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Progress: Wrote a story which centers around the demon I wrote about in the story previous, but she isn't the narrator in this one. Its about 1860's England, where she poisons a bunch of people at a high society dinner party because she found them to be evil to others. However, the narrator of the story finds her to be the evil one because she can't understand the motive and they seemed like nice people. The story is also centered on transgender issues of the time period, from both sides of transgender spectrum. Education injection! Also came up with the theory that Demon Stories as a whole could be a metaphor for lgbt people having to be in the closet. Success. The new story is 6 or 7 pages in Word.

@Desi: The demon wants to be a pure kind of demon and not an angel because she just wants to be dead inside and not care about anything due to what happened to her in her human life. But there's no running away from things, not even as a demon. Demon Stories really explores and questions all kinds of death causes and theories. It aims to make the reader think inside about a lot of controversial and taboo subjects in an effort to expand minds.
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Desi the fuzzy fluffhead

What draft are you on?

Hopefully the final one.
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Progress: 250 words typed up from a notebook
Desi the fuzzy fluffhead

It's a book too! Don't really like books about writer's too much.

Writing a book in one sitting would be spectacular, can't even wrap my head around it.
I can read a book that has a weak plot if the character is interesting enough. Funny characters and ones with good development.

That's so sweet and amazing. Yay for mapping!

Oh I can't wrap my head around that either - I never thought writing a novel could take so much time until I actually sat down and legitimately started writing one. Whenever I wrote short stories, they took a couple hours to a couple days tops, and I guess somehow I thought writing a novel would be more similar to that time frame than it actually is.

As it is, I've been working on my novel-in-progress for a little over a month now, and it's still in the beginning portion of the storyline at 25k words. There's such a long way to go!

Interesting, well developed characters are certainly the way to go, I agree.

As for your progress, don't you hate it when you think of a good idea for a future story, and then you plum forget it a little later? I hope you remember that idea!

Progress: Between today and last night, I got another 2k words in, bringing my total to just over 25k. I finally introduced another character I've been wanting to write about for the past couple chapters, and it's coming along nicely so far. I keep feeling like I'm gonna mess him up though, so I'm kinda edging into this part of the story with some kid gloves.
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I've written 18 pages--by hand--of a new novel. It's about a sociopath. I think I will write more later today. I don't know.
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Progress: Half-way through my story (actually, probably more like 3/4 of the way) and my sister finally tells me her thoughts on an older version of the story rolleyes . After talking with her, she says she missed how I used to write it in the much earlier versions, where I showed a little bit of different kingdoms that would play a key role in the story. I agreed with her, I liked that as well since I think it gives a lot of depth to the story, but I've had to cut a lot out (in fact, almost everything) because it'd just bog the main story down. When she wanted to know why I did that, I explained that as an unpublished author, the chances of me publishing a series is rather low, so I want to write the latest story as a standalone and if it picks up, continue from there.

SO, she offered an idea I thought was a good compromise (and I can't believe I didn't think of itfirst). If I didn't want to bog down or sacrifice the story for world building stuffs-like the back stories, introductions of each kingdom, as well as the back story of the main characters-I should write all of that as a separate story instead. That way, in the current story I am writing, I won't have to worry about not explaining or introducing since they don't play a large part in the story, but are still important in a few key points. I thought it was a good idea because the hard work in world building wouldn't go to waste, and I can avoid a paragraph of info-dumping and telling rather than showing.

Anyway, first chapter is done, and although it's a bit... choppy, it's a good start. My goal is to finish by the end of this year and start editing and revising during winter break (my goal for the current one was that as well, except I've been rewriting it for years so, I really don't know how this'll go down).
Thanks for the congratulations!
@Desi: I am currently reading and trying to finish Awaken at Dawn by C.C. Hunter.
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My Progress: I got a fave!
And I also did this creative writing thing for my philosophic/history/mish-mash class. It was about a 2 page letter from a girl in Nicea a little but before time of the Council of Nicea and a response by an old woman who's travelling at the time. It was actually pretty fun since the old woman kinda snarky and the girl so innocent.
AngelRose is at 52,961 words, 28 votes, and 16 fans! emotion_kirakira

2,039 words to go and I have a half-day at school tomorrow! emotion_awesome Major writing time tomorrow! I would have gotten some writing done today, but I was home, sick with a nasty cold. emotion_zombie Hoping to get at least 500 done before I go to bed tonight though.
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Progress: Became completely incapable of seeing my novel anymore, so it's on hold for the moment. emo

I've pulled out a couple novellas that I want to get edited, hopefully getting them all totally finished in October. But first, I need to do lots of research on Japan circa 1860, make a list of terminology, research a couple philosophical/mythological things...

Considering it's just a novella and most of it involves a romance rather than politics, I probably don't need half of what I'm looking up, but I won't be comfortable until I know not only my story but the bigger things happening all around it. >_>

I also need to come up with a good name for a fictional han, some cities and a couple important officials. Grah. Foreign names can be so difficult to invent. D=

Thankfully, the other stories don't require much research at all. I think that's why I decided to tackle this one first.

Wish me luck. sweatdrop
Came up with some great lines last night in bed. Just have to figure out a story for them.
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Desi the fuzzy fluffhead
I look forward to the report in which all was recovered in a weeks time.
I'm saving up to get an external hard drive. All I can think about is: What if I not only lose all my writing, but all my picutures.
You should succeed though.

I have to abandon the recovery efforts for the meantime after every single computer I have in home failed after five months in storage. I don't know when I could resume operations, but I wish I could do it before Halloween. I have enough of these delays already that I consider the last five months to be the worst and the most boring part of my life. I don't know when my inactivity would end.
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20/24 proofed of my novel. Anyone else find editing exhausting?
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20/24 proofed of my novel. Anyone else find editing exhausting?

*jumps up and down while bobbing head* totally

My Progress: Udpated "Lily's Flowering Days" again, and i'll probably just work on editing the next chapter than work on my other fic for the next two weeks. >.> I need to get into study mode

Also, I wanna try a sestina
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20/24 proofed of my novel. Anyone else find editing exhausting?

*jumps up and down while bobbing head* totally

21/24 Hopefully I can last long enough to finish and send it in to the publisher.

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