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"Im Lexi"I said smiling back.
''Hi Lexi'' I say as people move past us. ''Well I guess we should get off now'' I say with a laugh.
"Okay" I said walking to my first class.
Needs people.......

This story is about a dark angel being friends with a nice mermaid.
Thier both princess of thier world.(One being underwater)and
(one having dark wings)
Theres a world being split into two theres a nice world and a bad world.
Part of it is water,part of it is normal ground,
and some live on clowds.
There is bad mermaids-mermans nice angels-bad
angels and so on with others.
The main person is the dark angel and shes me.
But i need more people please send me a private message
if you wanna join, and add me.

Finaly lunch was here and i sall Andy and some giys I sat next to Andy "Hi" I said.
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(with additude)
"Uh.Hi what are you doing here"?
"Im not aloud to be here"?I said.
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(pulling Lexie to the corner)"Look Lexie my friends and I just need some alone time to make our plans."
"Your ok and all but no offense this is none of your bussnies!""But look on the bright side we make good buss buddies."
"And have'nt you made friends with that Destiny chick?"
"Something wrong with you I said",and i want to know what".
I pull Lexy away, and say ''There's something wrong with them. Just come sit at my table.''
"Okay"I said .
"Do you believen vampiers Destiny"?I said.
I pause and say ''Uh.Lexi, I think its really silly thing to think that vampires are real. But sadly to think of my though, I do. Why do you want to know?''
'I know this may sound crazy but I think Andy is a vampire ,before you say enything let me tell you why number 1 I got a paper cut on the bus and she left"."Number 2 she has red eyes"."Number 3 shes hanging out with people with red eyes and wont tell me whats up with her."
"I mean think about it".

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