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Always will be: flabbergasted
Obliterate or Vengeance. I don't know why, but I feel like I also like the word darkness. xp heart

Although I always say these two words everyday: "I'm doomed'.
Because I'm always in trouble. This week i'm in trouble again. Ugh. crying
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I have a few words that I like but I'm stuck between grotesque, chevalier and blasphemy. I just like the way they roll off the tongue~
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It's a tie between syzygy and juxtaposition.
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I think it's an invented word from a piece of literature whose title I can't remember. Another roleplayer mentioned it to me. It means the tendency of a place to hold the most negative emotions that human beings have ever radiated while interacting in that place. I've been thinking about my childhood recently, and it seems to me that the ground of the houses me and my family lived in would be rich with noirance. (But it would have the opposite, too.)
Pratfall. 'nuf said.
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The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: "a fortunate stroke of serendipity".

My life in a nutshell. At least my artistic life. My life in general would either be described as 'eccentric' or 'ironic'.

I like this word because it sounds beautiful to me and kinda whimsical at the end. I like 'whimsical' too, makes me think of an innocent childhood =)
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Kairi Nightingale
Pratfall. 'nuf said.

*lol'ed* Oh, I'm gonna have to use that word at some point XD
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At the moment I really like the words harbinger, elegy, and echelon. But there are a lot of words that I like, either for the sound of them or for their meaning in general.

Incidentally, my least favorite word is speculator. Every time I hear it I want to punch the speaker in the gonads. With a sledgehammer. That has railroad spikes sticking out of it. And is on fire.
I like deep and meaningful words, such as...

fate, why, certainly, escape

I don't know why really : )
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Favorite words are ominous and aura. I use ominous at every chance i get (usually refering to storm clouds looming over the horizon), and aura just kinda flows right out of the mouth...
Abyss. It seems to hold a sense of mystery, darkness, and beauty - it also makes me think of flying and freefalling.
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Phonetic. But that's mostly due to the irony of that word.
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It's a tie between Sinister and Miasma. smile With Sinister, I picture blazing fires devouring everything in its path. And through Miasma, I see a grassy, muggy swamp full of algae.
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Anadem, right now, if only because it actually seems to encompass the form of a garland <3
I also love the Portuguese word for mouth, "boca". It sounds both delicate and visceral, which I find very suitable indeed.

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