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    I just remembered, in more detail, about a story that I wrote when I was possibly 12 to 13 years old. I had been aiming to become an author, so I had hoarded close to sixteen of these eighty page exercise writing journals and just wrote in them from the front cover to the back and over. I remember the plot line of it well, which had been kind of different for a kid my age, and there were certain parts of the novel that really stand out in my mind now: riding a dead / phantom train; something about Chinese dragons and a sky war; people being shrunken to roughly three or five inches tall; giant spider women called Black Widows; fights in libraries, fights in abandoned houses; being captured and escaping just barely with the use of teleportation...this thing was just all over the place with some far-out wacky scenes with tons of action, and I loved it. rofl

    Though when I hit grade nine and I had seared through it with the ever-feared red pen, I had thought there was so much blunders. (Really, when I think back on it, it may have been imperfect, but, still, now that I'm older I think I could have dealt with it). But because I was ashamed of it for whatever reason, I had thrown the entire thing out.

    All 16 of those 80 page exercise booklets that I had spent most of grade 7 and 8 on, in the recycling, and possibly recycled into someone's pop can.

    Now I kind of wish that I hadn't thrown it out. I wish that I could read through it, and smile with nostalgia, because with blunders or not it had been my writing and it was a part of who I am as a writer.

    But, enough of that now. The question is, Writers, if you have ever made any kind of story that you remember the most? It can be a story or a poem or whatever you've written. Could have been a week ago, or it could be three years ago. However far your memory reaches back. What was the story about, if you can remember? Did you ever have some weird scenes in it that you had thought were gold at that time? Did you love the characters? The plot line? Had you believed that this would be your ticket to fame?
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Some of my favourite pieces are ones I wrote for my University Creative Writing Course, and I put a couple of them up on this blog, which I have since never updated. You can read them via the link in my signature.

I don't remember much from when I was younger, but I remember in Kindergarten I wrote a story about a pancake that was also a superhero, and when I was older, for an assignment, I wrote a children's story about a dinosaur going to a dress-up party. I was very proud of how I managed to make the whole thing rhyme
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The main story that pops into my head was one that I wrote when I was 7 years old. It was a story about a girl caught alone in a blizzard, who leaves her home to try to find her parents. As she's about to die of hypothermia, she finds Jack Frost (in the guise of a snowman), who speaks to her and points her in the right direction. When she heads in that direction and looks back, she finds that he has disappeared. She keeps going in the direction the snowman told her and eventually finds a small town where her parents were keeping shelter in.

... It sounds a lot better when I put it in summary form, but it had horrific spelling and grammatical mistakes, and was less than half a page long. Still, I remember it fondly, because that's when I first started writing, and ten years later, I'm still writing (and I have gotten a lot better, thank god).
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I wrote a thing as an assignment back in first grade? We were given a large blank book and were told to write and draw in it. Good lord my first-grade self was horrible at spelling. gonk It was about some dragon-thing making friends with a goblin-thing and then moving in together? I dunno, haven't looked at that book in years.

First real attempt at a story after that was the summer after sixth grade, where I decided to run with an idea vaguely tangential to the sixth-grade book assignment we were told to do. (Identical to the first grade one, except the book was physically smaller and we had a minimum number of pages to write, haha.) The project was about some trio of kids escaping government/otherwise shady agents after something unusual happens to them, and they end up escaping into another world that they decide to stay in. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but I ran with the basic theme and had the kids-going-to-another-world and weird transformation stuff. I wanted it to be a novel, and I wrote in that sucker every day for a few weeks solid that summer, saving it on a red floppy disk. No idea how many words I ended up putting into it, (not all that many, comparatively) but at least two of the characters live on today as MCs in my Big Project(s), and the world and plot itself has come a long way.

Also remember most of my proper short stories. Ought to re-write some of the better ones...
I remember my first story. My brother and I were competing against each other to see who could write better. My six year old self came up with a very weird story about how a bear was chasing a dog who was chasing a cat who was chasing a mouse in a castle when suddenly the dog questioned the entire purpose of the chase. The animals agreed with the dog, and everything became friendship, sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. I only remember this one because it was my first, and it was the only one I've ever written in English that had a happy ending.

