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Is it sad that since I've read so much fanfiction, both good and bad, that none of this is new to me? I've read enough to seen evidence of every single one of the mistakes you've mentioned.

I had such fun pointing the same things mentioned here out to the respective authors. twisted heart

The thing I love about this thread? No l337 speak or chat-speak. It's a balm to my mind. 4laugh
www.20000-names.com is a really good place to look for names. I got all my characters names from there.
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My favorite naming generator for just about anything you could ever ask for biggrin

i should definately place in in my subscribe thread considering that alot of what you had mentioned within the context you had written had made alot of sense.

thanks for posting, it can definately help me.
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Thank you for the reminder.

It came in very handy as I was rewriting a story. ^_^
cool! now i won't have to search so hard for a name...
Wow, I love this thread. Thank you very much--I always like any help that will contribute to my thought process.
Ah this thread has saved me.
I don't know if anyone's said this before, but there's behindthenames.com
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I am in the process of writing a fantasy, and I made up my own names for it.

The story is called the Legend of Thyvia. Legend, I got no problem with. But people keep saying that Thyvia sounds like an STD. and I have also named the capital city Thyvias. Is that wrong to do?

And I made up weird names.



The Haemililion

So you see, I have a thing for the 'ae' and bashing the rule "'I' before 'E', except after 'C'

So do not be afraid to mess around with letter placement.

Though after reading the thing about Legend, I am trying to find something better, just in case.

...the cube.

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