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Dapper Vampire

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I write vampire novels, mostly romantic ones, but young adult. Although I have done other types of things. I like mythical stuff.
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Do you write poems or short stories or novels? Or do you write something I didn't mention? Do you not write at all? What's your style of writing? Mine is a hopeless, morbid style.

mines a novel series based on a future manga that will be start working on after i graduate university, I've been working on this series for the past six or five years, its known as Gunners smile
+Water Is My Destiny++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I write young adult paranormal novels. That's what I read and I tend to write what I read. Though I am starting to get into more adult things. redface

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Friendly Seeker

I write. I write anything. Musical scores, poetry, lyrics, stories both long and short, random nonsense... I write it all.

I'm currently critically ripping apart and rewriting the first book in my novel series, and writing two fan fictions, a short story, and a game script.
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Oh well, it's always on my mood or what I feel like doing.
Or whatever thoughts are swirling in my head...
Romance,fantasy,apocalyptic,maybe a general fiction,supernatural,lyrics,poetry...umm a few other things. Hard to describe what I write sometimes.
I may do a fan fic if i'm bored sometimes, have only made a couple that no one has really read before.
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It is usually fantasy type stuff like witches, demons, vampires, elves, ect for me. I try to make them at least novella's or novels if i can.
I usually write Science Fiction, though sometimes I dabble in Fantasy. I usually tend to avoid using anything from mythology though, I prefer to build my own worlds.

Right now I'm working on a cyberpunk project. It's not going as smooth as I'd like, but I'm still pretty new at writing, so I stand to learn a lot by finishing something.
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Romantic Lunatic

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I write poetry normally. But I write stories. Like novel kind.. except it takes me a really long time to finish. lol. sweatdrop But I work with it..

I love writing romantic, fantasy, depressing poetry/novels. 3nodding
I write short stories and poetry, and their content and themes greatly vary. When it comes to poetry, I fancy rhyme, and my poems are more often than not based on observations I make of my friends, society and my relationships. When I began writing short stories, I liked my works to come off as innocent and hopeful, and they would climax in very dark and grotesque ways, often randomly paying attention to the beauty of surrounding nature amidst the description of the quick-to-end climax. It was silly s**t in content, but written very well (I hoped) to be strange and ironic (my version of dark comedy.) Lately, I focus on more subtle and more solid comedy, like a very well written paragraph about a man being murdered for his immorality by a stranger with a sausage.
Poems, crappy poems!!
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Toothsome Citizen

For quite a few years, it has been poetry. Only recently have I been motivated to start short stories. I'm writing my second full chapter novel right now, but it's currently in progress.

I tend to write in third person from a rather distant point of view. My point of view either zeroes in on one character and goes inside their head or is from the outside and keeps things somewhat clandestine. I like to hide much from the reader so that I can surprise them in the end.
I write poems, but reccently have started writing short stories as well. They seem to fit mostly into the fantasy genre, some are more like fairy tales or children's stories. Writing is fun. smile
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Dapper Phantom

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I tend to write short stories and song lyrics. If I attempt a longer story, I'll put the cart before the horse and write the best scenes before the actual story itself. Which doesn't work too well. Nonetheless, I'm an avid fanfictioner.
In regards to style, I use a lot of description, personification, and complicated wording. Sounds fairly good if I proofread after. Genre varies; usually fantasy/fanfiction/reality stuff. Whatever I'm thinking of at the moment.
I write novels. I'm not able to write short stories, my plots are just too huge sweatdrop
Sometimes when I get melancholic I write poems but it doesn't happen too often.

Usually I write Urban-Fantasy. Mmmh... my style... well, I write pretty laconic and colloquial. And I write most often as first-person protagonist-narrator and in present because that draws the reader more into the whole story. It's as if it would happen right now.
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Friendly Lover

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I write short stories and am working on novels. I actually find it hard to sit down and write if I'm not in the mood so recently it has been a few short stories that I am hashing out and seeing where they go.

I usually write paranormal, romance and slice of life. Sometimes sad stories if I am in the mood.

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