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my parents and my family found out about my book's existence.
i was going to reveal it to them at my upcoming birthday (nov. 19).
now it's spreading like wild fire. perhaps my birthday wish is coming true.

That's so awesome! Congratulations! 3nodding

thanks. =)
now i have to work on the book's prequel.
More editing. Not that no one could predict that.
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Hopefully today I will get a lot of writing done. Yesterday was not as productive as I would have liked.
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Sorry about disappearing. Kinda had a computer problem that took my computer out. I just got it back and I'm enjoying being able to surf once more. *sighs*

As you can also see, I've been working on my NaNo stories.

"He's an Idiot" 2 and 3 are nearly done, and I'm 3 chapters into part 4. Hurrah for me.
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Progress: Roughly 150 words. I also re-downloaded Celtx because I have an intention to write a short TV series and possibly submit it to BBC Writer's Room.
Really liking how this zombie story is developing as I go through my drafts. Not sure how or to who I'd try to sell it. Thankfully, that's a little while off.

@ Loper: Good luck with that!
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Demonic Rabbit

Still having trouble focusing. Ugh...
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Progress: About 150 words on Storytime.

@ Icehawk Thanks!
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Let's see:

Drabbles from Oct 30 to Nov 19 (today) done.
He's an Idiot 2: Done in 9 parts I believe
He's an Idiot 3: Done in 8 parts I think
He's an Idiot 4: 3 parts done
All my other stories: Are screaming and calling me nasty things as they sit there, waiting for me.
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They belong to the Cosmos...
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I'm a Thinker; I could break it down.
I'm a Shooter- trust me, baby.
As we jump out, feel it in the Will.
Will you come now, Peacefully with me?

After a week of setbacks (Block, Got Sick, Broke my Flash drive (losing all progress), more Block (le sigh, not wanting to rewrite 4,325 words)). , I got going on the next portion of Project Ignition finally.

Although, I only got 1,658 words for that part... and the next bit is SUPPOSED to be uploaded soon/today. Oh well, as long as I get it done before Wednesday is over, it's all good, and I won't lose too much to the case of Finagles.

On the upside, I got more reviews for the previous chapter.
Welp, it seems people don't like my main character. Which is understandable/intended. He IS a Jerkass.
Did you think that this Love would last you forever?
Now, as all your thinking is Over...!
Out of space, where someone's Waiting there...
The sounds of Children, playing in the Fallout..!

Above the Pain!
@Loper: A TV series sounds like fun! Good luck!

Progress: I keep forgetting my flash drive at home so I can't get my story off the computer at school. I hope to get a few hundred words done tonight.
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Progress: I'm unsure of it in terms of word-count. I edited and fleshed out a very important scene in my fanfic, which now has a title! "Road to Recovery!"

In my scene: The character who's ill has a dream his sickness is fatal, so his roommate has to calm him down and promise that he'll be okay.

It was very emotional when I really put the details in there. I didn't tear up. No way. This is just something in my eye.
More editing.

Have an interview next Wednesday. Also put in two applications for our local Fox station and Museum of Arts. All for accounting positions. Would love love love love love love to work at NOMA. Would be cool to work at the local Fox. No issue working at the place I have an interview with. It's far closer than the other two, and I like it. It's just the idea of working in a museum to me is as cool as working for NASA.
Progress: Over 3k on my novel, putting it just over 70,000 words which came just in time for a Thanksgiving break. Not sure how I'm wanting this first novel to end, where in the storyline would be most appropriate, so I'll be thinking about that while I stuff my face and praise God for all the wonderful things in my life.
got my first feedback. whee

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