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Progress: 350 words or so. I had to do research, but it was very laborious for the sake of a few words.

Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
*googles jumper*
Things are different over there...

Well, it's worth it for the jumper. (Oh, that word feels weird.)
Oh, not power hungry at all. It's very noble of you.
I will give you one rolo if I can keep the Pacific. Just putting that out there.
What's wrong with jumper?

I'll only take the rolo if it's your last rolo. Preferably one of those awesome silver engraved ones.
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Started editing chapter three and I'm making good progress (I rewrote some parts). The current word count for it is 4574 cat_smile

Desi the fuzzy fluffhead

That's a lot of French. How many years have you been studying it.
Aw, it sounds like your exams are going really well!
Good luck with the prep.

...Well...that part gets more stressful, but the writing part doesn't. It gets easier and easier to share your stories.
Good luck with the editing and congrats on finishing off your latest short.

Well, I live in Canada, right? And here we get taught French from grade 4 (unless you're in Quebec--they get taught English). Though it didn't feel like I was really learning any French until grade 6/7 'cause the students in our class that didn't want to learn French kinda prevented anyone else from learning it to (they would act very rowdy)(apparently the kids in Quebec don't want to learn English, either). And I only began speaking it with ease this year (though whatever I say in French isn't always correct. But it's a start, right?)

Yeah, exams are going well. The only pain is that I got a ton of science homework that's due when school starts again, and a couple of days after that I'll have a science unit test. Oh, and gym emotion_donotwant Nuuuuuuu.

Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
biggrin rewatch eet! i have it set next in my netflix DVD queue, so hopefully i'll have it in hand in a day or two.

haha! if you should make a music video, i promise to watch and also burst into tears. ;D but on the topic of music and videos: yes- the violin is amazing! or rather, someone who can play it well makes it sound amazing. xd a poorly-played violin has to be one of the worst-sounding instruments ever. do you play any instruments, btw? ...i hadn't heard about the thrift shop cover until you said something, so i went and listened and now i think i need to dl it. 8D

D: oh, your customers do not. i hate that one. is that in the context of "oh, look: this box of cookies is slightly dented"? i guess the sarcastic rejoinder that comes to mind would be less appropriate than laughing along fakely, too. : also, the late nights sound a bit sketch, so i hope that you stay safe. smile it gets creepy on the metro around here, too.

haha, yeah, i may do just that with these two. i suppose they'll just have to work themselves out. emotion_awesome i admit; it works out pretty well, all things considered.

...er. there are a lot of supporting characters? and many one-shot mentions. .......okay, curiosity got me and i went through my stuff and counted. it looks like approximately a dozen minor, recurring characters (four or five of them directly impacting plot direction and the others doing their impacting through the mains) and at least 3x as many named one-shots- the guys/girls who show up for a single chapter or scene and then leave. have i mentioned my weakness for detail? : ...and yeah. in theory, killing said character off wasn't supposed to be traumatic, but it has been a trip. i wish i could say that it signified the end of the book! but i have a lot left to write.

speaking of which. i think i'll get back to that. and thank you for the emotion_hug

what sort of research are you up to, btw?
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Think I'm more or less typed out for now. 1,788 for today, totaling 9,517 words for the month; 75.22% prose, 24.77% haiku.

187 haiku for the month so far; 2013 Haiku Challenge is 9.29% complete.
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Wrote a little over 700 words today, a little short of my 1,000 goal. 1 month and counting until my first draft is finished. I will do it by then. I will. : D Starting February 1st I'm going to do a mini-NaNo, where I write the NaNo word count per day minimum in order to ensure the first draft will be done by the 28th. Then it gets locked up until April and we get to work cutting and editing and all that jazz. Hooray! Hopefully before June 30th it will be edited enough that I can get my books from Create Space, if not, November it is.
I am almost done with my first novel....a little longer, she must die!!!! then he must be beheaded and everyone lives happily ever after the end.................
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Romantic Explorer

Desi the fuzzy fluffhead

What was different about the last story, if you don't mind me asking?
Congrats on finishing off the series.

Well, all of the stories are little one - shots from my original stories, and those are all urban fantasy stories. But the wedding stories (besides the last one) are all mundane fantastic, they only have a little hint of magic in them but otherwise can be placed in the real world without hurting the plot. In the last story, magic is important to the plot so I'm wondering if I should leave it as is or change it to fit with the others.

My Progress: Working on "Blood of Mine" new chapter, it's pretty romance centered because I need a little WAFF before I get into the angst-fest that my other fanfics are drowning in right now.
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Tipsy Prophet

Research makes the words more quality words, or something. It's good.
Nothing is wrong with jumper. It's just odd in my mouth.
It's a chocolate rolo...with caramel in it.
Aw, I've been craving rolo.

Awesome. Great editing/rewriting.

Ohhh, that's not bad. I wish we were taught a different language here in the US at a younger age.
Those kids can drive a person crazy. I had those types of kids in an art class. >.<

Which science are you on or is it a kind of mash of sciences? (Well, all sciences are a mash, but predominately.)


