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Hey, all.

So, I'm writing a few TV ad scripts for a Marketing Communications course and I'm at a loss on formatting.

How do you write in that the screen cuts to black, the scene continues in audio, and text appears on the black screen?

Here's what I've got so far:
          CAMERAMAN pans to follow KAYAKER and we see as he reaches the top of the ramp, about to launch into his back flip.

          BLACK OUT.

          The screen goes black, but we can hear KAYAKER as he completes the flip. Water splashes and he cheers. CAMERAMAN is silent.

          White Text appears on the screen:


          "Never be caught unprepared."

          Voltaic Logo appears as KAYAKER speaks.

          (Voice Over, hopeful and excited)
          Did you get it?

          Small line of text fades in under the Voltaic Logo as sound from the scene fades out:

          "Solar power. Anywhere, anytime, any sport."

          FADE TO BLACK

I'm not sure how, exactly, to format it.
I'm hoping this is right, but is anyone able to verify it for me?

Cheers, folks!
You might want to familiarise yourself with screenwriting conventions:

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Do you suppose "Superimpose" would work over a CUT TO BLACK kinda thing?
I imagine that you would want to Superimpose and then fade to black. Like:

SCENE: Black background with Voltagic logo centred.

SUPERIMPOSE: Solar power. Anywhere, anytime, any sport.


But advertising conventions might be different to other scriptwriting conventions.
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I think if you're superimposing, it's implied that there's a picture on the screen for the words to be imposed over. But it's been a long time since I worked with screnwritey things.
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I see, I see.
That makes sense.

I doubt it'd be different for ads - they're still TV spots.


I've got this little clause in there about "Scene FADES TO BLACK" before I do the SUPERIMPOSE, so I think it works.

Thank you for keeping' me aware. :3
Try www.scripped.com. It's free and it even starts you with a template if you want
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Try www.scripped.com. It's free and it even starts you with a template if you want

I'm interested to know... how does this help, exactly?

Also, tried Scripped.
Stuck with Celtx. Less spam.

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