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I haven't ever written an action scene, could someone give me a list of good fighting words or action words for a battle. Like lunge, for example.
I think a thesaurus could help you with the words. I have no idea what kind of style, mood, or even fight you're going for so that's really your best bet for help.

For other tips, try to use short, clear sentences to speed up the pace. Don't dwell on long descriptions. Focus on the action.

Try reading books that have really well written action scenes and try to figure out why they were so good. Then try to incorporate it in your writing. Don't completely copy it. But try to figure out some of the tricks the author used to pull it off. Did they use dashes in certain places? Italics for emphasis? Did they spend any time on the character's feelings or just left that for later?

Good luck.
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This is something a bit too general to help tremendously with. But I do agree with Kairi above on the use of a thesaurus. You can't just tell someone how to write an action scene because for one, you need to know the atmosphere the writer is originally going for. Who the opponent is. What's at stake. You also need to know the point of the fight to begin with. Also, you need to consider the skill level of your character and their fighting style. Someone with a cumbersome warhammer will fight and move differently than with someone who wields two short swords. That being said, the weapons being used also affect the fighting style. Like two small axes will need to be handled differently than two short swords. You also need to take into account how your characters will handle the situation. There's a lot coming into a fight scene and they can be difficult to write. My advice is to maybe write your own action scene and post it on here or show it to someone you know so the reader can see more directly what you are going for. From there, they can help you more effectively.

That being said, good luck! I know it can be difficult to write action scenes. It used to be for me. Still is at times. 3nodding

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