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I really did like it, actually. A lot of time I'm disappointed with the movie after reading the book, but the Hunger Games was really good. Some stuff not how I imagined it, but then, it never always is.

Progress: Page on the long story. Wrote the ending of Ashes (the birthdayfic. don't remember if I said what it was called but it's currently called "Ashes on the Wind" wink . So now I have written the ending and the beginning of the fic so now I can work on the middle now.

Got in an argument with my dad with my writing. Apparantly I spent too much time (a half hour is too much time now?) on it and not enough doing schoolwork (because not letting me alone to write for another 10 minutes really got so much more accomplished) /very pissed off that was a very important part
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Have you gotten to where you've been going?
Good luck with the edit.
It's a good title, I like it.

Not yet: right now, there are too many eyes watching and I'm stuck with a computer that everyone in the house uses. So, I expect no progress until my siblings go back to school in June.

On the title, I already made that one up for the AAR that inspired the narrative. If you want to take a look, it's here. It's unfinished as well because of the narrative.
Wrote about 20 pages today alone. Three separate stories, all super important. One is secretly the last story in volume 1, timeline-wise. But there are still plenty of background and historical moment stories in the second half of volume 1. Two of these show the very young versions of two of the demons, just days after they became demons. Awaiting feedback on the last one I posted on Wattpad, but the other two got pretty good receptions.

I'm in a super hyper writing kick. I could write story after story and never tire right now o.o
Editing today.
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Fixed the glaring plot hole. Plan to query another agent sometime later today. Might work on a smaller work or plan the next novel I'm going to write.
Progress: 1,341 words so far. Hoping to get chapter 24 of AngelRose up before I go to bed which gives me roughly 11 hours. 3nodding
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Let's see, today will be spent editing Sweet Tempations, which is my publishing work with Piccies. *smiles* *hugs her* I have spent the last 3 hours listening to/reading whining that I'm not paying attention to someone. I told them off and now I have to play catch up.

I also have to write The Truth Behind His Life chapter something. 16 I think. Funs. Really.

I have also figured out that I will be adding at least 3 chapters to A Butterfly's Dream. One with David and Clary going on a date (cute), one about my hypocritical priest Alex killing a family (bloody) and one with Rye and his lovers reconnecting (smutty fluff). Which is nice to have figured out.

I am also needing to plot out some more scenes for TTHBHL. I don't have as many as I want. *contemplates*

Okay, here's hoping.
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500 words. Character sketches. Time for bed.
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Progress:Studying for my ART final, and working on some shelf Fan fiction.

I had to redo my Black Butler fan fiction chapter since I had complications with it. Hopefully I'll finish it along with my KHR one too. xox Both are long chapters, and I know I can knock out the KHR one due to I'm in the middle of the Sky Match and I'm basing my story on the manga/anime conflicts (i.e. Ring conflict, future battles, etc.) while developing a cannonxoc relationship along the way. =w= Much work is to be done since I've shelfed them during the spring semester.
Progress: Somewhere around half a page. Yeah, a half page.

Went to library again. Not all books were finished. But still insisted on taking out more.
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Progress: None, really.
However yesterday I spent FOUR HOURS doing biology/physics risk assessments.
Today I went to the cinema and am now working up the effort to do French homework.
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Progress for today: Wrote on Sweet Tempations. Between me and Piccies editing and writing today, we've added well over 1,000 words to the original story. :3 We're doing good.

Wrote a Joxer/Cupid friendly fluff drabble for my Drabble a Day thing. Hurray for me.

I need to finish the chapter of The Truth Behind His Life, type up Finding a Bit of Trust chapter 40, and A Shifting of Life chapter 34. And I'm barely getting to the climax for that second one. It's going to outnumber FaBoT! *blinks* *shrugs*

I also need to edit chapter 14 of Like a Bullet. I figure if I get half a chapter edited a day I'll be good.

I think that's all. biggrin
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Today I discovered the start of a novel that was buried away in one of my writing folders. I think it's good enough to keep going and I wrote some more of it today. So I guess I started another novel! smile

Right now, the first chapter isn't done yet, but it is around 1300 words. I might do this one solely based in word count instead of breaking it up into chapters like I did with Longing.
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Progress: Yesterday I wrote 3 pages on "A King's Ransom!" They're out of order, but I couldn't help myself. Writing about Edgar's rescue has been in my mind for a while and the scene where he re-unites with his friends is what spawned this whole fic idea.

It was so heartwarming. :3
Wrote 1300 words today give or take a little.

Have a test on Friday. If I do well, I get an interview to maybe go from a Temp to Full Time. Would really like that.

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