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If you like i will add chapter 2 and so on....its a book i wrote.

Chapter One: Mundane
I live everyday like you do, get up, go to work, go home. It was the same thing every day. I longed for something different. I felt like I should be different, made for something more. At 22 years old I highly doubted something would happen now. In movies things always happened at 16 or 18 right? 22 was not a special age at all. Felt the same at 21.
Well today was no different, except I worked the night shift. The girl I was covering had a sick baby at home. I had nothing better to do so I told her I could. I had no friends really. I really didn’t bother to make any. I had originally come from a big city; I had tons of friends then. When I was 17 I decided to move in with my mother. My father had pretty much ignored me since the divorce when I was six. When he remarried life became hell for me. Wicked step mother and all that. I moved out on my own a month before I turned 19 and have been on my own since. I had managed to buy a small fixer upper house a couple of months ago and loved it.
I had decided to take a break from school. Well that break lasted longer than I wanted. With the economy so bad I pretty much had to be an unwed mother or disabled to get a grant, and I couldn’t afford a loan right at this moment. But anyways, let us get to my story.

It was another boring night closing the small town grocery store. I stood flipping through a magazine at my register as the doors automatically slid open. I glanced up and put on the fake smile for a greeting that I did every day for the past three years. No one walked in. A stray cat probably. The large orange one was always getting inside and hiding in the pet aisle.
I sighed and turned back to my register and jumped. A man stood there with only two things in his hands. My heart was pounding as I took the can of cat food and a water bottle to scan them. I snuck glances at him as I did my job and bagged the items.
"$3.22." I said quietly. He handed me exact change and smiled. He had sandy blonde curly hair and -gasp- my only weakness, blue eyes. Cerulean blue eyes to be exact. I handed him his receipt and he quietly left. I watched as he opened the pull tab can and set it on the ground. He poured water in a bowl that we kept out there for the cat. We cashiers kind of adopted him.
I noticed behind him that snow had began to fall again on the already snow covered ground. It was unheard of in southwest Oklahoma, but hey, weirder things have happened. As the quote goes, "if you don't like Oklahoma weather, wait five minutes." I groaned and thought that I had lent my brother my car for the evening to take a girl out on a date. They were probably too preoccupied in my spare bedroom for him to remember to pick me up. I knew it wasn't that far of a walk, half mile, but I’m not a fan of the cold. I like spring and fall, if it would only stay seventy degrees all year round I would be a happy camper.
The clock finally hit 11 o’clock and I locked the doors. I hadn't had a customer since the mysterious man anyways. I tried calling my brother but alas, the dreaded voicemail after six rings. I waited for ten minutes with my teeth chattering and snow coming down in large flakes. I finally gave up and started walking.
The snow crunched under my feet and soaked into my shoes. Non slip shoes means non slip, but they don't fare well when they actually get wet. I carefully walked across a patch of ice and thought to myself I must look like an idiot for holding my arms out for balance. Good thing there was no traffic. Again, small town, traffic dies around nine-ish. This is what I called the god forsaken time. From 10-5 there was no traffic except the one straggler who is using the highway the cuts the town in half.
For some reason my mind wandered to the strange man as I walked. I knew all the 957 residents in this town and they all knew me, who my mother was, grandparents, great grandparents...yeah that small of a town. His eyes stuck out to me most. Most the guys I ever dated had blue eyes. Robins egg blue, sky blue, forget-me-not blue, (I know blue) but his cerulean held a glow to them. Like the eyes possessed a light of their own. I walked across the highway and tripped on the curb. Damn snow banks. I picked myself up and brushed the snow off my knees. My fingers felt frozen from being exposed to the cold for the few seconds of time. The bank flashed at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Did I mention I hate the cold?
