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Okay. I really need some help with this guys. I have a crossover using DC and Marvel characters, places, etc. I have illustrations to go along with the story, but I don't know is who I need to talk to about get it published. Would I need to talk to Marvel, DC, or an Indy like Dark Horse? I know I would need to talk to both to get the rights to use their stuff and how could I do that too?
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Nice thread. Random update: Scrivener (which is misspelled 'Scrivner' on your post) has a Windows version now. Just thought you'd like to know. (It's on post 10: Anything and Everything Else.)
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This looks to be the best publishing deal I have found so far... Just had to share it so you fellow writers, and maybe, just curious people could see.... I'm not ready to publish yet but I read format is important when finding a publisher so I wanted to see what was out there and the basic requirements for the book should be done.... Furthermore...

You need to make sure the company your looking at doesn't keep the rights to your book, that way if you first self publish and its a hit, you can re publish as much as you like, or worse case the people you go trough do a bad job publishing your book, you can take your book else where to retry... ^_^

Don't give your work out to the first magazine that says 'yes', do your research and find out which magazines agents actually read/respect that way you can get someone decent to represent you and your work won't be stuck in some crappy magazine, because once they publish it you can't publish it again--they'll own the rights to your story. Your work is like your child!!! Cherish your work!!! biggrin

Well, agents care about the book you submit to them, not so much which magazines have published your short fiction. If it's a very prestigious magazine it could make them take a closer look, but they still have to love your submitted work. And many, many writers have signed with agents without having a single prior publication credit to their name.

It's also not necessarily true that you can't publish a short story again after you've sold it once. Some magazines do buy all rights, but many others simply purchase first North American publication rights. This means that after a certain period of time you can sell the work as a reprint. smile

Very good to keep in mind, Thank you! And also Scrivner works on window's 7 I have the trial and am planing on purchasing it.. My main question is if one uses a tool like that, is your work still privet or does the company have ways to see what one puts on there?
I've fixed the broken images in the Creating Plot post. smile
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Any help for a novella writer? I'm having trouble finding agents/publishers.

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