I will rewatch it! emotion_dowant I hope you enjoy it.
Next day off is Friday.
Thank you. That just makes me want to make a music video....Though, I fear that they'll be tears of pain.
I find I like very few rap songs, but I love the covers of them. Seems a bit unfair to the original artiest, but meh. I don't play any instruments, what about you? My sister did the violin once. She practiced about once a month. Terribleterribleterrible.

I dislike when people do that with damaged products. If we want to put it on clearance it will go on the clearance rack with the sticker. It's more like when the item doesn't scan, or isn't in the system. I swear that the metro brings out the crazy in people.

...That's a lot of named characters. How do you come up with all your names?
I don't think I ever thought killing off an important character would be so hard. For me, at least, it never seems as if I'm that attached to my characters.
Good luck with the rest of the book. Do you find writing the aftermath hard or the changes that occurred because of the death?

I'm trying to do a bit of research into the music industry. I've got what it's like to go on tour a little, but the actual music industry is a bit harder, because I'm being lazy and don't want to read about it.

Sweetness on the 9% done when slightly less than 8% of the year has passed.
*can math*
Well done with the word count.

OoO I like the idea of a mini-NaNo. Can be a challenge, but that's only about 600 words more than what you're doing now.
I think you can do it!

The last story could be a nice accent on the collection. Like the bits of magic in the other stories was kind of building up to this one.
Hope you had fun with the warm fuzzies.


Good luck with the finishing and beheading. It sounds like a difficult scene to write.
Welcome to the thread.

My Progress;
Not much.

But, we did a writing prompt in class today, based on these little clippings from the newspaper.
Everyone had to read their clippings and had a choice if you wanted to read your writing.
Anyways, people laughed at the part they were supposed to laugh at.
Won't lie and say I wasn't impressed with myself a little. lol, I was so nervous I had to hide my hands under the table because they were shaking . sweatdrop
I rewrote a scene from The Fear of Cats. Need to edit a few more things so it slips in well.
Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
biggrin fridays off are awesome. do you still have class, though?

hahaha. it would take a fair amount of talent to conjure up tears of pain, i assure you.

oh. yes. props for covers: some should def get recognition because they're better than the original. imo, sometimes there are folks who are better at creating performance pieces and then there are folks who are better at performing them. plus, if people can cause you to enjoy something new because their covers are that good, i say it's doing the music a huge service. heart

erm. i play the violin. not well at all, but i find that the focus required to play it really helps me concentrate. ...but i abhorred learning how to play it in elementary school and i don't blame your sister for sticking it out for a month. (i'm sure that it gets better, but it takes years, i think.)

...HAH. okay, so this happened more frequently before i began working at my first job, but soon after i was hired, my boss warned me not to sell the huge swarvoski pieces to the chinese restaurant down the strip. apparently, for weddings, they'd come in and buy the largest pieces as table centerpieces... and then return them all the next day. these were like, thousands of dollars of crystal that they'd borrow for an evening. so yeah, speaking of mishandled "clearance" items.... rolleyes

mmmm~ i put a fair amount of research into my names. ...so much, in fact, that i'm going to shove it under a spoiler. emotion_eyebrow
anyway, so. "taralynn cavendish" is my main-main's name; "tara" is relating to irish-celtic folklore (a tuatha de era thing, pre-roman/viking mish-mashes), "lynn" is my dad & sister's middle name, and "cavendish" is an old irish surname from an era/area of book-related importance. and if you know your tolkien, you probably get the significance of my choosing luthien and beren as the names of the parents of my other mains. ...as for the other two mains, i wish i could say that "nick" and "darren" appeal to me at all; they don't, really. "nick" is so stereotypical and generic and "darren" sounds like he walked out of an amateur, early nineties urban fantasy novel. like one should be a lanky, awkward ginger and the other should wear a mullet and lots of leather. ...so, uhm... i'm working on them. emotion_awesome emotion_sweatdrop

for elvish names, i use a combination of the tolkien elvish languages (not having studied them myself) and whatever sounds good. i'm no philogist and i have no desire to reinvent the wheel if i've got a perfectly good one on hand, you know?

then i've got a number of god/desses at my disposal, and coming up with those names is just an exercise in exploring early medieval irish texts (which has also been fun, if anyone can tolerate how spotty ireland's written history gets before 1150 and how blasted "forgetful" everyone is after that). for their human counterparts, i choose the names of famous folks- for plot-related reasons.

and then, for "generic humans" (lols)- depending on the character's history, i might research the origins of the name or choose the name based on historic popularity, demographic concentration or, for others, take the names of characters from fave childhood stories. mmm... brendan and bobby are my favorite couple, and i named them to be as such. razz first, my mom's name is barbara and she was nicknamed "bobby" growing up... and i also want to (even if i'm not doing it directly) create the illusion of a stable, same-sex couple. [sidenote: i've thought a little about the sexual orientation of my characters... but yeah.] i used "logan" as i wanted an image of that young, outcast, artsy 'loner' and "elie" as the 'avante-garde hipster' and "alex" as the well-rounded but opinionated roommate.