I stood up straight and sighed and continued on. Just a couple more blocks. The orange of the street lights lit my path as I finally reached the bright light of the gas station. A cat stood at one of the pumps staring at me. I smiled at it and went over to pet it. I'm an animal lover, what can I say? It purred under my touch and I started walking again. I hesitated like I always did at the dark neighborhood streets. They weren't lit like the highway was. I heard the ding of the gas station door as the man walked out with a bottle of water. I watched him go to the cat and pour some in a small bowl he pulled out from his coat pocket. He pet the cat and stood up. At least I’m not the only one nice to strays it seems.
I walked down the dark street and felt more uneasy than usual. I'm afraid of the dark, well not afraid of the dark per-se but afraid of what’s in the dark that can see me but I can't see it. I have always been that way it seems. Even at home I sleep with the hall light on shining into my bedroom. My brother always made fun of me for it.
I heard someone behind me and I stopped and turned, no one was there. My imagination was getting the better of me. It always does. My mind likes to make scenarios which I know could never happen, but hey, Einstein said a great imagination is a sign of a genius. No wonder most guys shied away from me. I made most of them feel stupid. I graduated with honors from high school and ended up working full time at a grocery store. That’s a small town for ya. I continued walking and I heard someone's steps echoing mine. This time before I had the time to turn I was on the ground with someone on top of me. Hands were pinning my wrists to the ground. Being so dark I couldn't make out the face but I could smell blood. Copper and salt. Reminded me of an old penny. I screamed out and head butted him. He wasn't expecting that. My daddy was a marine. He taught me things. He groaned and hissed in my face. It wasn't a human sound. He head butted me back and I saw stars. Pain entered my neck and I lied there stunned. Next thing I knew the guy was lifted off of me and thrown into a tree. Something warm was placed over me and I could hear fighting and hissing. They weren't human sounds at all. I started to roll and stand up when everything started going hazy around the edges. Something warm dripped down my neck onto my hand. I lifted my cold fingers to a wound and came away with a black substance. At least it was black with no light around. What the ********? Someone attacked me just to bite me? The warm coat fell off of me as I stood up. A hand was suddenly there helping me steady myself. I saw blue glowing eyes before the haze completely clouded my vision.
I woke in a motel room. My neck was on fire. I just knew that I was warm. Incredibly warm. My hand automatically went to my neck and I felt a bandage there. My eyes scanned the room and I saw a sleeping man in a chair next to the bed. He had his coat over him. I sat up and felt a breeze. I looked down and quickly covered myself back up. I was still wearing my pants and bra at least. I waved my hand in front of the guy and he gave no response. I got up and went to the bathroom. My shirt was hanging on a hangar on the shower rod, damp. He had tried to wash the blood out. Another shirt was sitting on the sink with a note.
Didn't get to it in time so it stained. This will be a little big, but hey, it’s a shirt.
I put the shirt on and it smelled like cologne. Like the coat last night. I walked out of the bathroom and went to the window and looked out. I groaned quietly. A blizzard had moved through. I heard about it on the news, but usually the news is wrong. Guess we did get four feet of snow during the night, and it was still coming down in a white wall. It was already to the bottom of the window.
"No use trying to get out, you'll get hypothermia before you get home, and cars can't make it through this." a man's voice said from behind me.
I turned and he was looking at me. He was still covered in the black coat. "Sorry about your shirt." he said quietly.
"It can be replaced; I think you saved my life last night. Thank you." I looked at my feet.
"You're welcome." he said.
"What was-?"
"A vampire." he answered before I finished.
"But that’s impossible." I told him.
"You felt him before he attacked you, you sensed him. How?”
“I don’t know.” I shook my head and just stared at him. I pretty much plastered myself to the door. He was suddenly in front of me pinning me to the door. He wasn't much taller than me. Only a couple inches.
"I'm Anastasia." I said hoping to ease the tension. "My friends call me Anna." I looked away. "Well they would if I had any." I muttered to myself. He smiled at that. I could see it in the corner of my eye. “Why didn’t you let it kill me?”
