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I've got 1,144 words written so far. I'm still in the pre-planning stage, and it will likely be some time before I'm able to leave it, but I'd like to think what I've got represents a fairly solid start.
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I haven't written as much as I would have liked crying I guess it's because of school and stuff? Anyways, I'm revising Chapter Three right now. I've been revising and editing it for like weeks! I should try to wrap it up this week or something. I should also try to throw away all my silly insecurities and just let someone look it over already emotion_donotwant I might get really busy in the next couple of days, though (school--again).

....great, now I have to eat dinner crying I want to write! Noooooo!
Back after a long break. Wrote 1,019 words yesterday. In other news I'll be going back to school after time off. Going to take watercoloring and three English classes: critical thinking, children's lit, and creative writing.
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2,108 words of prose, 355 of haiku (270 poems total) for today. So far have 3,428 words for February, and 13,834 for the year. Already over halfway to my 25k goal... May need to set the bar higher if I keep going at this rate. sweatdrop

2013 Haiku Challenge is 13.41% complete, aww yeah.
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Novel is at 89,400 words and I'm stopping for the night.
Braindead brain is dead.
I'm getting close to the end though, and that's encouraging. Then, on to the editing process.
Then to Amazon.
God, I'm tired.
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Progress: I cleared up all of my planning so it actually lined out what I intend to write, rather than the cryptic sly b*****d clues I had originally.
Finished a draft of my superhero story.
Progress: Finally figured out the Renaissance era in Demon Stories, so started writing about it today with the introduction of a new character (a demon painter who paints corpses in their own blood). Messed up the Spanish translation, wrote the story again. Early reviewers love it and called me the psychotic murderous Dr. Seuss. It was very nice~ The story is two pages long. My book is now at 244 pages unformatted, and I'm betting formatted it would be over 300 due to the white space where all the stories end (wasting page space). I still can't really believe it, and I'm just still going along like it isn't.
This is a great idea for a thread. biggrin

Progress on my current novel:

4th Feb 2013

* Plot Summary for book 1 (word count 533 - hand-written)

* Character Lists completed: 3 (hand-written)

* Character Profiles completed: 9 10 (hand-written)

* Typed up plot summary.

* Came up with a title for book 1

* Notes and Information (hand-written)

EDIT: + 1 additional character profile (8:16PM 04/02/13)
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The last story could be a nice accent on the collection. Like the bits of magic in the other stories was kind of building up to this one.
Hope you had fun with the warm fuzzies.

Hmmm, when you put it like that then it makes sense. Thanks!

Progress: Posted "Blood of Mine" Chapter, it dipped into angst >.> but I definetely added some goofy romantic things too ^^

I've been thinking about doing a new fanfic >.> I have too much already, but the bunnies are calling...
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Got my word count of the 2nd but only managed 695 yesterday. Going to try and make up for it today. Online courses start at 12:30, three hours from now, hoping to have my word count done by then.

Also been plotting a lot for Eden Rising. Things are zipping around my head for that story at light speed. Seriously looking forward to writing it when I'm done Eternal Night.

Sitting at about 83,000 words at the moment. 24,000 to go.
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Progress: Only French coursework.
Feb 5th 2013

* Completed 1 additional character profile

* First draft of chapter 1 started (hand-written. Word count: 547 so far).

* Chapter Summaries completed: 10

EDIT: Started typing first draft of chapter 1, word count 474.
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*sniffles* Yes crying Yes, I managed to write (well, revise, really) chapter number three tonight! I'm so happy emotion_kirakira I should probably study a bit more (test tomorrow) but I'm glad I made some progress anyway. emotion_bigheart
Progress: Slowly moving forward with 774 words.

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