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I do short stories and am working on one long term project. I prefer to work with dark fantasy and whimsical themes.

When I get stuck on a project I often write fan fictions just for the giggles.
I write novels. I don't write a specific genre, but I do enjoy writing mystery and fantasy.

My style's kind of narrator-introspective and really descriptive of peoples' actions.
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How to put this?
I have the idea plot out set and done but lacking in filling in the gaps and details where its most important, also combinding situations. All together they are short stories from the same storyline. When I'm in a mood I also write phrases and poems at times but not often. My style... ppl say I write naive and predictable which is bad. I guess I dont have the talent just ideas
Lol I tried convincing my friend to draw it manga kinda way but thats another story hehehe ^0^
I don't really know what my writing style is but I write stories. I want to turn them into novels though. The longest story I did write was about 100 pages long. Though I misplaced the notebook it was in since I moved. So far my new story is 24 pages and another story of mine I just started writing it. Though I have to figure out the plot first. burning_eyes
I mostly procrastinate writing novels.

This is the case with me. Although, time to time I'll write a poem or short story. Depends on what I have for inspiration for those two.
Poetry is my life, and short monologues. heart
I mainly write short stories (on paper, and I have to staple the pages together when I'm done, which is why I keep them short). Poems mainly when I'm brainstorming for stories and just when I randomly feel like writing them.

I once worked a long time on a chapter book when I was younger, but I lost the whole thing so I don't usually write very long things.
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I write a little bit of poetry, short stories, and novels (though I am still working on the first one with procrastination.) I try to write something that people can either enjoy or relate too. And sometimes the ideas come from nowhere or really silly ideas. smile
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I have written short stories, unfinished novels and poems in the past, but I enjoy writing scripts, especially screenplays. The kind of scripts I mostly write are realistic scenarios with a mix of dark and deadpan humor. Someone read one of my works and saw the influence of Woody Allen in, which is cool because that's what I've been aiming for anyway.
Novels, mostly. I have too many ideas to write anything shorter. And poetry is just not my thing.
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I write fantasy novels for adults and older children. The style of fantasy varies, but it's usually there in some form.

I do write some dystopian short stories too, but not particularly often.
LOL at some of the pretentious answers in here! I promise you that your ideas aren't as original or awesome as you think they are otherwise you'd already be a fabulously wealthy author.

I write articles usually because that's what pays the bills. I have finished and published a novel and a compilation of short stories as well as several short stories themselves. I have no delusions about becoming a fabulously wealthy author, but I do hope that my work is enjoyable for readers.
I write short stories and long stories. I write long stories because I need to--I'm bipolar, and I find that writing helps keep me stable. Or stable-er. Having a long project ensures that there is always something to write. I write short stories to keep me interested, keep it fresh.

My first (finished) long story was fanfic. I have also written a couple other shorter fanfics, mostly one-shots. Before that, I wrote fantasy because that was what I read. I was never able to finish any of them, but I would really like to go back to them someday. My current story is...honestly, I've never been good a categorizing things, but it's about some real-life massive war game thing set in Toronto. I don't have a style. I'm still working on that.
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Short stories, mostly, and the occasional novel. Supernatural erotica.
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Well, I usually write something dark at times, mystery, and action.

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