"Because, well hell I don't know. I couldn’t bear seeing someone killed by one of our kind degraded lower than an animal." he sighed and moved away from me.
"What’s your name?" I asked as my heart beat tried to return to normal.
"Azrael." he answered without looking at me. I watched him as he sat back down in the chair. He watched me watching him. I was still plastered to the door. I could feel the cold from outside.
"Very few humans have a gift. Some" he put up air quotations, "’psychics’ call its E.S.P, the 6th sense, whatever you want to call it. They can sense things that shouldn't be there. That shouldn't be felt. They can locate us and kill us all while we sleep. One woman did that many centuries ago. My coven leader is going to pissed that I didn’t kill you.”
I felt something then, like my paranoia of being watched. I went to the window and opened the curtain. A man was standing there and I jumped and squealed. I backed away from the window and Azrael was suddenly there, his arms wrapped around me and before I knew it we were in the locked bathroom. I could hear the door being broken in out in the main room.
"Come out little girl, I won't hurt you." a sinister voice said. I know, how can someone sound sinister? Well this man did.
Azrael slid open the small window and pushed me out of it and followed me. We were both out in the blowing snow with no coats. My auburn hair blew around me in a tangled mess. He picked me up and ran, the streets were a blur, but the cold was starting to get to me. It wasn't only snow that was falling but ice. Within three minutes we were at my front door, it had been broken into as well.
"Grab what you can." he said.
“Why are they after me?”
“I don’t know.” He answered
My only thought was my brother. I ran to his room and saw it empty. A note lay on the bed saying he went to his girlfriend's for the night. I ran across the hall to my bedroom and just grabbed another coat and my wallet. I left a note on the fridge for my brother saying I would contact him when I could. Azrael was standing outside waiting for me. I guess the cold didn't bother him. He looked at me for a brief second, sorrow in his eyes for some reason and then picked me up again. He was running again. I closed my eyes to shield them from the cold and buried my head into his chest. It was so damn cold! Give me flip flops and a sunny day and I would be happy! We finally stopped in a larger town. We didn't go to a motel but to a small house. He knocked on the door and a tall large man opened the door. He was at least 7’0” and had long brown hair.
"Azrael, what have you done?" he asked but ushered us in.
"Can you shield her?" Azrael asked. He didn't set me down but held me close in his arms. I tapped his shoulder and he looked at me. He set me down on my feet and I shivered, covered in snow. The large man led me to a fire place with a fire already going.
"I can for a little while, but they might be able to track your scent. I don't know for sure, never had snow like this before here." the man answered.
I sat in front of the fire warming my hands. I did circles in front of it when one side became too warm. A kitten came up to me and mewed quietly. I picked up the gray tabby and pet it gently. Cats were always drawn to me, just so you know.
The men were talking quietly until the big guy broke from him and came up to me. I didn't get any weird vibes from him.
"Beast here is an aura blocker. He is like you, but instead of a flame like you are, he is a snuffer." Azrael said.
"Beast?" I asked.
"Nickname sweetie." he said and sat down on the couch.
"I see." I sat down in the floor with the kitten and let it play with my coat strings.
"Beast, I have to get some sleep, I-"
"Back bedroom, you know where it is." the large man said.
Azrael left the room without another word. "I know you are itching with questions." he told me. The kitten had fallen asleep on my lap. It was purring contently.
"Is this all really happening to me?" I asked and stroked the grey fur.
"Yes Anna, you are what the vampires call a Flame. They believe you were sent by god to wipe out the devil's creation. The flaming sword of god. Demons, vampires, witches, lycanthropes, they all exist, and you have just been thrown into their world. Everything you thought was a faerie tale is in fact true." Beast said.
“Is that why they’re after me?” I asked.
“Could be.”
"But how do they keep it a secret?" I asked.
"The human mind is such a fragile thing, it sees what it wants to see, believe what it wants to believe." he answered.
Just yesterday I was a cashier for a grocery store in a small town. Today I'm the Flame of God. It kind of made me wonder if I was dreaming.
