. Farin whom seems to be someone my mother talks to as, ironically, my mother is good at keeping others emotionally stable, but not so much herself. I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s a family friend but he’s amusing enough and my mother finds him a comfort. There’s only one other thing I can say about this little life of mine. It’s that it’s really boring and I’m fairly fidgety. Unlike my mother I wasn’t born in an age where there’s fighting and heroes and villains and bringing things to justice. Sure, there’s still wars and battles but none nearly as impressive as the ones my mother has been through. She’s told tales of omni-gifts and magical channelers and people like Baros Barrockas setting things ablaze against such powerful beings.
I myself am actually pretty strong and skilled for someone my age, which is twelve. I’m a force mage. Gravity isn’t necessarily a problem. Where others fall and call it their enemy, I call it my friend. I also have a very peculiar ability that my mother doesn’t allow me to use or know anything about and every time I ask about this guy named Jias she just whimpers. Anyways, I suppose I will start off with one of my more average days. Well, average for me, a child who grew up in the magic capitol of Alvaera.
I woke up in my bed and shoved the covers back around me. I normally am a rather early riser but last night I had been snooping about the castle. I insist on finding out what I KNOW my mother is hiding from me. I then decided that maybe I wasn’t alone anymore. “Robin?” I asked and there was no answer. Maybe she was getting smarter, so I began looking about the room. I looked in my wardrobe and the girl wasn’t there. I looked out the window, she wasn’t there either. I then sighed. “You silly girl, way to be in the most obvious place to hide.” I then looked underneath my bed to see the girl hiding other my bed. She was four years younger than me and highly immature.
“Hi.” She said with a grin and slid out from underneath my bed, “I heard you sneaking about last night.”
“That’s none of your concern.” I muttered and then walked out of my door. I didn’t have time for talking. There was morning sparring with Uncle Derem and then I would go through what I had learned in the library with Uncle Mattian. I didn’t look back to tell if the girl was fallowing me. I wouldn’t be shocked if she was, she really had nothing to do at this time in her life. I was ten and she was six so I was learning magic and she hadn’t even started to learn the basics of mutations.
I went out to the courtyard where Uncle Derem was. The man was wearing a tunic of a similar fashion to mine, his was more of a brown though and mine was an earthy dark green. The biggest difference was the nine-pointed star patch sewn to the left side of the chest. I took my dark water steel sword out of its jeweled hilt. We crossed blades as we always do. He attacks, I parry. I then realize that I’ve always been on the defensive. Uncle Derem always put me on the defensive. That’s why I always lost. After parrying another attack I then slashed forwards. This took Uncle Derem off guard but he still was able to fight back. This time I could tell he was trying a little bit harder to beat me. We were finally caught, our blades crossed and both of us just standing there staring at each other. Derem then forced both of the blades upwards and grabbed my wrist which shocked me, the blade falling out of my hand.
“Nicely done. You’ve learned what you were doing wrong all this time. I actually had to work a little to get a win out of you this time.” He said with a nod towards the door to back inside of the castle. When I turned around I rammed into a short little annoyance.
“You again.” I said and then skirted around her, heading for the door. I then headed to Mattian’s room. There were beakers and formulas all over the wall and he was thrashing about in them.
“Uncle Mattian?” I asked.
“Oh.” He said, getting up from his organized mess and readjusted his large glasses, “Kite. What are you doing here?” He asked, scratching his head.
“Uhm. I. You were experimenting on me.” I said, my eyes looking back and forth.
“Right. Right. I was observing the development of a young mage. I might be getting rid of that one. I’ve remembered a pattern that my brothers and I went through… or at least the ones who are younger than me. They all have a burst of growth, plateau when we learn quite a bit to be a standard mage, and then we go traveling and find stuff out. Then again you are surrounded by great mages and are in the magic capitol of the world. Maybe this is a good idea. You’re a force mage right? Gimme a repelexon as strong as you can make it. Yes, you have circle one but there are levels within the levels that aren’t exactly… studied into. Gimme feeling.”
I grinned at Mattian. Ever since I used my magic in public have I been doing it with emotion. The first word I ever spoke to my own mother was a spell. She had a face of pure shock and fell on her bum. I’m sure he wouldn’t expect the amount of strength as I held out my hand and the words flew out of my mouth like music, “Repelexon.” Mattian went flying back into his beakers and papers. One of the bottles broke and he had a deep cut in his hand. The excitement on his face showed that he didn’t care.
