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This better be good, 'cause I need to hurry and finish this chapter... sweatdrop

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I'm sure it's staring me in the face, but how do you randomly generate a number?? I've been on gaia for years and never used it!

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What a perfect way to get started.
Thank you!
I am not the greatest writer, nor perfect with grammar, but just writing something is what this prompt is for. Thanks very much. I have inspiration now! Eep!

I looked up at the empty sky. The hole in the moon is still charged with electricity and radiation from the blast. I worry as all of our stashes of medication and supplies are running low. Should I just move on to the ship or just salvage what I can here? The government says the generators are going to run out of fuel. Earth will be uninhabitable, though I’m not sure if you could call it habitable as it is now. I am unsure of what to do, but a tug on my jeans jars me out of my thoughts.
“Momma, where did the stars go? I miss talking to them.”
I look down at my son. He just turned five. His little blue eyes were full of sadness, which tugged at my heart strings.
“They went to live with Daddy remember? They protect him.” Oh, how I wish that I could give him a better answer than the one that I have to give. His little eyes welled up with glittering tears.
“But, I miss them. And I miss Daddy too. When will they be back?” Indigo asks me with hope in his voice.
“We will see them when the dawn comes, child.” I explained with a sigh. I cannot bear the thought of telling him the dawn will never come. The sun was destroyed too by the blast. Damn those Fallen. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have lost my Forever, my little Indigo’s father. Oh, how I missed his blue eyes and the warmth of his caress. I yearn for his laughter and his contagious smile. I can’t think of that though. I cannot break down in front of my son. My Forever would want me to be strong. I am strong. We share a soul; we share strength. We will survive.
Indigo sighed and I could see he was disappointed. My poor boy, I wish you didn’t have to go through this.
I picked him up and placed him on my hip, lacing my fingers as a sort of sling under his rump to hold him close.
“I love you, my Indigo.” I whispered as I kissed the top of his red hair.
“I love you too, Momma.” He giggled back and wrapped his arms around my neck.
I turned around and started walking in the direction of our little shack. I built it myself out of odds and ends I could find of other demolished buildings pre-Fallen. It only had one room and a dirt floor. I had a small card table in the right far corner, quite a treasure to find that was. Only one leg was missing so I used a stick to balance it. It was slanted, but it worked. Indigo and I jumped for joy when I brought that home. Just a little bit of normalcy makes all the difference. In the opposite corner were tattered and holey blankets I scrounged for, our bedding, and on the right wall was a small picture nailed there. It was a picture of my Forever smiling proud and standing next to a Fallen. He was so proud to finally meet a creature from another planet. He had always believed in what people used to call “extra-terrestrials” and I believed too. It was the only thing that made any sense.
“It is bed time for my little Indigo.” I said as I set down my son and dropped my pack under our card table.
“Alright Momma, but we haven’t eaten. I am hungry Momma.”
I smiled and cheerfully chirped, “Then let’s see what we have for a nice dinner, shall we?” Upon reaching my pack and opening it a feeling of dread was dumped on me. There were only three hard lumps of bread left and two bottles of water. I handed Indigo a lump of my homemade bread and a bottle of water. He took them and delightfully began to eat.
“Th-thanks- mmmmf-Momma”. He managed to spit out through bites. I laughed. He was my only joy left in this life. I did not eat. There was a lump left for Indigo and myself for in the morning. I would need the saited belly for in the morning when we have to scavenge some more. But, thinking of that was for tomorrow. Right now, I just wanted to enjoy my son. The only thing I have left of my Forever. He is such a gift.

After finishing his supper and getting tucked into our makeshift bed together, Indigo and I snuggled while I told him of a story about his father. Before I was able to finish, the sound of his soft snores filled my ears. I smiled and kissed him on his head while holding him close.
“I love you, my child. I live only for you.” I whispered as I felt myself succumb to the blissfulness of sleep.

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Lucky Dice get me a good one!!!!!

Edit: Word is Festive

So here it goes.