"Go get some rest sweetheart; you're going to need it. Just follow the hallway all the way down. Sorry this is only a two bedroom. You will have to bunk with Azrael."
"Somehow that did not surprise me." I said quietly and stood up. I cradled the sleeping kitten and walked over to Beast and handed the grey ball of fluff to him.
"Cats are familiars; they can be your best friend when the rest of the world walks out on you." He said quietly. He made me wonder what he meant by that remark.
I walked all the way down the hall and opened the door. Azrael was already asleep on the bed. He looked peaceful. His curly hair was short but fluffed out on top of his head, it suited him. His skin was pale and he had a 5 o'clock shadow growing. His breathing deepened and he opened his eyes. He moved over and patted the bed next to him. He truly looked tired. I took off my coat and put it on the dresser and slipped out of my shoes. I climbed into the bed next to him and he held up the blanket for me to get under. He covered us and I closed my eyes. I lied there a while before sleep finally came. Azrael had passed out not even a minute after I laid down. He scooted over to the other edge of the bed to give me more room. I was thankful for that.
I woke up confused at where I was. A grey kitten slept next to my head and I remembered. I felt safe for some reason. I could hear snoring down the hall. The alarm clock next to the bed read 4:46. Was it morning or afternoon? I looked back at Azrael, he was still sound asleep. I went to the living room and looked out a window. It was dark outside and it had finally stopped snowing at least. The snow had come all the way up to the middle of the window. There was no getting out in this. At least not for normal humans. Oklahoma had never had this much snow in its history of being a state. I felt Azrael before I heard him. He gently turned me around and I looked up at him.
"I want to apologize for you having to go through this.”
"It’s not your fault Azrael. It was going to happen. If I am what Beast says I am, then it was going to happen and if you weren't there, I would be dead right now."
My stomach had decided to growl and ruined the moment. He laughed headed toward the kitchen. I followed behind him and watched as he started making pancakes. He handed me a plateful with a fork and syrup. I happily dug in and scarfed them down. I didn't realize I was so hungry.
Beast came in and yawned in mid wave and helped himself to a plate. I noticed Azrael did not eat. He washed dishes as we finished up. At least he cleaned his mess. Most men wouldn't. We watched the weather channel when we were done. The snow had moved out for now but another system was moving in tomorrow, they were predicting another foot of snow. This year was just crazy with the weather. Beast went back to bed after a few minutes.
"He doesn't cook much." Azrael explained quietly. "Wouldn't turn down a cooked meal." He said as I watched the sky get lighter. “I have to go find myself food.”
“I thought you couldn’t go out in daylight.” I said ruining the moment.
“We can, it just hurts. You know when your leg goes to sleep and you get that painful pins and needles feeling? We get that all over our body. Too much sun can hurt us yes, but we can go out in it for an hour or two before it becomes unbearable.” He answered.
I could feel him watch me as I started washing the dishes he used. It was the least I could do. The day dragged on but Azrael never went for food. We all sat and watched the weather until the power went out. Beast and I started playing a card game called Egyptian Ratscrew. It was a form of the game War, but different variations. My friends at my old school made up the name. I was shocked Beast actually knew it.
Night fell and it was too cold to sleep in the bedrooms. Beast fell asleep on the couch and I sat in a recliner. I watched Azrael play with the kitten. He was dragging a string across the carpet. The boredom dragged me into a dreamless sleep.
Chapter Two: Sacrifice
The next morning came and I longed for a shower. I was thankful Beast had a gas water heater. I let the water wash over me until it was too cold to stand. I could hear the ice hitting the roof outside. I got out and candles filled the bathroom. Every time I thought about Azrael my stomach fluttered for some odd reason. He had left this morning to go for food. During the night I guess he went to my place and grabbed me some clothes. For being a man he did a pretty good job at it. Most guys can’t tell what goes with what.
