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I really hate to ask this and I hope that this is not spam or anything, but I'm currently on a quest to gain more confidence in my writing or at least improve it in someway. So with that being said, feedback on my work is essential to me.

While I like posting my writing up here, I find that getting feedback is a lot slower than it used to be. So far the only "feedback" I've gotten on my current story that I've posted was basically someone telling me good job. While that makes me happy, I'm more hoping for some constructive criticism or something since I know I need a lot of work. And I mean a lot of work.

So does anyone know of any other websites or ways to get writing critiques?
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Creative Writing Forum is for people who write poetry, short stories and novels and is there for advice and feedback. There is a requirement before you can post stories for feedback but it's full of knowledgable members.
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I use wattpad.com, it works for me
I post my work on Textnovel.com or Figment.com.
Sorry for the late reply. Exams seemed to hit me in the face so I haven't had much time for anything other than studying.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I will definitely check them out in the near future when my schedule isn't so messed up. x.x Argh, of course the time I start writing regularly again is when things start piling up.

Also I feel slow for not considering Reddit. xD I just never thought about posting up there as I don't go there too often.
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Always give feedback. Lots of feedback. To other people. In my book, that is the only sure fire way to get others to give feedback. The easiest way is to search through a writing site (where you have an account) for a genre that interests you. Search in that genre, find a piece of writing, and maybe even a reoccurring writer that you like.

Tip: the more positive feedback you LEAVE, the more you are likely to RECEIVE. It doesn't hurt to be critical either. People like critics because critics help them to improve at writers. Just don't be negative about it. Accent it with positivity.
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I've actually found that the best way to get good feedback is to find other writers who you know and can chat to about writing and other. A writing group IRL is what I've found really useful, but you could link up with other writers online too.

The point is that you will get better feedback from someone you chat with regularly than just posting it up for random strangers to read. And it cuts both ways. You have to learn to critique other people's work too. Which in turn helps you analyse your own work, so it's all good.
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I use fictionpress. There are tons of beta readers and they're usually pretty helpful.
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Critters Workshop is really good. You help others in the process while they help you.
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