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I am curious, what makes you guys want to write? Is it real life situation? Made up stuff?
Welllllllllllllllll, what makes me write usually is caused by pure BOREDOM sweatdrop other than that, the reason I write is because I feel inspired and I want to bring to life my ever growing OCs piling up in this boggled head of mine. 3nodding heart
Keeps me from going off into the deep end and I enjoy it.
Read this article:


It's about finding inspiration.

I write because I want to become a professional writer and do it for a living. I also have quite a few stories to tell.
Moneeey @u@
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I like it, I guess? I don't know. I've always been a bit of a dreamer, and writing down my ideas and thoughts appeals to me.

Eventually I want to be good enough to share with others too!

Most of my ideas are fanfiction though. Hehe. I'll probably never make money as an author but I don't mind.
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Because I love reading, and I know what I like to read. I tend to write something that I'd want to read.

Not to mention it gives me something to create. I'm very creative but have little artistic talent. Writing helps me to create something that's at least decent.
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I write because I want to experiment. I want to try new things and new styles. I want my writing to constantly be evolving. I couldn't tell you exactly what I write about anymore; it doesn't seem relevant. I mean, I know it is relevant, and sometimes, sure, what I'm writing about motivates me, but what makes me want to write and actually start doing it is the need to try new things and take risks and ... break an awful lot of literary 'rules' in the process.
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I want to communicate with people. I started writing as a roleplayer twelve years ago. Yeah, when I was seven, and I was an outcast even in elementary. I got online and started roleplaying and then-- lo and behold --I had friends.

After that it evolved into writing short stories in my school's writing club. We nerds had something to talk about, just this one thing: our writing.

And about a year ago I started writing fanfiction because that's an even broader audience. People read fanfiction, they like it, they contact the author. Contact me.

Basically I love people, and my writing is what lets them approach me.
If I don't write, I will go crazy. Simple as that.
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Writing is my baby emotion_bigheart I create and raise it. As a mommy, I like watching my children (characters) discover themselves in the settings they were put in and seeing how they react. I like hopping on each and every one of their journeys to learn more about them. I wanna know how they grow throughout the years (plot) and who they'll become. And most of all, my baby, Writing, makes me happy.
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I like to write because I can't find many fantasy works that suit me. So I'm compelled to create my own.
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I write to get stuff out of my head (but I can never write fast enough to keep up with my brain!). I've had speech troubles all of my life; they might be on the mild side, but it's enough to keep me from talking much. Writing takes place as my main form of communication. It's become a habit over the years too, writing stories that I hope other people will like.
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Well I tend to daydream a lot and it usually goes off into some wierd tangents, I carry on an idea in my head and then write it down. It can take me a few minutes to days to even write a chapter, I never really start off with a plot, I let it develop in my head and then onto the page when I think of a really neat idea and I try and make it work. Insperation is all around me with everything that happens in my life and my friends too.
I write because I enjoy creating worlds and developing characters.

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