I threw on underwear and sweats. It was too cold for anything else. I went back out to the living room and Beast was still snoring. I read over Azrael’s note again.
I needed to find food, I brought you clothes, and I knew you would really want them. Your brother is okay, he sends his regards. I told him you and I was staying with a friend. Sorry but I used my will power and made him believe we have been together for a couple of months. It worked. I hope to be back before you wake, if not please don’t go outside.

Don’t go outside. Of course don’t go outside, there is only four feet of snow on the ground.
A knock came to the door and Beast was up faster than someone his size should be able to move. He pointed to the hallway and I quickly got out o the line of sight. He opened the door and I could hear hurried talking. I heard the door shut and I came back out. Beast had a note in his hand.
“They have him.” Beast said and I took the note from him.

Anastasia Hallow,
As you have learned you are wanted by our coven. Azrael conveniently collected you for us. He has been waiting or the right time to hand you over, but alas, the fool betrayed us. Please, for his safety, come outside.
Uriel, Leader of the Blood Moon Coven.
I looked at Beast and back at the letter. I went back and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. Much more convenient than sweats, and I’ll be damned if anyone catches me in sweats. Woman, thy name is vanity.
I slipped on my knee length black coat and Beast was blocking me.
“He will kill me if I let you leave.” He said.
“I’ll take care of it, but in order for him to kill you, I have to save him.” I said and went around him. I walked to the front door and let out a breath. I opened the door and saw three men waiting for me. “You need three vampires to subdue me?” I asked and smirked. I know in this situation I should really keep my mouth shut, but I figured I was about to die, why the hell can’t I be sarcastic about it? “Is one of you Uriel?” I asked.
“Uriel is waiting with Azrael.” One of them said.
“So are all of you named after angels or just those two?” I walked out into the blistering cold and two more jumped from the roof and grabbed me. I screamed as they took me down to the ground. The snow soaked through my clothes rather quickly. Someone put a blind fold over my eyes and we were off. I was in someone’s arms. The wind whooshed passed. Ice pelted my face stinging with each hit. Not being able to see I felt nauseated. It was one of them times that I wanted to tell my equilibrium to ******** off.
I was carried for ten minutes at least before the wind stopped. I knew we were in the country side somewhere. I was traded to someone else and was thrown into a fireman carry, and not gently. It knocked the wind out of me. After five more minutes I could tell we were underground. The place smelled of dirt and mold, I could smell the underground water that made the place full of humidity. I was thrown down on my butt hard. A sharp pain went up my spine.
“Anna.” I heard Azrael’s voice and the blind fold was taken off. I gasped when I saw him. He was a few feet away in chains. His arms were at awkward angles and one side of his face had a gash, the other side was swollen. His shirt was off and his torso was just covered in blood like a second skin. I crawled the short space between us and touched his face gingerly. He winced.
“They will pay for this.” I said quietly.
“And how do you plan on doing that?” A man said and walked up. I looked up at him. He was incredibly tall. His skin was paper white, his black hair reached to the middle of his back and his eyes, pools of black. I felt power wash over him like waves. To be honest, he scared the s**t out of me. But I couldn’t show it. Don’t show fear if you want to seem strong.
“You’re just a baby with your powers, you just awoken two days ago, do you expect to beat me woman?” He asked. “You don’t even know how to tap into them.” He smirked.
I stood up and walked to him. “I’ll make a deal with you. I stay, Azrael goes free unhurt today. You want the Flame of God, you got me.” I said.
“Deal.” He said. I didn’t have time to flinch before his teeth were in my neck. He planned on drinking me dry.
“Anna!” I heard Azrael scream.
Uriel gnawed at my neck, his teeth sinking farther in. I screamed in pain and heard chains rattle. My body started going limp, I slumped against Uriel and he had to hold me up. I could feel my heart faltering, trying to pump blood that was no longer there. He laid me in front of Azrael. Darkness ate at my vision and my breath came in short gasps. Dying didn’t hurt so much. I just felt tired, so tired. He looked into my eyes. Cerulean was the last thing I saw before the dark void came.

