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@Pirate lol I suck at Checkers too, so it's fine. We'll make it the best game of suckitude EVER!
And I kind of meant that last part toward everyone, sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm popping in during brief 5-minute breaks while writing a short story...

Progress: I've got 3.7k words written so far today, but I'm still going strong. All of it on a short story that won't leave me alone and was inspired from a favorite episode of a tv show I loved while growing up. Little did I realize that the likely reason why I wasn't able to use my normal background music to write until now was because this story commandeered said music for its own use. *glares at story* That wasn't very nice, short story. So far I'm calling it "Goldfish" which is odd because in no way does the story have to do with either the snack, the aquarium pet, or any related species of critter. Maybe I'm losing what little sanity I had... *chases after it and brings it back kicking and screaming*

I know I shouldn't worry about how it's turning out until after the rough draft is finished, but it's turning out very philosophical... and I'm loath to let anyone read it for fear of the Twilight-like comments they'll make about my over-use of "eyes" in the story. But if a character refuses to take her gaze from the sky, and when she does she's staring with an awful lot of focus, is it okay? *Sighs then bops own head* Save it for the editing phase and get back to work. Then get back to work on the novel.
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Gaia is pretty terrible fore reviews, I find. I mean sometimes you get lucky, but it's a bit like finding a four leaf clover in a dessert.
Note: After looking at every patch of clovers for two years, I found one with 4 leaves last Saturday--did not Win the lotto.
Is your whole story finished?
I'm finishing up with one my betas this week. cry
But, I'm open for a new swappee, but if your not interested in swapping you can send me an e-mail: i.desireeM@yahoo.com
And I'll give you feedback on your first chapter.

biggrin I don't have anything from that far back! That's amazing.
Seeing how terrible you were when you were younger shows how much better you've gotten.
Good luck with the fixing.

I might get a cell phone when I get a job. They're neat.
I wasn't too active back when I started, but there are a few people I miss. Not so many interesting threads either...

I find the best way to keep betas is El Swap.


Cool beans! Great job with finishing the chapter.
I love writing jerky characters. (A little less extreme then sadist, but same concept kind of.) It's just so fun being bad for that moment.

I haven't. I want to read that though. OuO
Someone must find this.
emotion_jawdrop That's a ton of works for one day/night or "wakefulness session" That's nearly, on the average scale, eight pages.
Good luck with the sanity thing. Maybe if you stopped feeding your pills to the goldfish...
Goldfish is a great title though, that you can worry about in the editing point still.

My Progress:
Homework, some beta work, and some editing.
My math professor threw out her back. I feel bad for being happy that I don't have class.
Typed up some things from my notebook. So, now book is around 6K words.

Thanks smile Wow, that's a lot

Yes, that friend. We're probably gonna do something neither of us has written. That's the idea atm, anyway.

The thing with the drunk character is interesting, since I've never been drunk (my being underage probably has something to do with that). I had to research it XD

Progress: Another page. Could've wrote more, but my mom burst in my room for something or other...and thus ended that writing session.

Would like to edit AToTBF a bit today...but knowing me I'll procrastinate it like I have been for the past...3 weeks? Or more.
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Progress: 100 words on Storytime. Might have to reshuffle some planning of Part Three, which will be awkward with two chapters written and one in progress (although I'm looking to completely tear down and rewrite one of the chapters anyway).
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Niceness with the drips.
Thank you. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
The buses here actually aren't too bad. They get over crowded at times and only once in a while there will be a mysterious smell. Once in a while a bus just won't come...
Where my dad lives, in Wales, most buses are on a once-every-two-hours basis, so it's pretty much the same as not turning up.

Progress: Came back to the only part of an old story I could find, one I started when I was 12. burning_eyes It was funny how horrible I was at writing back then. Hoping to fix it up into something good.
I admire your willpower xD. The other day I found something from back when I was 11 (22,000 words and all!). Well, that didn't last long before I hit the delete button!
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Progress: Tomorrow I begin Week 3 of the 365DoW Challenge. I'm also working on a longer (possibly novel-length) story called "Dizziness" that's about a pair of friends who develop eating disorders and begin competing to see who can be skinnier. So far I don't have much, but I'll post again when I have more.
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Update: My story "Dizziness" has the prologue posted. If you want to see, go to this thread and check it out.
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Sounds like a great idea. Have fun with it.
xD I've never been drunk either. Researching "normal" things always makes me feel funny.
Sweetness with the other page despite the interruption.
How long has been since you've wokred on AToTBF so far?

O.O The buses comes here every 30 minutes.
Yay for 100 words on Storytime!
Good luck with all the editing.

OuO God luck with the challenge. Sounds like a disturbing tale, with a lot of potential for all kinds of things. I think telling it from the first person POV was a good move.
Good luck with it.

My Progress:
Wrote a part of a scene for book 2. I'm still trying to think of a good title for it. I'm not too worried, but I can't think of anything to fit into my naming theme...
Finished almost all beta work.
I should get to editing some chapters from The Fear of Cats (FoC? It just looks wrong...) tonight.
@Desi Wait, I should stop feeding my pills to the goldfish? But the like it! See? They like it so much, they want me to rub their bellies... oh, wait... that's not right, is it?

My progress: I begin today by looking over what I did last night and cringing. Last night's total was over 5k words: 4k on the short story which is now a finished rough copy and around 1k on the novel. I have to thoroughly redo the novel segment because my character's voice has completely changed from competent, reasonable, distant and work-oriented to normal teenager talking to a bff, and that's not good. I can keep the sarcasm, but I have to redo most of the other stuff. *headdesk* This is why you should not force yourself to work on a second story immediately after finishing the first while tired. I'm hoping my bad mood today (Family drama that will sound like a pity party if I talk about it) will help me get my character back where I need her. So... off I go *superman cape and splats into wall*
Progress: Not much yet. Hopefully get some done tonight.
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Progress: Posted a new poem on the WA, link's in my signature if you are interested. Also finished Chapter I of Dizziness...let's see where that goes.
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Progress; Around 300 more words on "Reunification". Some how Gilbert (East Germany) is being serious. Usually he arrogant and selfish, but he's showing a side of himself that I hope that the fans of Hetalia can understand.

Bwuh, I'm totally worried about OOC here but I feel my muse getting stronger every day. With the semester over this time I WILL start writing instead of wasting my time surfing the net. >.>
Progress: Just posted chapter 17 of AngelRose on TextNovel!

Well, I am underage...probably too young to write half the stuff I write cheese_whine

But yeah. Finished editing chapter 14 into chapter 13 and sent the whole thing off to my beta. I think the last time I actually worked on it was...sometime around part5 or part4 of The Bridge, which would be about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

We actually got a bit of outlining done on the collab yesterday. Finally got messenger working and I'm rid of AIM :woot:

Progress: Another page, and some brainstorming and outlining stuff for the collab. I don't usually outline oneshots, but this one looks to be of some length, and I figure outlining's probably a good idea since I'm not the only person working on it.

Lol, my laziness knows no bounds. I hate typing up stories and stuff after I've written them, so for this collab, the friend I'm writing it with has agreed to type it up for me, if I take a picture of what I wrote and send it to him ^_^ *pleased with herself for getting out of typing*
Finished editing a story yesterday. Well, draft number two.

Today, Im wrapping up a new short story.
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