Enjoy my random prompt!

"What are you doing?” she yelled across the room.
“What you told me to do!” he yelled back. He could feel his eye twitch; she was getting on his last nerve.
“Did I say hang the blue banner over the stage?” her voice mimicked the sound of fingernails on chalkboard.
“You said ‘Put that one up there and that one over there.’ You never mentioned anything about colors.”
Fire sprang from her eyes, or so he imagined if it were possible, “I pointed to the red one then at the stage and I pointed at the blue one then at the door. Are you blind?”
He was about to jump down and yell at her, “Calm down Narissa.” However, his best friend jumped to his rescue. “The blue one looks better up there anyways. The red one would melt into the red curtains. We want the banner to stand out, not hide away.”
Narissa glanced at the banner again and how it did in fact stand out from the red curtains. “As always Karu, you are right.” Her attempt to flirt with one of the schools most popular boys failed. She glared at Amadeus then twirled back to bossing people around.
“Thanks.” Amadeus sighed in relief then tacked up the last corner.
Karu laughed, “You just can’t stay off her bad side can you.”
“Apparently not.” He jumped off the ladder, “That girl drives me nuts. What did I ever do to deserve that?”
“You called her ugly in front of the whole school, while she was professing her love for you.”
Amadeus blankly stared ahead then scratched his head. “I did?”
“You don’t remember?” he shook his head and laughed again.
“No, when was this?”
“During the assembly for the Rebirth Celebrations Committee. They introduced everyone, she professed in a whisper, and you screamed something about her being ugly and beneath you.”
“Oh yeah.”
“What are you doing Amadeus? Those decorations won’t hang themselves!” Narissa yelled from across the room. “Or is it beneath you to hang them?”
“Nah, that’s nothing. But listening to your orders is!” He yelled back then threw the hammer in the tool box. “I'm going home Narcissism, I mean Narissa!” swiftly turning and saluting his goodbye to the rest of the committee, he strolled out the back door. Laughing, Karu followed behind.
“So much for a festive attitude.” Karu remarked.
Frustration boiled out of his mouth in a stream of curse words, “I hate that woman!”
“Why not help out in the center of the village? I think Aurora is doing something with flowers.”
Ignoring Karu’s attempt to rile him, he asked, “Why aren’t you helping?”
Karu shrugged, “My outfit is being mended. I was told not to stray too far or get dirty.”
“Bor-ing!” he kicked a rock into a small puddle. “Why did I sign up for this?” he mumbled.
Seeing his chance Karu verbally poked his friend, “To be closer to Aurora.”
“That’s not it!” blush spread across his cheeks.
“I remember you saying something about wanting to spend more time with Aurora even if it meant doing something you hated.”
“That’s-that’s not what I meant at all!” his cheeks deepened in color.
“Then what did you mean?” Karu’s grin widened.
He stammered, unknowing what to respond with. “Oh forget it!” he stalked off to the center of the Village, Karu laughed then headed back to the High Temple.
A few nights later, the whole village came to the center for the opening of the Rebirth Celebrations. Lights shined throughout the village and would burn all night until the last night of the three week celebrations. After the opening speech, Karu walked on stage in an outfit fit for a king. Red, orange, yellow, and white melted into each other as he danced alongside Iza’Byl, who wore colors of blue and aqua which shimmered and flowed with each step. Jewels adorned both dancers in their respected colors, ribbons and fake weapons elegantly clashed in with their movement. During the opening ceremony, two students, one male one female, are chosen to dance. It symbolizes the dance of life and death, how each is bright in its own way. This year, they chose fire as death and water as life, fitting for the God of Fire and Goddess of Water.
Cheers roared as Life and Death drew a stalemate. Beaming, Karu and Iza’Byl bowed then ran off stage to change. High Priestess Su’Ki waited for the crowd to silence. “Thank you Karu and Iza’Byl for that wonderful display.” Again the crowd cheered, “I now declare the Rebirth Celebrations are open. Enjoy the festivities!”

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