There was no tunnel, no white light, I kind of felt cheated. I woke up to the beeping of a heart monitor. My neck hurt so damn bad. My arm was taped to a board. I opened my eyes slowly. A bag full of blood was being pumped into my veins. I felt power again, but it wasn’t vampire power. It was different. It felt alive instead of cold. Someone leaned over me and put a cold stethoscope to my chest. A man with chestnut hair and green eyes looked down at me.
“You’re finally awake, you gave us a scare.” He said and smiled.
“Azrael?” I croaked out. My throat was so dry. He put a straw to my lips and I drank down water.
“He is okay Anna. Do you know where you are?” He asked.
I shook my head no. I winced at the sharp pain.
“You are in a hospital, you died. There wasn’t enough blood in you to fill a paper cut. My question is why didn’t you stay dead?”
“You got me doctor.” I said.
“My name is Adrian.” He said and checked my blood pressure. “This is a hospital for lycanthropes. This isn’t a normal hospital, you can tell me.” He said.
“I’m the Flame of God supposedly; a vampire wanted me dead for something I just found out about a couple of days ago.”
“Make that a few weeks. You have been in a coma for three weeks.”
My eyes widened as the door opened. Azrael walked in, he was completely healed. His eyes lit up when he saw me.
“How is she?” he asked.
“Waiting for her to go into shock honestly, but I don’t see that it’s going to happen. I’ll leave you two alone.” He left the room after taking the cuff of my arm.
Azrael sat on the bed next to me. “You stupid, stupid, stupid, wonderful girl.” He said and kissed my forehead.
“How did I survive?” I asked.
“Your answer is as good as mine.”
“How did we escape?”
“After your heart stopped he let me go. He thinks you’re dead. But I’m free of him. He has to keep his word. He got what he wanted and he had to fulfill his deal. I thank you but it wasn’t worth the ultimate price.”
“You’re worth it to me.” I said.
“No I’m not; you see I’m already dead.” He said and put my free hand on his chest. He had no heart beat. He stood up and went to the door. “Thank you Anna for the freedom you have given me. And goodbye.”
The goodbye shocked me. I had just met him and he was already saying goodbye. It made my heart ache in a weird way. He was just a friend but more than that. We had saved each other’s lives. Friends couldn’t cut it. We weren’t lovers, so why was I so sad?
Chapter Three: Dreaming
After another week in the hospital I went home and back to work. They were told I was in a car accident and Adrian signed off on it. Mustn’t tell the normal people what’s really going on. Azrael left me alone; I didn’t feel him anywhere in my small town. I did search too. The snow had melted and things went back to like they always were. Mundane. I went back to hating my life and everything in it. My brother went to Vegas and eloped with his girlfriend. She was six weeks pregnant. Months went by without word from anyone. I did see the doctor Adrian but he just smiled and waved, nothing more. I thought maybe that what I went through was a dream, but I had scars to prove what had happened. People shied away from me because them. It literally looked like someone ate my throat out.
I woke one night in a cold sweat; I could feel Uriel’s power. I knew that feeling from anywhere. It’s the one that scare the s**t out of me.
“So you’re still alive.” He said sitting next to my bed.
I jumped clean off my bed across the room.
“Don’t worry; I’m not here to kill you this time.” He said. “But I would love a taste of your sweet blood again.” He smiled in the dark. He was suddenly in front of me and my body betrayed me and started shaking. He chuckled and laid his lips on the scars he made. I tried pushing him away but he didn’t budge.
He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head, he looked into my eyes and I sank into the drowning black pools of his eyes. Anger washed over me and I fought back against the pull of his power.
“Ow.” He said and gripped harder. My wrists popped painfully and his teeth sank into the scar tissue. It’s probably the scar tissue but it hurt a lot more than last time.
