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Of course you have to love it. Not comfortable with your self opinions and ideas is a bad thing.

Hurting Myself isn't Emo. stare
I think I love you.

Lol. Nice give.

I know lots of people who absolutely loathe the titles of stories they've written but kept them because others said it was genius.


Picking Scabs,
Vampire Tendencies,
Way Out of the Box.

...Can I have your babies?
Then they change the title later. XP

Smart People are Blind
Warnings: Band Geeks can Kick Your a** [well, where I come from]
What is a Dream?
Catching a Soul
I think I love you.

They actually leave it.
They just whine forever afterwards.

Band geeks can wail on you with their tuba.

Wait, I just got that eerie feeling I always get when I can name everything.
Quick, link me up again.
Maybe you'll get lucky.

Crap I forgot I had gives in my copypasta and copied something else.
And they were brilliant.

Trapped in my Comfort Zone,
In His Bubble,
Personal Space.

...Can I have your babies?
That sucks, copying something and pasting another thing. XP
My section leader is a clarinet and he's so buff that someone last year thought he was a senior. First chair too. wink

Finding Nobody
Towering Space
LoopHole Plan
Global Warming Ate My Homework xd
I think I love you.

I am SO stealing The Paradox.

All our band geeks are actually really cool, comta think of it.

And the ones that aren't are cool anyway because if you said they weren't they'd probably burn you with a cigarette.

Idunno how many could beat on you though.

Kyle, fersure.

...We're providing this thread with a lot of free titles and bumping, aren't we?

I Neeta Pee. [It's cute...and true, actually. brb.]

...Can I have your babies?
A subscriber!

My sections my family even though I hate a few people in the section. *cough* ninja 55 in a family. 3nodding

A lot of free titles...
My Memory Lies to Me
I Believed You! scream
Oh Hell No!'s Guide to --------
I think I love you.

I think we're getting more and more retarded though.

I mean, "I neeta pee"?


I haven't been in the band since seventh grade. But I'm still in the chaotic ONE BIG FAM'LY choir.



Toy Soldier,
Web Who
re, [aiming at the internet here, but if something else comes to mind, run with it.]
Who I Am.

...Can I have your babies?
We could be getting more retarded.

I revived a "useless" I made here and now it has a purpose. heart

The Rainbow Miasma
Rusted Mirror
Every Soul is a Circus

I can't believe no one has taken this so far.

I am grabbing it! -runs off with it to her dragon cave of unfinished stories-

As for ones to leave behind:

"Five Reasons Why You're An Idiot"
"Fade to Pink" (use this one well. I am rather attached to it, but can't find anything to do with it.)
"Orange Juice Summer"
"...And That's Why I Had My Underwear on My Head."

Most of those sound like short story titles to me, but whatever. If anyone uses them, it's up to them, right? They're just mildewing in my hands.
I think I love you.


I want "...And That's Why I Had My Underwear on My Head."

I will MAKE something fit to it.

I could make something very sultry out of "Five Reasons Why You're an Idiot", as well.

I think I'll take both.

Gimme a sec to hack out a couple more gives, it's gotten too dark to see my keyboard and the lights are off.

...Can I have your babies?
Yay someone took mine. heart

3 AM
Got Rice?
Angel Eater
Piano Wire
I think I love you.


I guess you won.

I think my titles are turning for the worst of the emo side.


Apocalyptic Dawn,
Unfelt Wounds,
Numbing Pain,

...Can I have your babies?

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