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Trying to tell a story via a lengthy poem.

That sounds exhilarating! About how long is lengthy in this case? At the heart of my life's maze I envision a boon in the form of a ridiculously long but coherent poem that will get written — someday.

Also, hi scribes cool What with darker days coming down on us and the jaws of academia clenching ever tighter around me I have some ambitions to regularise my recreational writing. Meaning I might as well move in here at the same time. Can I take this corner?
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Sir Icehawk

Just changing forms. Trying to tell a story via a lengthy poem.

A break sounds nice. I think I might take a week or two off once I get this draft of the novel done. Only 30 or so pages left. ^-^

Epic poem format. OuO

Coolio. It's hard to get right.
My favorite book that does that is Sharp Teeth. It actually resonates like poetry unlike some books that just feel
they're pressing
and calling it
I never would have picked it up, it was one of those blind dates with a book. I"d like to read it.

30 is not much more to go. Good luck.

Bea Lavesa

Welcome to the thread.
The corner is your's.

What are you working on?
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What are you working on?

Fanfiction, to my chagrin (I'm still wrestling with the meta, too: how in the world do people set a tone that suits pre-established settings? IT BOGGLES THE MIND. And all the research, what in the truck — I thought this'd be easy etc etc). Then poetry when I feel upset, but that's a whole other form of recreation.

And wooo, since I didn't want my first (admittedly kinda busy) day to be a disaster, I set the floor-low goal of 200 GLORIOUS WORDS with the ambition to pile on to that number and reach a good daily thousand by the start of next week. Uh — so far so good..!
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Uh, hello everyone! Despite how long I have been writing, I've never posted in the Writers section before. Sadly I'm in a bit of a rut for my story and I thought it best for me to hang out here so my muse will come out of hibernation again. :'D

Hasn't been much progress at all for my main story aside from a lot of re-writing in the first chapter. Haven't even opened the file for the second chapter for ages now...
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Bea Lavesa

I'm kind of under the impression that matching the tone to the previous setting doesn't matter. I don't know though, I don't read or write fanfiction. I think you just kind of decide what thing you want to bring out of the original work. I imagine it's difficult.

Did you hit the 200?

'"Diabolical Indulgence"

Welcome to the thread.
Nothing like hearing about other writers progress to guilt you into making your own.
At least that's how I feel. I'll avoid this place if I'm really not writing, or even thinking about it.
How long have you been working on your main story?

My Progress:

I've decided to take that break on my main WIP. Six months. I've decided to revamp Unrealities. I'm making my characters older. I'm just not sure how to show my character's grief at losing his brother 4 years after the fact. My MC hasn't moved on, but he's functioning. How to avoid angst, basically.
I've only written about one handwritten page on it.
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@Desi Well there wouldn't be any dictates, I suppose (because I mean, what're they gonna do, really?) but I don't read much of the stuff either so your guess is as good as mine! Just to sate the public's general disinterest, this thing's gone through phases influenced by practically all conceivable authors except the ones who actually do write in the setting. Because they're awful. So I'unno, we'll see where I can actually take this.

And yes, I sure did hit 'em, and my — drum drum drum — ambitious 300 today! As long as I have to actively stop myself from continuing beyond my set goals, I'll feel reassured.

Six months sounds like it could do a lot of good. Heck, it might have done a lot of published works a lot of good. — What style does Unrealities come in? Does that main character narrate it?

@Diabolical I do a lot of opening and closing (those damn) files as procrastination, and only leave them untouched when I get frantic for whatever reason. I'm — not sure if that's gonna make you feel better or worse now that I think about it! Do you also split up your text into different files, juggle them around, put them back together, take them apart again and so on ad infinitum, by any chance?
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Desi the fuzzy fluffhead

Hmm... 4 years now? Maybe a little more. A whole lot has been changed over the time to make the characters better so a bunch of the writing got scrapped. I still have all those parts saved though in case I can re-write them back in.

Bea Lavesa

Yeah, I find myself doing that a lot as well. Or I open it to actually do work for once, go to do something else first and a few hours later realise what I was meant to be doing, aha.

Um, sometimes I do. But right now it's more just a lot of separate parts for the second chapter that I have to piece together on the one file. The part I'm currently writing will most likely make a lot of it be put into a third chapter because I want to give the characters I'm introducing more show time.
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59 pages of a manga rough draft (didn't check word count).

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