Suddenly he was no longer holding me but against another wall slumped to the ground. The sheetrock was cracked and I saw who had done it.
Azrael stood there breathing heavily. His hands were in fists and Uriel had blood streaming from his mouth. I didn’t know if it was his or mine.
“Run.” He told me.
“No.” I said and let my anger build up. I could see flames coming from my body. Suddenly I knew what to do like I knew it all along. I concentrated that anger on Uriel and the flames licked off of me and towards the vampire on the floor. His eyes widened as he screamed and suddenly burst into flames. He got up and a scream no human throat could do came from the burning creature. I watched as he caught various things of my bedroom on fire. I was shocked and the flames suddenly stopped coming from me. The vampire was still on fire.
Azrael grabbed me and went through the window. I was shivering as I watched my house burn. All the years it took for me to buy it. Sure it wasn’t the best thing in the world but it was mine. It was home. Silent tears fell down my face as everything I owned burned to ash. Sirens were down the street and Azrael grabbed me once again and we were running. I looked up into his eyes and he just continued to watch the horizon. We ran passed cars and I wondered what they saw. I knew a few did a double take but we were out of their vision before they could get a second glance.
We were at the town motel in mere minutes. He left me outside for a brief minute. How could you explain a bleeding girl just in night clothes without the cops being called? That I understood. I shivered silently as he came out with the key and I walked behind him barefoot on the cold concrete sidewalk. He unlocked the room and I walked in. He took off the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around us. He was warm. I soon stopped shivering and noticed he was looking at me. Our eyes locked and he kissed me gently, just a small peck.
“Go take a shower, get the blood and soot off of you.” He said. “I will have clothes for you before you get out.”
I nodded and left the warmth of him and headed to the bathroom. I closed the door and looked in the mirror. I gasped when I saw my eyes. They were black, my entire eyes, including the white parts. I watched them as they slowly turned back to my hazel blue. My skin was paler than usual, translucent. I could see my veins under my skin.
“What is happening to me?” I muttered to myself. I went to the shower and turned on the water. I stripped off my shorts and spaghetti strap that I had worn to bed. I got in and let the water cascade over me. The water that ran off was a mixture of pink and grey. A sob escaped my lips and I let the tears fall. I knew that Azrael wasn’t there to hear me. I cleaned and rinsed off myself and turned off the water. My shoulders were shaking with the now silent sobs. A knock came to the bathroom door as I got out and wrapped a white towel around me. I opened the door and Azrael stood there with a handful of clothes.
“Where did you get them?” I asked.
“You aren’t the only one with friends.” He answered and handed them to me. “They found Uriel’s charred remains. They think it was you. You can’t go back now; you can’t be around humans until you can control the fire.”
“So let them believe I’m dead?” I asked.
“Yes.” He simply said.
“Easy for you to say, you’re already dead.” I said and slammed the door shut.
I leaned against the door and sighed. I looked down at the clothes and picked out something that covered me the most. It was a t-shirt with jeans. Sadly there was no underwear with them. I put the clothes on and opened the bathroom door. Azrael was flipping through the basic cable on the television. He stopped and looked at me. His eyes watched me move.
“I missed you.” He said.
“Then why did you leave?” I asked.
“To protect you.”
“Bullshit.” I told him.
He sighed and looked at the ground. “Years before your great grandparents were even a twinkle in his father’s eye there was a woman. Her name was Ariella. It was a time when demons roamed the earth freely, it was known as the time of Chaos. I was appointed as her Sentinel and was sworn to protect the Lioness of God. Each one has a different name. Your technical name is Vesta, Guardian of the Sacred Fire. But anyways, back to Ariella. We were in a battle against Asmodeus and he was winning. She had claimed a revolt against God and he had turned his back against us. She was dying from a fatal curse and there was nothing I could do. Uriel found us and offered me my servitude for the power to save her. I took it in a heartbeat not even asking what it was. He changed me into what he was. I, not knowing that my servitude meant my soul. He himself was part demon and part human. The way to take the curse was to drink her blood and take the curse as my own, but she was my first. The hunger is very unforgiving in the beginning. I drank until she wasn’t breathing. I heard her heart stop beating while I drained her to death. Uriel owned me since then. Until you sacrificed yourself to free me. That’s how the curse worked. Someone had to make the ultimate sacrifice for me.” Pink tears streamed down his face. They were tears stained with blood.
