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i wana be named name me ya right rolleyes
Oh wow. Awesome thread. It helped me a lot =]]
So helpful it hurts!!!!!! ow
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What not to name your kids and/or characters.

I think the lady running this site is a bit harsh at times, but at other times her biting criticism of stupid baby names is so, SO deserved.

Wow, thanks a lot, really useful.


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Shameless Shapeshifter

More bad baby name fun.

Kids, don't try these at home. mrgreen

Writers, if your names sound like these, you probably need help. razz
Oh god, those are terrible...
Heys do u have any idea where I could find a list of Japanese names and their meanings in English?
I do lots o manga stuff as well as writing, so I want to get some cool Japanese names without just copying them from popular animes...... one o my friends suggested I should use Ichigo once >_<
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Generally speaking, plugging "(insert culture here) baby names" into a search engine works really well.

But to save you the trouble...

Thank you soo much for writing this. biggrin
...this is weird
bleh_love x3
Thank you soo much for writing this. biggrin

yeah, it's helpful!
Wow, thanks for this post. It seems quite helpful, even if I don't agree with some of the 'rules'. I'll definitely refer to this post when I need to think of new names.
Okay, folks, I need a name for a wandering knight on a quest.

It can't be Roland, because as much as I would love to, I'm not allowing myself that.
Nibelungenlied FTW? (Story of Siegfried, dude who slays a dragon)

A few of my favorites:
Adrian, Albert, Daniel, Nicholas...

Gotten from here:

Traditional English male names. Go crazy. ^_^

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