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I think I love you.

Not as stupid of some of the stuff I gave a couple pages ago, on.

My friend drew a picture and titled it Spoils of War. I'm writing a short story to go with it.

Have to claim that.

Compelled to claim Three Husbands Ago, but I'm absolutely blank on what do actually do with it and I'm not mean enough to let it dust.


Down by the Epitaph,
With Benefits.

...Can I have your babies?
Okay. Left for a while though. XP

Two Jade Butterflies
Mountain Road
The Dehumanizing Process
I think I love you.

Ooh. I like the last one. I don't think I'll steal it though. I've already stolen a lot.




...Can I have your babies?
I'd steal one, but haven't come across any I really like or need. *sigh*

Seeing Blindfolded
Scorched Rain
Thriving within Technology
Air-Born Mountain
I think I love you.


Link me up to that again?


Disguised Truths,
Hidden Lies.

...Can I have your babies?
It's fine. It'll pop up somewhere or kick me in the shin, you never know.
Take as many as you like, only if you give some back. That's the purpose of this thread right? razz

Crimson Tears
Walking the Twilight
Unkept and Unbound
I think I love you.

Nah, I need to use these ones up first.

Wow, Crimson Tears reminds me of a fanfiction I wrote once. Two, actually. Lame-a** sisterfics.

I ruined beyblade for myself for the longest time...


Bleeding Tears,
Crying Blood.

...Can I have your babies?
Oh dear...I can give you main details but it's very vague. XP

Balance Between Me
Exchanging Faces

Darn, I lost [forgot] one... TT^TT
Wait, it's coming back...
I think I love you.

Trading Faces could be a funny Harry Potter/Trading Spaces parody.


...I've run out again.

I Me,
Personal Hell,
Hell on Earth,
There is no Hell,
Hell is Earth.


...Can I have your babies?
I remember!!
Soulless Human Weapon
Trapping Spirits
The Gate of Limbo

Main Point of my story: 8 gods chose worthy vessels so they can "guide" [not really stare mostly them] them into destroying "evil".
One Gods for each person. The control the elements [I consider these elements] Light, Dark, Lightning, Water, Fire, Wood, Wind and Earth. 8-ish main characters. Minor characters may appear more than once.
No repeating themes, I don't think. They each have a scared childhood. A main character sort of dies before the Boss stage. He dies but isn't dead. ^^
I think I love you.

Limbo actually sounds pretty good for that.


Um, lessee.

The Heavenly Damned?

...Can I have your babies?
Gives: [Because I already tried them]
Elemental Gods/Warriors
[Ugh, forgot again. =.= It'll come back, hopefully.]

No, they get along with their gods main because the gods finds someting that makes them see that they are not just tools.
The people enjoy their comany and can summon them when needed. One of the Gods are mainly worshiped from their area. Place: Fictional China, they always respect their gods, ancestors and sometimes elders. stare
I think I love you.


Let's try whipping out a trusty internet theasaurus.

Main Entry: magical
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: bewitching
Synonyms: bewitched, charismatic, clairvoyant, conjuring, demoniac, diabolic, eerie, enchanted, enchanting, ensorcelled, entranced, entrancing, extraordinary, fascinating, fiendish, ghostly, haunted, imaginary, magic, magnetic, marvelous, miraculous, mysterious, mystic, mythical, necromantic, occult, otherworldly, parapsychological, runic, sorcerous, spectral, spellbinding, spellbound, spiritualistic, spooky, telekinetic, thaumaturgic, tranced, uncanny, unusual, weird, witching, witchlike, wizardly, wonderful

Main Entry: obsessed
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: driven
Synonyms: bedeviled, beset, bewitched, bugged, captivated, consumed, controlled, dogged*, ted, engrossed, fiendish, fixated, gone, gripped, harassed, haunted, heavily into, held, hooked, immersed in, infatuated, into*, overpowered, plagued*, possessed, preoccupied, prepossessed, really into*, seized, taken over, tied up*, tormented, troubled, turned on

Main Entry: possessed
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: bewitched
Synonyms: bedevilled, berserk*, consumed, crazed*, cursed, demented, enchanted, fiendish, frenetic, frenzied, gone*, haunted, hooked*, insane, into*, mad*, obsessed, raving*, really into, taken over*, under spell, violent

Main Entry: spectral
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: ghostly
Synonyms: apparitional, eerie, haunted, illusory, phantasmal, phantom, scary, shadowy, spiritual, spooky, supernatural

Main Entry: unearthly
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: supernatural
Synonyms: Satanic, abnormal, absurd, appalling, demoniac, devilish, eerie, ethereal, extraordinary, fiendish, frightening, funereal, ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish, hair-raising, haunted, heavenly, hyperphysical, miraculous, nightmarish, phantom, preternatural, ridiculous, scary, sepulchral, spectral, spooky*, strange, sublime, superhuman, uncanny, ungodly, unholy, unreasonable, weird

...now my head hurts.

brb for advil.

...Can I have your babies?
Wow... eek
Me thinks I want it to sound Neutral. To me most of those sound negative, no offense.
Magical is too, Europeon than Asian for me, sorry if your offended.

They travel the world, learn about other people and cultures and extreminate evil. Maybe something with 'Gods' in it, though they appear every so often.

The Miner's Cave
I think I love you.

I copypasted it off a website, no offense taken.

My brain hurts though.

...Can I have your babies?

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