“I wanted to protect you, because you tasted like Her. You are Ariella reborn, I believe. Usually the Guardians have different abilities and fire isn’t used very often. When it is, they are always female with auburn hair and blue eyes. Just like Her.”
I was taken aback. “You truly love her.” I said and went to his side. I knelt down and looked into his eyes. “And my eyes aren’t true blue.”
“Loved.” He said.
“No, love. After all these years you are still in love with Ariella.” I said quietly.
He gave me a weak smile and looked into my eyes. “How many have there been that looked like her?” I asked.
“You make the fourth.” He answered.
“So my real given name is Vesta?” I changed the subject quickly.
“Yes.” He said simply.
I went and lied down on the bed, so many thoughts running through my head. He was still in love with a woman that was long dead and he believed I was her. I sighed and closed my eyes. The bed moved and I opened them again and he was above me. His brilliant blue eyes bore into mine.
“You feel more powerful.” I said.
“Because I’m free. I no longer have to give my energy to Uriel.”
“Did I free the entire coven when I killed him?” I asked.
“Yes.” He answered. “Sleep now.” He said.
I felt the lull of sleep where there wasn’t one a second before. My eyes fluttered shut. “Cheater.” I muttered. He softly kissed my lips and moved away from me. “Will you still be here in the morning?” I asked.
I heard him hesitate. “Yes.” He said and I was off to sleep.
I slept better than I had in months. The dreams bothered me though. I was facing a woman that looked like me. Her auburn hair swayed in the wind and her blue eyes were like blue fire. She spoke in a long dead language but I could understand her.
“You have been chosen to fight for the side of angels against an evil that has never been faced before. Lucifel the Angel of Light is trying to rise up and rule the Cosmos once again. You must stop him.” She said.
“Why me?” I asked. “Why do I have to be the one to save the world?”
“It has to be someone doesn’t it?” She said and smiled. Even though she wasn’t old her eyes showed wisdom beyond her years.
“Are you Ariella?”
“I am the Lioness of God.” She said as though that were the answer.
“You were Azrael’s lover.” I said.
“Do not speak that name to me!” she snapped. Her face contorted to something not human for a brief second. Her face went back to normal without her even blinking.
I took a step back, now afraid of her. She was no longer human. Even though this was a dream (I hoped) I felt her power radiate of her. I saw the fire in her aura. I brought my own fire and she tested me. Just a trickle of her energy sent me to my knees.
“You are weak.” She said and started to disappear.
“Wait!” I yelled and stood up. “He’s sorry, he still loves you Ariella.” I called out to her.
I woke breathing heavy. Azrael stared at me, his eyes wide and his skin was paler than usual.
“You talk in your sleep. You saw Her?” he asked.
I sat up and nodded. “Azrael, how old are you and Beast?” I asked.
“I don’t know exactly. They didn’t keep records back then but it was in ancient Rome.” He answered.
I knew he was old, but that old? He had to be kidding right? I didn’t say that out loud.
“What did she tell you?”
“That Lucifel is coming to rule the cosmos once again.”
“I have to go; I will be back by dawn.” He said and the door was behind him before I could blink.
I sighed and flipped on the television. Infomercial after infomercial. I finally settled for I Love Lucy reruns. The show always put me in a better mood.
Can you please put an extra space between all of your paragraphs so it's easier to read?

(Like this.)

And just to be clear, are you looking for critique or are you just posting it up?
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i love these type of story lines smile keep it up

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