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I like to write about the fantasy and dramatic stories I come up with because I want to make sure that they last longer then I do. I think that if I don't write and create a mental barrier that prevents me from writing, then in the long run I'll end up forgetting a good story. If I forget a good story, then I don't think I'll come up with the same idea ever again, which would discourage and depress me on a deep emotional level.
Wish fulfilment. smile
I want to share with everyone the story is happening every day, all around us. That was my main motivation to write.
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Things that are happening.
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Music. Happy music most of the time. XD
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sadness, loneliness, my mental disorders, and my personal outlook on the world.
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I'm probably not qualified to reply here, since I don't truly write like the rest of the people here, but, when I do write anything down that I have created, it is usually a story that appeared in one of my dreams.
I wake up very slowly as well, so reality and dream have a fuzzy line for an hour or more while I am waking up, so the dreams that are happening are part regular random dreaming and part created intentionally. So, I sortof created it redface right?

I find this topic very useful, because I would love to expand on the outlines I have lying around, but whenever I try to, I find that my courage fails me.
For one thing, I get terrified that someone I know will read it sweatdrop
(so much so that I'm considering putting anything I write into code....)

And if that doesn't stop me, my perfectionism does. Then the "look at you, can't write at all, no talent" voice kicks in and K.O.'s me.

But since I was 8 I've thought actively about what I should do to write better. Thinking hard about the things that work and dont work in the stories I encounter (book, radio, tv, etc)
But its been only thinking...

Sorry I took advantage of your thread to let out my own nagging worries sweatdrop
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Reading usually motivates me to write. But I just don't read as much as I should.

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