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Music, Dreams ( sweatdrop seriously I dream stories that usually never involve me xD it's so random), Philosophy Thinking (big time), Walking, Watching Things (like the trees or how people/animals interact)
I'm on the fence about inspiration. I actually don't really believe in the idea of 'inspiration' or being 'inspired'. I sit at my computer and stare at the screen thinking over my imaginings until I start formulating something feasible.
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I find most of my inspiration to write does indeed come from music, but there are other things as well. Such as, video games, dreams, good books, and movies. As everyone else has pointed out, inspiration can come from really any where, at any time. emotion_bigheart
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Inspiration surrounds me everyday. The things I read, see, hear, all have parts to play in my inspiration.

If I had to pick one to stand above all the others it's my dreams when I am asleep or lost in a daydream my mind goes into action and stories are born. emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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So many things! Like walking along and wondering what people's stories are, and then making up my own in my head. Music helps a lot too, whether it's the tone and rhythm that just makes me want to write something or a specific line that gets stuck in my head. Science too - there's so many interesting studies happening all the time on so many different things and it's hard NOT to feel inspired. My mood too - it's often bad of me, but the mood I'm in affects my tone and the specific events of what's going on so much it's unbelievable. I surprise myself sometimes (I don't like to plan so much - I know what's going on and the main plot points, but I'm a just-write-it kinda person when it comes to everything else).

Some people have mentioned Two Steps From Hell - and YES!! Such an awesome instrumental group.
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Just being in a calm, peaceful environment (and my head is not clouded) <3 And a song I would choose for a certain story helps me write the story.
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My inspiration for my writing comes from various things, like vampires, fairy tales, mythology, and most of all, the identities, angst, and issues that teenagers faced from their formative years to their road to adulthood. It also comes from the romantic obstacles people faced. The best thing to help me focus on my art and writing is listening to music that matches my personality.

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