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Progress: Nought. Nil. None. Nada. Zip. Zero.
Unless staring at a page for a few hours willing words to turn up counts.
Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
@Loper: At least that's writing! Awesomeness about the short story and working on Storytime.
Well, how will you ever learn without busy work?
I fear that with the busy work I'll curl into a ball and start screaming.

Good luck with your exam! Hope it went well.
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My progress: Drabbles of would be works are progressing greatly! Snippets from one story, another from a different story later on. It's going great so far, and I dedicated taking some of the typed work and rewriting them in the notebooks to see how I can progress them. I believe I printed only three so far, and they aren't the ones that belonged to any of my stories that I decided to shelf for a brief time while I work on my exams.

Speaking of tests... my ART teacher canceled today's class and pushed the test to the next class time when we have our notebooks due so we have to take out previous test out to study for the final. gonk And tomorrow my ENG teacher isn't reviewing for our final, which sucks. I hate exam times... *sighs* hopefully I don't get so majorly depressed when the exam swings by. I pray I pass because I don't need to be taking this English class again.
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Desi: Maybe this year will be the year! User Image

Progress: All but one final done, now. By Friday I'll be freeee!
Went to the library and got some romance books for research on to make my own romance book XD

Haven't done any writing lately *smacks hand* ^^" lol
Progress yesterday: 1,778 words
Progress today so far: 1,127 words

AngelRose is going awesome so far! It just hit 30k. Hoping to get to 50k by the end of May.
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So... after several revisions, I think it's a lot better and a lot less frustrating. I just hope it seems... natural to the reader and not too forced. I've re-read the part a few times and it seems right... but I'll have to re-read the book as whole once I am completely done to see if it was a complete waste of time. That or fix the earlier chapters to help foreshadow to ease the transition. biggrin
Desi the fuzzy fluffhead

Yay! You're off to a fine start. What's your story about?
And welcome to the thread.

Thanks! It's about this hero who's been chosen by the gods and is completely pissed off that he has to do everything. He does it because he knows it's right, but he's not happy. Then he crashes on an island, forgets who he is. He settles down, falls in love, leads a normal life, and in short has everything he ever wanted. Then he remembers who he is and is forced to abandon everything because his country needs him.

How'd the exam go?
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Progress: None. I hate finals. D:
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Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
O.O What do you mean "la"? Are you not going through with the change after all?

rofl This is funnier because I've been asked things like that in real life.

I keep falling behind on the 365 Challenge. I'm such a wordy person. I can't type up a hundred words and call it an entry. /fail

Progress on the novel: Another chapter edited. I really need to pick up the pace. >_> I'm also worried as I realize how back-heavy the novel is. There's at least 20k more in the second half of the plotline than in the first, and I'm constantly worried that it'll bog the reader down... D=
Finished demon story #29...or is it #28...I think there's a story in there that I want to take out...maybe.

Good lord, this one's one of the most gut wrenchingly sad ones yet. If the fans don't cry, they have no souls. Its about the boy Japanese demon falling in love with a human, full knowing it goes against the laws of demons having to be kept in the shadows of human consciousness, initiates love with that human, and then learns what it is to be a demon by being forced to kill her to keep demons a secret, and the grief of the killing her and loss of her and loss of the hoping possibility of any semblance of a normal life turns him into a creature with no soul. Its worse because he was a human once, and he just so desperately wished he were human again, and that's the reason why he fell in love.

The story is a comfortable 7 pages long. Longest demon story yet :3 very proud~
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Six hundred words today on my short story project and three stanzas on a poem.
Progress: Must fight my way out of the writer's block I've been having for the past two days, ughh sad
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Maybe some character interaction stuff, relationships.
Why don't you just skip ahead to what happens and figure out that later? That's what editing is for.
Just stick with it.
I will have to learn how to spell "Tsubasa". OuO

I use to do that with the books, but then I got tired of paying library fines.

It's weird how some things work out like that. I find that a lot when writing humor. People will find things funny that I didn't think they would, or barely notice that oneliner I thought was especially awesome. whee
I like the title. I like the children's book feel to it.It makes it sounds more creepy, at least to me.
It sounds like such a sweet story with a lot to it. Good luck with it.
Have you ever been to Japan?

Sweetness on completing another story.
I think it's interesting how your story has a difference between being a demon and having no soul. I don't know a lot about demons, but I like it. 3nodding

That doesn't sound good for one's eyes.
Well, if that happens you can get a doctor's note and get a late pass. OuO
Thanks. ^^
It went alright.

Yay! It sounds like things are going awesome on your part.
OuO That's interesting. I usually just put a note in the notebook that a scene has passed or I'm starting mid-scene, or I would if I ever typed up my notebook.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your exams! They're a pain, but you can make it through these.

I might rework my NaNo novel for SuWriMo's.
Yay! Four more days. OuO

Reading is a good way to get yourself back in the mindset.
Which books did you pick up?

Whoop! You're doing awesome. Keep at it like that and you'll be past 50K by the end of May.

Spectacular. Great job keeping at it.
How far along is it now?

@Reborn Fox:
Sounds like a good story. A lot of places it could go, and the whole premise plays on emotions well.
I know I got at least a passing grade.

They'll be ending soon. OuO

xD lol.
I can't believe how some people will just ask the most...awkward questions.
Aw. Maybe you can make that a challenge. Keep it short and sweet. OuO
Though I fail at the whole short story aspect of it. I've turned it into what will be a novel-length story. >.<

I doubt the reader will get bogged down. By the end of a book you don't want it to end. It's just getting good and all that jazz.

What kind of short story project is it?

Bulldoze it.
Keep at it, it'll come back to you. heart

My Progress:
Did the prompt for the challenge and bedazzled my headphones. They look awesome. emotion_awesome
The relation thing is what's stumping me. I'm trying to build up other characters' different relationships with the main character and it just ain't working. I want to skip ahead, but I know what I want to do just not how to write it, and I'm afraid that, if I skip past it I'll forget it or something and it won't be how I want it (not that it is at this point anyway). One of my friends suggested outlining, but I've actually tried to outline that story before and it didn't work. Besides, I really hate outlining.

Gonna go see the Hunger Games today!! (Hopefully.) Never mind :/

Off to go change name now...I think.
@Desi: Thank you o wo
My stories try to re-define what a demon is. It throws out all previous ideas of what a demon is, and creates from scratch. At least, that's what I try to do. And I have never been to Japan emo but I try to re-create from what I see and have studied extensively (as with all places in the story, especially historical places), so in a way, its kind of beneficial that I've never been there. Weirdly...
I kind of feel like, if the people were hearing and seeing the things which cause me to create these stories then they'd get it, and they would laugh and cry at the right parts. But that's not possible.

Progress: wrote mock chapter about what genders everyone in the story is because, to my surprise, at least 70% of people keep getting them wrong and 100% of people get two of the characters wrong even though its explained extensively. Already had a few people comment on that chapter like, "life=changed" and "wth...whaaat...whaaaat...must...go back...and...read again...DX" I don't think I'm explaining wrongly in the book, just that people are perhaps not reading carefully and picking up the subtle "he's" and "she's" and things like "the large hand" and "strong shoulders" to indicate gendered body structures...

Probably going to extend this mock chapter today with a funny commentary between two of the characters explaining events up to this point in the story like characters in manga sometimes do, as if they were sports announcers. Just in case people don't understand, because its important they know since we're kinda getting into the middle.

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