When I was fourteen, I wrote my first dark story. It was about a man who was trying to stay sane while everyone else was possessed by demons who forced the people to do evil things, such as killing and stealing. At the end, he was possessed by a demon who forced him to take the lives of the people closest to him before he kills himself and descends into hell. His soul literally became a demon. I wish that one hadn't of been confiscated; it was one of my favorites.
My first story was a hand-scribbled, illustrated, rushed thing of thirty or so pages about a girl who finds out she is adopted, runs away, finds out she is a triplet, then goes on a search for her birth parents. I still have it.

My most remembered chapter is number fourteen from Millennium Children. I vividly remember sitting upstairs on Christmas Day, 2009, typing away feverishly because I wanted to get it down. It was the pivotal point if the novel, where the protagonist learns why he has his powers, and I still love the scene.

But one of the earliest, if not the earliest story I remember is The King's Breakfast by A A Milne. I used to sit on my granddad's knee as he read it. He used to do voices and everything.
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Thinking about it, I remember the majority of the stories I've written, started writing, or thought of but never wrote. The earliest one that I remember writing was in fourth grade. It as about a girl caught in the rain who makes friends with a dragon. The dragon was pink with gold tipped wings that it used to keep her dry and warm. I got an A+ and complimented on my descriptions.

After that I went through a poetry phase and wouldn't write prose again until eighth grade. I think I might still have that dragon story in a box somewhere in the attic.
my mother kept a story that i wrote in kindergarten. i remember it only because i discovered and reread it long after the fact.

it was horrific. i say that not because six-year-olds "stink at writing" as compared to their aged counterparts, but because all of the morbid subtext of my childhood had managed to fuse itself with my story.

ah, children. so ...transparent.

that aside, the story involved an alien race, flying to the moon... general shenanigans. no worries: everyone lived happily ever after.
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Back in middle school, I tried writing a fantasy novel. It was inspired by so many different stories I heard and read growing up. I still have it right in my room. Titled it "The Bakamana" because I had heard the word "baka" somewhere and liked it and I noticed that a number of successful fantasy stories make good use of the word "mana." It wasn't until I found out baka means stupid or idiot in Japanese that I lost the will to continue writing it. It pretty much translated to "stupid magic." I just couldn't change the name, while simultaneously being unable to bear it as it was. But onto the plot summary.

The basic plot itself was inspired by some DS game I had played called Lost Magic. The main character was called Bakani, an orphan who lived with a powerful mage (dubbed "Master" or "my master," as the story was from the point of view of Bakani) in a hut in a clearing in the middle of some woods full of feral vampires. They only appeared at night, and Bakani did not fear them as he could gather food and firewood during the day. They also would not approach their hut at night (due to fear of Master, but Bakani was unaware of his master's true power). Master only taught Bakani basic magical skills to assist in food gathering and serve for self defense, for he knew Bakani's past and blah blah mysterious blah blah.

Anywho, the conflict came in when Bakani returned to the hut in the evening with some firewood and found their hut in ruins. Searching it, he found his master's body. A thought entered Bakani's head, which was in fact a magical message left floating in the air for Bakani's mind only. It warned him of the mysterious group of powerful individuals (inspired by Naruto's Akatski) who had slain him, seeking the pouch he always carried on his person. They were unable to remove the pouch from his body, and left to return later when the enchantment wore off. Bakani took the pouch and ran. (he had garlic cloves to keep the vampires at bay)

I stopped writing after Bakani was saved from Rulik, one of the people who murdered Master, just before escaping the forest, by his own teleportation magic that he did not know he possessed. It just worked when Rulik swung his sword at him (inspired by Jump, I'd imagine). He ended up in a field and passed out due to the strain of the advanced spell. When he woke up he was in a sod house with a warm towel on his head, but the pouch was gone. Stopped writing there.

I think it was a pretty good story for how old I was. I'll have to work on it some more someday. If you read this far, you must have liked it, so thanks smile .
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When I was in high school about three and a half years ago, I wrote a horror novel about a skinwalker(person that can transform into any animal desired) named Raven Wolf aka Wolf Fang that was cursed by a skinwalker couple and after they murdered her family they got revenge on them! I rewrote it recently as of last spring. I plan on doing a series of it as well as other subjects in horror!

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