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stressed Suffer? And how do you over come?
crap, i hate writers block.

for me, i just sit there and think about something interesting i want to happen alot later in the story and how i want to get there. some insperation comes and the block is... um... unblocked smile

and that probably didnt help at all sweatdrop
have a cup of hot tea or a stiff drink if you are old enough. Then start typing from your favorite book until you think of something yourself.
Writers block?? hmm....Well...I personally think ahead or come up with situations and stuff I can work in later on..you can always get rid of that stuff later, when you do get unblocked, if you don't like it..but that may not work, depending on what kind of writting you are doing. The best thing I find is to start free witting on something else...that sometimes helps me. sweatdrop But who am I to talk? I end up killing all the characters I make...or they are almost always in perment hospital care...ohwell...I tried to help. Hope you can start wrtting again.
Ack! Writer's block sucks. I usually do what Tora does though, which is work on some other stuff which I might (or might not) incorporate into the larger story later on.

If that fails, do some research or think of the way the world around the characters is. Work on clothing descriptions or buildings or small sub-plots which might be happening underneath the real story.
Well here is a real good, very effective, almost gauranteed to work way to cure writer's block. Get yourself into the most boring place you can find. That way you are forced to entertain yourself. Now if you do this right, you start telling yourself a nice little story and then boom you keep elaborating on it.

Now my favorite methods of getting bored are as followed.
Go to school
Go to church
Listen to presidentail debates
Chic flicks
Visting relatives

Hope that helps

Or you could go kill people and then write about that, but that is a whole differnt thing, plus your not famous and you can't afford Johnny cochrun.
Or you could go kill people and then write about that, but that is a whole differnt thing, plus your not famous and you can't afford Johnny cochrun.

But with this outfit I am wearing Im sure to get by with it though ^,~
Writers Block is a curse. I always find inspiration from films I watch and write about characters in them and then rather than write a story, I do a fan fic until I find something original to write.
do a mind map for everything that is happening now - touch, sight, smell, hear, taste. and 6th sense biggrin he he
If you can't find a good way to make ideas meet the page, sit down and think about how one of your rambunctious friends would tell the story if they were drunk. Then, write the entire thing IN THAT VOICE. Spelling errors, grammatical convolutions, the works.

Then, go back and ask yourself why each sentence still manages to get the point across, if only in the most rudimentary fashion. Use this imaginary alchoholic muse to spit a raw, unwieldy version of the story you want to tell, and then you can revise, rewrite, or edit.

At that point, it's no longer a question of writers block. It's a question of retelling that cool story that your inebriated companion slobbered into your lap.
Writers block is hard to overcome, but it's easy to dodge if you know how.

First off, you have to free your mind. I do this by taking a bath and listening to music. Other people have other ways, but it's all good.

Next, get into your story. Picture you're one of the characters and figure out what they would do. Then, the block slowly moves away.....
Freewrite. What that is you sit down and just write. You don't pay attention to things like grammar, spelling, punctuation. You just write as you think and ramble. This is good for freeing of just getting to writing or working things out that may be stalling you.
Writer's block > me.

I'll be merrily working on a story, then WHAM!, I'm hit with the BLOCK. Then, just as mysteriously, I'll be fine and creative a few days later. It's... yeah, strange.

I generally find that playing video games and posting here are good ways of finding inspiration. Finding other plotlines and incorporating them into your storyline always helps.
What happens to me is that i usually have an plot floating around in my head....

The plot just keeps building and such and i feel like begginning a story.... but then i just stop cuz i'm either too busy or distracted

*Dyna sighs

I have about 3 fanfiction plots in my head right now..... er...... I think i'll write it over the summer
Oreos... Pure Evill Oreos... ALthough they inspire me to write a story about them, not sure how that will turn out if they get the best on me.

Although i've just eaten have a bag in 20 minutes, yet i still wiegh frickin 129. Grr

Anyways as for writer's block another great idea is to, read really bad people's stories, for some reason this just gives me ideas for stories. Like something i want to do with my characters.

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