but what about you? the more we talk about your writing, the more inclined i am to stalk you and find it. razz it's out there somewhere, isn't it?

i think that it's fine to be not so attached to your characters that you can do whatever you need to to 'em and not suffer an emotional breakdown. ha!

for me, i've mulled on this character in many incarnations over more than 10 years, so that might be compounding feelings. i don't write linearly, so i can speak to what it means to write the earlier and later content after the fact. for myself, i think that writing pivotal scenes helps to inform the characters all around- you know how they'll react in the most critical situations. in any case, the death of this character really sets the tone for the remainder of the book. it's probably where i take a lighter storyline and make it significantly more morbid. we'll see if very many things change; i don't have much in the way of expectations... just an anticipated beginning and an anticipated end and a set of rules i'm not supposed to break. xd

mmm, the music industry research sounds preetty boring. i only know what i know about the industry secondhand- i have a few friends (a few performers, a few tech guys) who have some connections, but i don't think that it'll help you much outside of what google could tell you. but if you have specific questions, i could always pass them forward. smile

and yay! writing prompt success. i swear, the nerves from public speaking never go away- but you were brave and you did it! biggrin so woo-hoo!
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I didn't type anything for today. I had to do writing assignments for my class. But they gave me practice so I'm happy. However Jan 31 is my main character's birthday so I'll try to challenge myself and write down a lot.
Have an hour for lunch at work. Going to start editing during it, since it only takes me like 15 minutes to eat.
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The plus side to having crazy and hatey family members is that it gives me a new blog entry to write.
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Nothing new written today; busy sort of starting work. Spouse is stressing horribly and it's only day two. Three more days until the weekend. Possibly be fun-time productive then.

Maybe knock out a few haiku tonight. Another dozen or so would kick me into 10k territory for the month, get me another chunk above my current 10.63%.
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Working on my third chapter, as usual. Feeling kinda down (I've been worrying about my writing... which is quite normal, actually cat_sweatdrop ). I'm also writing this outline thingy for a game that I'm gonna make on my computer (it's gonna be on a batch file thingy. Yes, I know it might not be the most fanciest, profressionalist thing/game/whatever in the world, but I need to learn from the basics emotion_donotwant ).


Yeah, it's pretty nice learning a second language so early. And I know right? Like, honestly, sometimes I didn't even want to go to my French class 'cause the kids were so noisy I got head aches. It's not that noisy or crazy in high school, though. Thank goodness cat_biggrin

Nothing specific, just a mish-mash of some stuff.
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Okay, going from about the 6th but I'm not including my Drabble a Day which has fallen to the wayside for other projects that my muse had demanded.

Wrote: Hiei/Yusuke story pt. 4

Nothing outside of the Drabble a Day

Typed: Kankuro/Naruto story pt. 3 and 4
Wrote: Pen (an original blurb thingy)

Wrote: Black Veiled Saviour pt. 1 (an original)
Wrote: Black Veiled Saviour Pt. 2

Wrote: Black Veiled Saviour pt. 3
Typed: Kankuro/Naruto story pt. 5

Wrote: Black Veiled Saviour pt. 4
Wrote: Black Veiled Saviour Pt. 5
Wrote: Black Veiled Saviour Pt. 6
Typed: Kankuro/Naruto story pt. 6

Worked on: Minato/Fugaku/Naruto story pt. 2

Worked on: Black Veiled Saviour Pt. 7 (This is about the time that I started feeling eww...)

Finished: Black Veiled Saviour Pt. 7 (I actually finished this chapter about 10 minutes before I ended up in the hospital. 5 hours later and some odd tests later, I'm out with two new prescriptions and needing sleep)

(Meaning I got jack done on the 15th)

Worked on: Cutsycat freebie 3

Started: Black Veiled Saviour 8
Worked on typing: Kankuro/Naruto story pt. 7

Finished typing: Kankuro/Naruto story pt. 7

Worked on: cutsycat freebie 3

Worked on: V-Day swap story

Worked on: V-day swap story

Worked on: V-day Swap story

Worked on: Cutsycat freebie

Worked on: Cutsycat freebie pt. 3
Finished V-day swap story pt. 1

Finished: Cutsycat freebie pt. 3
Started rewrite: A Butterfly's Dance pt. 2

Finished rewrite: A Butterfly's Dance pt. 2 (at 1,073 words)
Rewrote: A Butterfly's Dance pt. 3 (at 1,360)
Worked on: V-day Swap pt. 2
Started: Story with friend

Worked on: v-day Swap
Worked on: Story with friend

Worked on: V-day swap
Worked on: story with friend

Worked on: v-day swap
Worked on: Story with friend

Getting sick kinda upset my entire schedule, annoying the hell out of me. I'm just glad that I was able to get back into the swing of things somewhat. Now I just need to finish this story (about done) and do another chapter of Black Veiled Saviour.

And yes, I'm spelling that one of the ways you can spell it. It's not the American spelling though. Deal.

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