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Can someone help me with my storyline
and rules
with grammar

A Dragon named Sayrina in the northern forest no one has never came across her at all if they did they would had been dead within a heart beat she is the last dragon of her kind so she thought.

A women named Alya bared a mark of a dragon tattoo on her right arm as the young women comes into the northern forest where Sayrina lived, sayrina kept silent until the young girl was brave enough to approach this dragon she was about to kill the human named alya until she seen the marking she had on her right arm.

The women was Sayrina's rider together they will protect the weak sayrina was as tamed as a wild beast would be tamed by the rightful owner.
The rider is the only one who can understand the dragon and the dragon and rider will become one.
As years would fall behind there was a Dragon named
Draco the evil cold dark dragon that made sayrina protective she believed she was the only dragon left but not no more it was almost time to battle this dark dragon and his rider.

His riders name is Kenji of course kenji is alive and well if the rider dies so does the dragon if the dragon dies the rider lives.
unless the rider gives all their last strength up to keep the dragon alive.

So the battle began and Sayrina and her owner lost the battle her owner was weak-ing but Sayrina was dieing she begged her owner not to do heal her and only heal her self, but must humans would be greedy and let their friend die/dragon die but instead of being greedy she gave her own life up for Sayrina which left Sayrina with out an owner and she was free once again.

But their will be a day when the riders will come back and the battle with kenji and draco shall begin once again.

for now who ever bares a scare with a dragon tattoo will be Sayrina new rider.



- no god modding
no auto hits
if any of those are seeing the the role play is done and over with i do not allow
this to happen you got to allow the other person to attack you can't just keep attacking until you feel like the other person is to weak to attack back, let each other attack and when the attack is over than the fight would be told that one of us is to weak to carry on.

I am a novals and I do got great ideas for storyline so please ask before we start role playing thank you very much I love to talk about a storyline before we get started so we know where we are and that way no one is lost or confused of the role play.

I am also a muilti role player:
meaning I role play many characters besides my dragon I have up i add many in and if you want to add some muilti rpers in than be my guest if you want to role play as draco and his rider kenji you can but be far warned these guys are evil and nasty if you are a good role player and you can come up with evil plans and such and be nasty as possibly than be my guest.
remember the rider is the only one who can listen to there dragons thoughts and can talk threw minds with each other.

I am also a literate role player:
meaning I go into detail and I do write a novel meaning a paragraph thats how I like my role plays to be I dont like one liners and I do not like no detailing so if your the typer who isn't a muilti, a semi, or a literate role player who goes into well details about everything in the role play and who doesnt type in paragraphs or a novel your choice than I can not role play with you this is high past role playing and I can't stand the low past got it so if your that low than I am not the one for you to be role playing with.

If i add you than i send a starter and talk about a story line but if you add me you talk about the story line along with sending a starter got it i think that it and i think i made my self clear.

I am so confused I know this may be all messed but can someone help me out with it all and after that explain how i can be a better grammar ?
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Hon, I'm really confused about what you're trying to accomplish here.
One, this is not exactly the right place to post about a role play. If you would like to roleplay, I would suggest visiting Barton Town in the forums. Two, I'm not quite understanding the common factor between your story and the role play rules, unless you want that to be the basis of your role play.

As for your story bit, the best way to get better with your grammar would be to read more. Find something you like to read, and start copying the way the author writes.

Another good way to get better with grammar is to type how you would speak. Don't shorten your sentences, put commas in where you would naturally pause when you speak, and imagine you are speaking as if you were typing. Speak your story outloud. Does it sound natural to you? Does it flow off of your tongue? Try to make it flow off your tongue a little better. If it doesn't sound right somewhere, fix it.

If you want me to point out specific grammatical errors, I certainly can, but there are quite a few.

Hopefully this was of some help to you!

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