“Oh my! You ARE just as I suspected. Very similar to Kassua. Talking is short and very monotone but spells. Oh you’re spells are filled with the emotions that you bottle up. Or maybe not similar to Kassua. Yes, not similar. He only talks out of necessity, you may talk when needed but you always have a spike of anger to it. Kassua is more… collected than you.” He babbled on. I rolled my eyes. I thought that was pretty much an unspoken fact. Then again, Mattian stated unspoken facts and anything else he discovered to make his superior mind even more obvious.
There was a loud slap on the door and then a crash of water. The door then fell over in a wet puddle and Uncle Quedos dove into the room, he scurried past us on all fours like a squirrel and flung open the door. He dove out the window and continued to scale the castle like his body was built for it which it clearly was not.
My mother then walked into the room. Her long brown hair flew about, some of it straight upwards from the stress. Her dark blue eyes skittered about. “I’m sorry but you all need to leave now. I can’t take this and you’re starting to become a bother. Listen to me; otherwise you get to listen to Ryees.” She said, pulling at her hair. She then turned to me and smiled, “Kite, darling.”
“Good afternoon mother.” I said to her with a polite nod. She then swooped me up in a hug and started walking off with me in her arms much to my dismay. She then walked us to my parents’ room and flung me onto the bed. I bounced a little. My eyes were wide and then I couldn’t help but burst into a smile. I hadn’t been able to see my mother in the past few days. Probably off in Marga Ruz taking care of some sick child. She hugged me and tickled me and then my father came into the room.
“Askavi.” My mother said with a grin and then jumped him, with me still in her grasp. We all fell onto the ground and I began to laugh.
“Zoraida, have you been pestering our boy?” He asked his red eyes bright with humor.
“No I haven’t.” She said with a laugh as we all began to sit down on the floor, still laughing. “I haven’t seen him in a few days and neither have you. We’ve gotta mess with him a little.”
“Now I suppose you’re right.” Father said with an amused grin. “After all, we’ve got to make up for it somehow. He’s going to need us you know. He’s finally becoming a serious mage.”
“Mother, father. Quit bantering back and forth. I know I’m starting to become a mage. What’s that got to do with anything?” I asked with the tilt of my head.
“The Ryone family, as you know, is very serious about even the earliest days of magehood.” Mother noted.
“And the Visalden family is very much the same way.” Father added, “It’s not about being the best, but it is about being the best you personally can be.”
“Now run along. Go have some fun because tomorrow’s going to be work.” Mother said with a smile as she sent me out the door. As I left I started hearing mumbling behind the door. I used a quick charm to myself that would enhance my hearing. Something I had recently heard but I hadn’t told many people about.
“I plan on protecting that boy.”
“He holds your name. If he has the same fate as-”
“I’ll protect him. And let’s be honest. You haven’t exactly told him everything have you?”
“No. No I haven’t. We’ll tell him when he’s older.”
They stopped talking after that. I swore silently under my breath because I was hoping they’d explain. I headed off to my room and rammed into the little annoying girl again.
“Robin.” I said quietly.
“You can talk!” She said excitedly, following me. “What do you think that was all about? I knew there was something up with our parents other than being powerful and stuff. I wonder what their stories are. Maybe we could ask Ryees or Kaito or-”
“No you idiot. We can’t ASK anyone. Then they’ll know we know something’s up and will try to hide it more.”
“You make a very good point.”
“That’s because I’m smarter.” I said with a sigh, “Look. I’m not exactly one to… socialize with others but maybe you can help me find out what’s going on. For some reason I’m thinking it might be a bad thing.”
“oooh! Suspicious.” she said in a whispered tone.
“It might be dangerous.”
“Please, boy! I’m a mutant.”
“And tough.”
“I’m tougher than this journey, Kite.”
“And we might uncover things we wish we hadn’t.”
“No regrets Kite.” She said, grabbing my face and squishing it, I was confused, “My parents may not be mutants like me but I know what being a mutant is all about. It’s about being a super soldier. It’s about not getting hurt while being hit and letting the other guy have it.” She then smiled, “You’ll be the leader okay.”
“Leader? But there’s only two of us.”
“You be the leader.”