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I suggest going online and flicking through random YouTube videos. That's what I do when I have writers block. Just relax bro.
Thanks for some good tips and motivation for writer's block. There are a couple of things that get
me through a writer's block. One, take a break from it. I know a lot of writers have suggested to
keep writing anyways, but I find that if you take a day or two off and just focus on other things,
you'll get a new and fresh perspective on your work (instead of just reading the last paragraph
or page over and over again, then agonizing about it). Two, find something that inspires you. It
doesn't matter if it's art, music, dancing, food, movies/videos, or even your pet. Sometimes
ideas can come from the strangest places. Three, re-read your favorite stories, books, poems,
etc. The trick is to read it more critically. Think about what you like about it - is it the characters,
plot, narrative style/prose, use of literary devices, etc. Then see if you can do something to
incorporate a little bit of what you've learned into your work. For example, describing the setting
in more detail, having a more funny dialogue between characters, etc. Four, start writing
something completely new. I know it might sound counter intuitive, but there's nothing like a
fresh start to get the creative juices flowing again. You can always go back to your previous
work once you've gotten an idea on how to continue. If anyone does decide to read my little
blurb, I hope you found it useful. Otherwise, happy writing everyone!
I find that I've been struck with writer's block a lot recently. I used to write every day but recently, because of school and a busy schedule, I have not been able to keep up with it and I'm always burnt out by the time I actually get to writing.

What I find that helps me is changing the mode of writing. If I'm trying to write on the computer but can't get the words out, I switch to a notebook. If I'm writing in a notebook then I switch to the computer. You can always type it into your documents later and notebooks sometimes really help to immerse you in what you're writing, I feel.
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    Something that I sometimes do when I have major writer's block is just shut down on the writing altogether. It's like writer's amnesia. "Quotes, I thought you were making a book!" "What book?" It sounds weird, though I find it helpful. During these moments of complete mental-blockage, I hunt down as many inspirational/creative devices as I can; mainly through movies, anime, music, television shows, other writing groups/writers, books, and on and on.

    It helps me, I think. It shows me that I can go wide with my story. Because sometimes we're just so caught up with what we're writing, that we don't always realize that we can go one in a hundred million ways with what we want to do with our characters and plot. Somehow, our vision is narrowed down by some degree. And when you're stuck with that narrowed vision, it eventually closes off.

    Therefore, writers block.

    I am so subbing to this thread now. xD
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This might sound crazy, but some of the best advice I've received about writing was from Cracked.com. (Seriously!!!) Said advice was to research the hell out of what you're writing about--YES, even if it's fiction.
Here's a fun exercise to get those writing juices flowing: pick a handful of cards from a game like Apples to Apples (or Cards Against Humanity) and write a short piece (prose or poetry) utilising all of the pulled words.
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This might sound crazy, but some of the best advice I've received about writing was from Cracked.com. (Seriously!!!) Said advice was to research the hell out of what you're writing about--YES, even if it's fiction.

Research can give you LOADS of inspiration.

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