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Progress: I spent the last few days reading stuff on Fictionpress and watching Power Rangers RPM. I was supposed to be getting ready for school. Its cool though, I managed for my first class.

Identical: A bit of mental planning for a few scenes I hope to get down. I still feel like something is missing from it though. The new scene has grown on me, it's a tad more detailed than the original and logically, its like a revision.

Bright Open Rooms: Still stuck. Gonna work on it soon, or rather, I'll try to. I have a short scene but still have no clue where to go from there.

Seeking Psychological Help: More planning. I'm not sure if I want to follow through with it so I'm hesitating. Its supposed to be something simple and ridiculous.
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Wrote some: 331 words of prose on the novella-thing, and another 130 words of haiku.

10,508 words for January; 7,490 / 3018 prose to haiku. 2013 Haiku Challenge 11.77% complete at 237 entries.

Long day at work, earned some bed time.
slow bits and pieces on chapter 3.

changing perspective of second half of chapter- not looking forward to that, but i need chaera to do some talking and mikalon to stop being so damn smart. the reader doesn't need to be in his head. ...yet.

i need a college TA and/or professor to vet the first half of chapter 3 when i'm done with it. i have no idea what i'm talking about when i'm writing a professor into the mix. emotion_awesome
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Progress: None. I'm retaking some French coursework so I have no inspiration.

Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
Research makes the words more quality words, or something. It's good.
Nothing is wrong with jumper. It's just odd in my mouth.
It's a chocolate rolo...with caramel in it.
Aw, I've been craving rolo.

*suspicious of the jumper-hater*
Damn, I need some rolos.
I heard that they don't have Maltesers in America. Is that true?
Got some editing done. Switching to a 30 min lunch, so I'm sure that'll limit how much I get to edit.
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Wrote a little over 1,700 words yesterday after taking a three day break to plan something else. Today marks the beginning of my mini-NaNo. I have to write at least 1,667 words per day, and hopefully at least two scenes a day on good days. I have about a third of the novel to go and almost 80,000 words at this point, which means that instead of the projected 107,000 word first draft, I'm going to go a little bit over. Heh. Probably another 35,000 words, at this rate. Maybe 40,000. Yikes, Time to write! And finally finish Chapter 17.
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I'm just returning to a project I abandoned a while ago and lost a lot of notes for when my computer's hard drive crashed. I'm trying to re-work some characters currently and I'm gathering up information again. It's really sad to see so many word docs full of notes disappear but as a friend of mine said, just because it's not exactly what I'd been planning doesn't mean it's going to go badly.
No words written of the actual project yet, just a whooole lot of reconstructing character info.
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Just wrote a little over 2,100 words in the last 45 minutes, which means my Mini-NaNo is going super duper well so far. Day One, rousing success! And I have eight chapters to go, as I just finished Chapter 17 and 18. 17 was long, but 18 was rather short because the character spends the majority of it fast asleep due to dark magic.

More ideas coming into my head for the future, and looking forward to checking out which project I want to do. Super excited, if you can't tell. Woo!
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I have written a short story recently and its in my journal if anyone wants to read it. However, I have started on a new story yesterday and have only written a paragraph. crying Im about to continue soon. 3nodding
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I've been sleeping and suffering from a horrible migraine. How in the hell did I manage to write 513 words to my script?
Progress: Wrote two entries in my Demon Stories Companion book about the inside secrets of my book Demon Stories. Wrote about the sexual side and the LGBT side. I think the LGBT entry is the best one yet, and its the sort of entry that will make fans pee their pants because of how deep, structured, and complex Demon Stories really is. On top of all this, I wrote a Demon Story about the Northwest Passage in the early 1900's, and it is a mermaid/siren type of story with very beautiful imagery. This caused my girlfriend to be so inspired that she drew the most beautiful picture to represent the story and I am deeply moved. All in all, I wrote about 7 pages of content (14 on Word) combined in the last two days. Its really good.
Another scene edited yesterday. Going to do the rest tonight.
No literary progress, but I turned my bedroom wall into a calendar for the next four months and I have my workload plotted out day by day. My dissertation is getting done, bit by bit, and I'm not freaking out any more because I know what I need to write and which sources to use. Just a matter of getting the words down.

All in all, things could certainly be worse.
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Progress: A couple of hundred words leading to the end of a chapter. Mentally kicking myself because I was being a witty b*****d when I planned the story out and so now I don't know whether I intend to reveal certain things at certain times.
It's difficult because when I started Storytime, I wanted the story to have a certain emphasis on certain themes, and now I've changed my mind.
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I've been having a hard time writing lately. I blame all of this psychology homework...

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